My Favourite Christmas Shopping Destinations in Manchester - Blogmas Day 6

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Christmas shopping can be a difficult and laborious task - it's my first year of properly Christmas shopping and I only have a few people to buy for yet I'm already understanding how hard it is! There are so many places to try, a variety of different things on offer and it can be hard to know where would be best, especially as the days start counting down and everywhere gets hectic. I decided I'd share some of the most popular and my favourite places to go Christmas shopping in Manchester, both as it might be helpful for any of you visiting the area but also since it was the perfect excuse to take picturesque photos of all the gorgeous festive sights, so enjoy!

T H E   T R A F F O R D   C E N T R E

I actually really love the Trafford Centre, despite hardly ever visiting there, but me and Aiden decided to plan a little trip there last week considering it's only about half an hour on the bus from central Manchester. Let me tell you - this place really is Christmas shopping heaven! They have a countless number of stores, including a huge Selfridges, Debenhams and John Lewis, and quite a lot that you won't find in Manchester's city centre (although this may be dangerous, as what started as a Christmas shopping trip resulted in me treating myself to a gorgeous jacket from Stradivarius). Maybe it's the fact that I've only ever been here in the winter (to my memory anyway) but the Trafford Centre really has a festive feel, especially once everywhere is lit up. There's also a huge food court containing a variety of fast food chains and restaurants, so there's bound to be something here for everyone, as well as a cinema, bowling, mini golf course amongst many other things. If you want to do Christmas shopping with endless possibilities, or just fancy a day out with your family or friends, then this definitely is an ideal place to go, especially when wanting to escape the cold weather.

If you think that's it, then you're mistaken, as the Trafford Centre really go all-out during Christmas. I decided to stroll outside just to get a couple of photos of the exterior (since the buildings lit up really are gorgeous) and was pleasantly surprised by a ferris wheel, Christmas market stalls and an alpine village, complete with the cutest tipi bar that had fire pits, live music and an incredibly cosy atmosphere on an otherwise freezing winter evening. It was seriously such a magical setting, and if you go Christmas shopping in the Trafford Centre then it's a must to check out this outside section as well!

T H E   A R N D A L E

I may be a bit biased since I work in the Arndale, but this really is Manchester's hub of shopping and restaurants. Both inside it and the surrounding area are filled with pretty much every mainstream shop you could think of, and there are quite a few that I didn't have back home in Liverpool. Plus they're all close together, meaning your Christmas shopping doesn't need to be spread out by tons of walking. It's incredibly easy to get to, and if you're in Manchester then this is the ideal place to go shopping or spend the day, especially since there are also market stalls surrounding it, as well as other shops like Debenhams and Selfridges (more on that later!) and my favourite - Primark! It's definitely worth popping in, and chances are you'll find lots of amazing Christmas presents inside!

C H R I S T M A S   M A R K E T S

I'm not going to go into too much detail since I plan on giving Manchester's Christmas markets their own post later on in blogmas, but these are an essential visit that you simply must make time for! They seriously put a lot of other Christmas markets to shame (I went to the Liverpool ones last year and they're nothing compared to these), being located in St Albert Square as well as many spread out across the city. Whether you're looking for food and drink, presents, or Christmas decorations for your home, these markets really do have it all, whilst also feeling incredibly cosy and festive.


I'll be completely honest, I don't really shop in Selfridges as I'm not the type of person to buy myself designer or expensive items. However, you can't deny how gorgeous and festive it looks with all the decorations - it really does just scream Christmas. If you want to splash the cash and buy a more luxury gift for someone then this is definitely somewhere to look, whether it's for clothing, jewellery, technology or many more.

I hope that this blog post was helpful, and I'd love to know where you plan on doing your Christmas shopping this year! I really enjoyed writing this post, especially taking photos of all these gorgeous shops, and so I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you very much for reading and I'll see you again with Blogmas day 7 tomorrow, so make sure you stay tuned for that!

Love from Daisy x

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