Hello everyone! Since this is my new blog and none of you know me yet, here are 40 facts about myself:
  1. My full name is Daisy Elizabeth Bradbury
  2. I was born at 12:46pm on 25th January 2000
  3. I have a twin brother who is one minute older than me
  4. I have long blonde hair which reaches my waist
  5. My eyes are blue, but many people say they look green
  6. I'm British
  7. I have a shih-tzu puppy called Georgie, who I absolutely love
  8. I go to a part-time academy for performing arts on weekends
  9. I love going on holiday, especially to Spain and Florida!
  10. I'm one of those people who actually like school (don't hate me)
  11. I love reading, my favourite book series being the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
  12. I listen to quite a lot of unknown music! My favourite group are called Iko
  13. I really care about my family and my friends
  14. Although I'm not a great lover of sports, (unless dance counts) my favourites are swimming, badminton, netball and athletics
  15. I love shopping for clothes and for makeup
  16. I write with my right hand but my lead leg in dance is my left. My twin is left handed but his shooting leg for football is right :)
  17. I love trying new creative projects, such as baking, sewing, art journaling, songwriting and now blogging
  18. One of the things I'd love to do in the future is travel all around the world
  19. I really care about my studies and I try really hard in school
  20. A lot of people call me a nerd or say other mean things but I've learnt to ignore their opinion and not let other people upset me
  21. I'm definitely not one of the prettiest girls in my school, but it doesn't bother me. It's inner beauty and loving yourself that counts
  22. I love trying out new styles of clothes and experimenting with different styles
  23. I've been dancing since I was really young
  24. Over the past few years, I've been in many theatre shows performing
  25. I recently done a drama exam, which I got a distinction in!
  26. I've been playing the keyboard since I was 7, but I'd love to be able to properly play the piano
  27. I'm a worrier and I always have been
  28. My favourite subjects in school are Maths and French 
  29. I have a bit of an obsession with putting things in italics
  30. I often say I'm going to eat less chocolate or drink more water, but it doesn't last long
  31. I only met my best friend 2 years ago, but I couldn't live without her!
  32. I have an obsession with braids and everyday before school I always plait my hair is a different way. Maybe I'll show you guys some of them!
  33. I'm a saver and I struggle to spend money on anything expensive, which in my eyes is more than £10
  34. I carry a tiny piece of wood in the pocket of my blazer, so whenever I have to say touch wood, I don't have to run around looking for some
  35. I always pick up pennies I find on the floor and put them in a jar, so I can save up
  36. I'm addicted to Twitter
  37. My favourite colours are pink and white
  38. My favourite meal is a roast dinner
  39. I'm really small compared to most of my friends, yet I love it
  40. I loved writing this post and I hope you enjoy reading it!
Thank you for reading,

Love from Daisy, x