My Winter Skincare Saviours - Blogmas Day 7

Friday, December 07, 2018

Winter really isn't a friendly time for the skin - dry patches, dehydration, breakouts and under-eye bags definitely aren't what you want. At this time of year, when the cold air can zap your skin of any glow and shine, it will definitely need some extra TLC. I've established a skincare routine that addresses all of my skin concerns in the winter months, keeping it hydrated and protected from the cold elements, and I thought it'd be worth sharing this with you!

One of the most important parts of my skincare routine is cleansing - no matter how easy it can be to crawl into bed on a cold winter evening without taking off your makeup, it's really bad for your skin and can cause excessive blemishes. This is often a step that requires a lot of motivation, as once I'm going with my skincare routine I'll eagerly continue with the rest, but that initial step is hard to conquer. The Body Shop's 'Camomile Cleansing Balm' has been a favourite of mine now for quite some time, as it effortlessly melts away my makeup and makes what's otherwise a laborious task a really easy one. I simply massage this into my face and eyes and then wipe away the product with a hot cloth or flannel - it's really that simple to remove all of my makeup!

To give my skin a well-needed injection of moisture in the winter months, a moisturiser is an important step in my skincare routine. The Liz Earle 'Skin Repair Light Moisturiser' has been my go-to for a couple of years now, as it's the perfect balance of adding moisture without being too heavy or greasy that it causes breakouts, being ideal for teenage skin. I can definitely tell the difference when I've applied this, as my skin feels a lot softer and healthier, as well as having a noticeable glow rather than being dried out by the harsh weather.

I love doing face masks on a regular basis, as I find that they really draw out any impurities in my skin and leave it feeling more clarified, as well as being an essential step in any pamper evening. Charcoal masks are perhaps my favourite, both for their appearance on the skin but also for their pore-reducing and shine control properties. On a winter evening, there's seriously nothing better than popping on a face mask and having a cup of tea whilst watching a Christmas film, and you get the benefit of having radiant skin at the end of it.

There's something about winter that just makes my skin look really dull and lacking life, and so I'll occasionally opt for a pore strip. This isn't something that I'll do on a regular basis, but I do find that they're effective for minimising blackheads and giving my skin a more radiant appearance when used in combination with all the other steps. It's also mad to see just how much dirt has built up on my face when I don't realise that it's there, and doing these every so often definitely makes a difference.

And that's my usual skincare routine! Nothing fancy or too complicated, as these are the base products I'll use and then might test out a few other bits in addition. I can definitely tell a huge difference in my skin when I keep up with this, adding so much radiance and life in the winter months! I hope you enjoyed hearing all about my skincare essentials for winter and I'll see you again tomorrow with another blog post!

Love from Daisy x

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  1. I have heard so many good things about that cleansing balm from the body shop, and I definitely need to give it a try. Such a great selection of products, fab post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush