Finishing a makeup item shows that it is something that you've really enjoyed and used often. Although I only have a handful of these, all of them have been favourites of mine at some point. It recently occurred to me that I haven't shared this with you, so I thought now would be the perfect time to show you my empty products!

The first thing on my list of empty products is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I don't think I've mentioned this many times, as I finished the tube before I started my blog. Despite this, I really liked the product and I felt it was great for someone who doesn't something heavy on their skin. It's light and is blendable, leaving your skin with a dewy, glowing finish. It has great coverage and I used to use this all the time just on problematic areas.

The next empty product that I have is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is a product that I have repurchased it, as I really enjoy using it and it works for me. It has insane coverage and will completely hide blemishes and under eye circles. Although the colour range is fairly limited, this product is now a staple for me and it is a bargain for just over £4.

Lacura's Mascara is another product that I've finished. This is a mascara that creates a beautiful, natural look on your lashes. I would wear this to make my lashes look darker, slightly longer and a bit more voluminous, yet still be natural. It's a great product to use if you don't want your mascara to be too bold. It also smells lovely, which is an added bonus.

Before getting my L'Oreal Micellar Water, I used to use the Simple Eye Makeup Remover on a regular basis. It was really gentle and soothing on my skin and eyes, which was great as some makeup removers are harsh. It also contained vitamins and bypassed any oils, perfumes and artificial colours, making it friendly for your skin. This eye makeup remover easily removed even waterproof mascara and was easy to use.

The final product that I have finished is The Righteous Butter from Soap and Glory. This is a body butter that is really creamy and soothing for the skin. The smell is amazing and it feels great on the skin, unlike some other body butters that can leave you feeling greasy or sticky. It is formulated to work for dry skin and I really noticed a difference when using it. 

So these are the products that I've finished, all of which I've found have been really enjoyable to use. Are there any products that you've recently finished? Let me know down in the comments. I hope you've enjoyed this blog post and I'll see you later in the week!

Love from Daisy x
One of the things which I really enjoy doing on my blog is interviewing other bloggers. It gives me the chance to get to know them better, as well as an insight to their website. Today, I will be interviewing Amber Smith from AmBlog. Ever since I stumbled upon her blog, I've really enjoyed reading it, so I was thrilled when she accepted this interview. I hope you enjoy it!

1) How long have you been blogging for and why did you choose to start a blog?

I've been blogging for just over a year now, still feeling new to the game - though whatever I’m doing, blog thoughts pop up. ‘Ooh that would make a great blog post’ / ‘What a great Post Title’ / ‘Oh where’s my camera’ – I'm sure you all know what I mean. I chose to start a blog as a way of expressing myself, without the limitations of the subject being ‘my life’, or pressures that social media brings. I've always loved the idea of a website, and AmBlog is simply me, in HTML form - the way I always wanted it to be.

2) Have you always liked fashion and beauty or is that something that started when you made your blog?

In that respect, I think I’m a late bloomer. I've always loved shopping, and nosing for bargains – so clothes, and consequently beauty crushing, has led on from that love. But before that, makeup was more of a necessity to cover a blemish, or 10, and keep the shine at bay. Mum wasn't a ‘put a face on’ kind of person, I have no sisters, and YT and Blogs were still illusive to me back then. I actually have a twin to thank for the makeup love. From there it was a slippery slope with dabbles in teal eyeshadow and shimmery lipstick. We all start somewhere, but it’s those occasions I question why someone didn’t just say - ‘No’. I'm more settled in my knowledge now.

3) What products or items can't you live without and use on a regular basis?

I'm a bit of a cliché. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in ‘Peach Glow’ is always on hand and Collection’s Concealer (the cult classic) really is high grade – both in having a truly pale shade, and industrial strength coverage. My 'I could live without, but head over heels for’, is Dior Amber Diamond. I was so ecstatic, I bought 2! If the name wasn’t enough to sway me, then the champagne gold shimmer would. Shame it’s discontinued, highly coveted, but a girl doesn't need 2 – so I would never say never to a special blog give away of it sometime in the future.

4) Are there any products you're hoping to try out?

My bronzer recently smashed, so the Estee Lauder ‘Bronze Goddess’ is top of my 'to try’ list. I'm also keen to get some MAC eyeshadows, but £10 plus a case has me wobbling. ‘Satin Taupe’ is top of the list, as it’s so darn beautiful and as far as I know, unique? Shortly followed by ‘Wedge’ and 'Omega’, as I’m short of a cool toned, pale matte for ombre eyebrows and as a ‘transition’ shade.

5) What posts do you enjoy writing and have the most fun with?

Thrift Finds’ - I enjoy thrifting over highstreet anyday and having an excuse to go out and roam the sales and charity shops is great. They also happen to be one of the most popular posts, so it must be rubbing off on my readers. I’m also still ecstatic from my Halloween makeup (‘I Robot’) look. I forgot how much fun it was to let off steam by putting on a load of makeup, in a way that general ‘face chores’ have taken away. Makeup is made to be played with, so I’ll be making sure there’s a regular spot for that over on my blog from now on.

6) Do you have any exciting blog related things coming up soon?

Getting back into the swing of things – life has been getting in the way of my blogging recently, for which I'm not making excuses, just want to rectify. Post ideas/half done attempts are stacking up, as my ‘oh I could blog about that’ mind hasn't turned off. I'm also off to Manchester to spend time with my cousins, and celebrate my best pals 21st in style, so plenty fresh things for Amblog. That, and Christmas! For which I’m aiming to do daily ‘In The Life’ blog posts across the Christmas week. The tree is going up this weekend, so it seems the Christmas cheer is already starting.

Thank you very much to Daisy, for deciding an interview with me was worth a publish, and proving that bloggers really are such sweethearts. For anyone interested in me, my life, or simply ‘revelling in the beauty that is the little things’ then find my blog at or

Happy Weekend, Happy Blogging, from a Happy Amber xxx

I really enjoyed working with Amber and I'm glad that she was cooperative when working on the interview. Overall, she's really sweet and I love her blog, so make sure you check it out!

Love from Daisy x
It's time for me to do another hairstyle tutorial! This time I will be showing you how to achieve these cute pigtails inspired by Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. The night before I wore this hairstyle, I decided to sleep with my hair in plaits, just to add a bit more interest to it. This is optional and I think this hairstyle will look great with any different lengths and textures.

I started by splitting my hair into a parting in the middle of my head, going from my hairline to the back of my neck. This is probably the hardest part of the hairstyle, as you need it to be as neat and even as possible. If you can't manage it yourself, use a mirror or get someone to check it for you. Once you have done this, the hair should be in two sections on either side of your head.

Next, take a small section of hair from the front of your head, starting next to the part line. Twist it backwards (away from your face) a few times, as this will help the start of the twist be defined. It is important that you are twisting it this way, rather than forwards, as it won't work otherwise.

After this, you should take another piece of hair from your hairline (next to the original piece) and add this to the twisted section. Twist them both together in the same direction, so the twisted section should now be longer and thicker. Repeat this until you reach behind your ear, where you should continue to twist the hair without adding in any sections. A tip for this is try not to twist it too close to the front of your head; it will look really pretty if you can see each section that goes into it between the hairline and the twist.

Finally, you should gather the rest of the hair on that side of the parting and tie it with a bobble (you might call them hair ties) behind your ear. Do this with the other side of your head and you are left with a beautiful, Dorothy-esque hairstyle!

I really like wearing this in my hair, as it is a change from a regular ponytail or bun. When I've worn this before, I've received quite a few compliments and everyone thought that is was unique. I think this hairstyle will look great if you vary the thickness of the strands you add in or by pulling at the twist at the end to make it stand out more.

Thank you for reading this post and I really hope you enjoyed it. It isn't often that I do hairstyle posts, but they are one of my favourites to write and I always receive positive feedback for them. If you'd like to see more in the future then you'll have to let me know!

Love from Daisy x
Recently, I've been opting for makeup that looks more subtle and basic. My aim was to create something that was easy to apply and didn't take a huge amount of effort, but at the same time made my skin look radiant and enhanced my natural beauty. I've settled on this look, which I find is really pretty and minimal.

I started by using the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, focusing on any redness and blemishes. This product is {really} pigmented and creamy, feeling luxorious on your skin. It blends really well and I find that it stays put throughout the day, which is an added bonus. For just over £4, this is a great concealer and I enjoy using it on a day-to-day basis. Since there are only 4 different shades, I often have to mix them together.

I then powdered my skin using the MUA Pressed Powder, since I wanted my makeup to last for as long as possible. With a silky texture and a colour that matches my skin at the moment, this is great to use to set your makeup. It is only £1, which is a bargain for a product that works so well in my opinion. My only issue with this powder is that the colour range is quite limited and the lightest shade is often too dark for my skin.

For my eyes, I applied the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in the shade bikini-tini. This eyeshadow base is a shimmery champagne colour, which I find actually looks {really} pretty on its own. It lasts for a long time when I wear it and doesn't crease, as well as being neutral and versatile. Despite being more expensive than the other products, it is definitely worth trying.

Mascara, for me, makes my eyes look more open and awake. I often want something that makes my eyelashes darker and longer, but isn't too dramatic for everyday wear. I have found that Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara does this perfectly for me. The brush is tiny, making it easy to be accurate and ensure every lash is covered, which I really like. It rarely clumps or smudges and lasts for quite a while, despite not being waterproof.

After that, I applied my blusher. A firm favourite of mine is the Bourjois Cream Blusher in the shade 03. It's a neutral pink with a bit of shimmer which looks like my natural blush colour. This product blends really well and can also be built up to make a more bold look if that's what you desire. After applying this blusher, it leaves me looking rosy and flushed throughout the day. Also, after using this almost everyday for what must be a year, I still haven't hit pan!

Finally, I used one of Avon's Colour Trend Lipsticks. In the shade Coral Wisp, this lipstick is really natural and looks like an improved version of my lips. It is creamy and smooth, making my lips feel moisturised. I really like this lipstick and I feel like it is one I could wear everyday.

So this is my natural makeup tutorial, which I have to say I wear quite often, especially on the weekends. I hope you liked this post and feel free to let me know any other natural makeup items down in the comments. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!

Love from Daisy x
My last blog post that consisted of makeup tips was really popular and lots of people commented on how it was unique and creative. Since it went down so well and I have a lot more to share with you, I thought I'd do another post with even more tips! I hope you like it and on with the post.

DIY brush cleaner:

Many brands sell brush cleaners, but they are often quite expensive. You can easily save money by making your own out of household ingredients. Take a bowl and fill it with equal parts of olive oil and dishwasher soap. Mix them together and it's perfect for cleaning your brushes, leaving them smooth and free from dirt. Another option is to put water and shampoo into a bowl and do the same. These both work really well and are as effective as a purchased brush cleaner.

Save money on things you can easily DIY. Like pricey brush cleaner.

Mascara wand:

When you buy an expensive mascara, it's usually the wand that you're paying extra for, as it helps to create those long, voluminous lashes that you love. If you like the design of the brush and how it makes your lashes look, you can just reuse it in cheaper mascaras. Just rinse the brush in warm water and it'll be ready to use with any mascara you want, thus you won't have to spend money on expensive mascaras again!

Reuse old brushes from more expensive brands in new bottles of cheaper mascara.

Brush instead of sponge:

If you have a foundation that is quickly running out, or one that you want to savour for as long as possible, stop using a sponge to apply your makeup. Sponges absorb all of your foundation, so it'll soon run out. Using brushes are a lot better as they don't pick up as much makeup and what they do pick up doesn't cling to it. If you can't resist using a sponge, try applying the foundation or concealer with a brush and then just blending it out with a sponge.

Twist, don't pump:

When you pump your mascara wand, it traps air inside the tube and makes it dry out faster. If you want your mascara to last longer then twist the brush. This technique will get rid of clumps equally as well, but doesn't cause your mascara to become dry and clumpy.

Miniature products:

Some brands, Benefit in particular, sell miniature versions of their products for a cheaper price. Doing the math is definitely worth it here, as often it works out cheaper to buy them than the full size, despite thinking that it'd be more expensive. So before you buy a smaller version of a product, check to see if it's cheaper or not.

I hope you liked all of these makeup tips! As I said at the start of this post, I have plenty of them stored away in my mind, so if you really enjoy this post then let me know for another one. You can either write a comment below or message me on Twitter, which is linked in the sidebar. Have a nice day!

Love from Daisy x
After seeing the title of this post, you may be confused as I've already uploaded a blog post about my nomination for the Liebster Award (you can view that here) which was thanks to the lovely Filipa. However, I've been nominated again by Olivia from Describe Beauty! I am so thankful and it means a lot coming from her, as I absolutely adore her blog. Anyway, on with the post.

For any of you that don't already know, the idea behind this award is to give smaller blogs an opportunity to be recognised and appreciated. They are able to gain popularity and meet other bloggers.

The questions Olivia asked me are:

1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I honestly can't even think what I'll be doing in 10 years time! Hopefully I'll have been to college and university, but apart from that I have no idea what I'll be like or doing. 

2. Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog after spending a lot of time reading other beauty and fashion blogs and watching videos on YouTube. At the time it seemed like a nice hobby and I wanted to be involved in the community. After seeing some of my close friends make a blog, I decided to join them and start Daisies and Delights.

3. What is your favourite makeup brand and why?
This is really hard for me to choose, as I like a lot of different makeup brands. I'd have to say Collection are one of my favourite makeup brands, as every product of theirs that I've owned has been really successful and one of my favourites, as well as them being inexpensive. 

4. What has been the greatest thing you have achieved with your blog?
I haven't had my blog for an extremely long time, but some of the things I've managed to achieve are reaching 3,000 views, being nominated for awards such as this one and being asked by Styleicona to do a review of their new app before it came out. A huge achievement in my eyes is making many new friends in the blogging community, who are always there for me and share the same interests. 

5. Who is your favourite blogger? 
My favourite blogger is Georgia from Teacups 'n' Makeup, who is a talented girl and one of my new friends. I'd been reading her blog a long time before I started my own and I've always admired her creative posts and excellent content. After talking to her a lot on Twitter, I've also discovered that she's a really kind person and is now one of my closest blogging friends.

6. If you could be a character in any film/TV show who would it be?
My favourite book series is The Mortal Instruments, and that is also a film, so I'd love to be Clary Fray. She's an ordinary girl who discovers a world of shadowhunters, demons, vampires, warlocks, werewolves and faeries, which is fascinating and I'd love to be involved in her adventures. She's also artistic, loving and dedicated, which are great qualities.

7.What is your favourite season?
I really like spring, when the weather is warmer and the nights are longer. It's the time when you can start wearing your summer clothing and look forward to the upcoming season. I always find myself feeling really happy in the spring and glad to be away from the cold, dull weather.

8. Have you learnt any makeup beauty tips?
Since starting my blog, I have learnt a lot of makeup tips. Most of them I've acquired from fellow bloggers and my mum, both of whom have taught me a lot about makeup. I bet if you were to look back at some of my first blog posts, they would be a lot different and my knowledge would be minimal.

9. What if your favourite high street shop?
Although I don't have one favourite high street shop, I really like looking in Primark, Forever 21, New Look, River Island and many other places. I also like browsing in Boots and Superdrug.

I now have to nominate ten people who I think have amazing content and who are genuinely sweet. I've picked entirely different people to my previous post, so if you're not included that may be why. It was still really difficult to pick, as there are so many blogs that deserve to be nominated. If you have been picked then congratulations, I really like your blog. I'm nominating:

2. Rachel and Leah from
3. Julie-Ann from
4. Maggie from
10. Stephi from

My questions for these people are:

1. What is one item of makeup you can't live without?
2. What made you want to start a blog?
3. If you could be one cartoon character who would it be?
4. Where do you get inspiration for your blog posts?
5. What is your favourite Pixar film?
6. What is your top makeup tip?
7. Favourite clothes for winter?
8. Do you have any hobbies other than blogging?
9. What is one quote that you live by?
10. Favourite genre of book/movie?

If you have been nominated, the rules are:

• You must link the person who nominated you in your post (and make sure you say thank you!)
• You must answer all of the questions
• You must come up with ten questions of your own
• You must tag 10 other blogs that you genuinely like and enjoy reading
• You must inform nominees that they have been nominated

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and thank you very much to everyone who reads and is following my blog. I took a short break from blogging but it's amazing to come back and see just how many people I still have supporting Daisies and Delights. You know who you are, so thank you for being the best.

Love from Daisy x