I'm just going to jump straight into this post and tell you that I won't be using this blog for the next 3 weeks, as I'm going on holiday. I'll have wifi, but I want to relax on holiday and not stress about getting a blog post up 3 times a week. Also, I'm not taking my laptop, which I need for editing posts. You may be wondering how I managed when I went away for Easter, but that was only for a week so I could easily prepare 2 or 3 posts. However, going away for 3 weeks means that I'd have to prepare 9 posts, which is too much work on top of packing and getting ready. For these reasons, I won't be blogging for the next 3 weeks.

If you read the name of this blog post, then you'll know that there must be some good news as well. Since I had an idea of what I wanted to post while on holiday (but didn't have time to prepare them) I decided that when I get home the 9 posts will be uploaded as well as my regular scheduled ones. It's the best I can do as I don't want the ideas to go to waste, but they won't be able to go up in the next 3 weeks.

I hope you fully understand my decision and realise that I've tried my hardest to have 9 blog posts ready, but it just wasn't realistic. I'll be back blogging after 3 weeks and you never know, there might be a few bonus posts while I'm away, but no promises. Love you all and I'll see you when I get back.

Love from Daisy x

I wrote one of these posts back in March or April when I went to Spain over Easter. Well in a week I'm going back to Spain, this time for 3 weeks, so I thought I'd give you an updated version and show you what makeup items I'm taking with me this time. If you'd like to see the original post, then you can find it here.

For skin, I'm only taking my Collection Concealer, in shade 2. I don't wear foundation at all and the sun will help to clear up my skin, so I shouldn't have many spots. I'm taking this concealer to cover up my spots during the first half of the holiday (before I've started tanning and the sun has cleared my spots) and I can use it as a highlighter afterwards if I need to.

The eyeshadow which I'm putting in my makeup bag is the exact same as the last time I went on holiday, as I really like the products that I took. Bikini-tini cream eyeshadow by Benefit is a really cute champagne base colour, which is great for an evening look when I want to get dressed up. My Barry M Natural Glow palette was probably the most useful product I took with me, as it has 6 different eyeshadows. I used the dark browns the most, as they are the most pigmented and are great for contouring. The packaging for this product is great as it's super thin and made out of a sturdy cardboard, much like the Stila palettes.

Last time I went on holiday, I took 3 mascaras, which I will admit was a bit over the top. This time I plan on taking my Benefit They're Real mascara to use whenever I get dressed up. It has to be my favourite mascara as it intensifies my lashes and makes them look really nice. Also, I've found that it doesn't come off in water, which will be handy for the pool and just in the hot weather. I'm also going to take a clear mascara to neaten up my eyebrows and wear daily on my eyelashes.

A necessity for going on holiday is bronzer. Whether you're needing a bit of a glow or it's the start of the holiday and you haven't caught the sun yet, a bronzer is always really useful to have with you. I'm taking with me a miniature of Benefit's Hoola bronzer, because it's a beautiful colour that works well on me and I really like how you can build it up. Sorry I didn't photograph this, I didn't know where it was at the time. I'm also taking with me my favourite cream blush by Bourjois in the shade 03, but that's probably not a surprise.

The last things which I'm taking is lip products. Since the last time I went on holiday I ended up taking about 6 different lip products, this time I've limited it to a nude lip, a coloured lip and a lipgloss. My nude lipstick is the Max Factor Colour Elixir lipstick in the colour 740, Pashmina. This is a beautiful, creamy lipstick that is a brown lipstick with a hint of pink in it. My coloured lip is my Models Own lip crayon in Beauty Blush. I love the texture and bright colour of this, and it's not too harsh like a lipstick. The gloss is Miss Sporty's Miss Cocktail lipgloss in Jacuzzi Break, as it looks pretty either on it's own or over the lip crayon.

These are all my holiday makeup necessities, but there are probably more products I could take if I had the room. If you think there are any vital products I'm missing or if you want to share your own makeup bag with me, then send me pictures or comment them down below, and I'll make sure to read them all!

Love from Daisy x
There's always products that I really want, some more than others. It's always changing depending on my mood, the season and what I've recently been enjoying. There are also products that people have recommended that I've been wanting to try out. Because of all this, I decided to give you another wishlist post, to tell you what I currently want!

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream has been mentioned a lot recently by online beauty gurus, especially by Zoe and Louise. From what I've heard, this starts as a white cream, much like a moisturiser, and then adapts to your skin tone. It's supposed to be quite light coverage and have 24 hour hydration. I'm not quite sure how it adapts to your skin colour as you have to choose a shade, but this sounds like a great product. I've been wanting a BB cream for ages now and this one is supposed to be quite light, which is what I look for. At £12, it isn't that good value for money as you only get 25ml.


If you're buying a foundation then obviously you need something to blend it in with. I've already got brushes and I sometimes use my fingers for concealer, but I've been wanting to try a Beauty Blender for a long time now. It's an egg shaped sponge that is supposed to stop streaks and lines in your makeup, creating a light but even face. I've never used a sponge to apply my makeup before, but this one is used damp or wet, as it expands in size. Apparently it's also good for covering spots by using the pointed end. This product is £16 which is quite pricey for a sponge, but it's good quality and is supposed to last for a while so it's worth it.


If anyone reads my blog a lot then you will know that the one product I swear by is the Bourjois Cream Blush in the shade Rose Tender I was a bit hesitant to getting it as it's £7.99, which sounds like a lot for a small blusher, but it's honestly worth it. This blush is really easy to apply and blend, the colour is really pretty and it lasts for ages. You can build it up for a more daring look or make it look natural too. I've honestly used this blusher almost everyday, so I'd really like to buy the shades Nude Velvet, a pretty peach, or Healthy Glow, a vibrant apricot.


A few months ago, I bought one of the Models Own lip crayons, which I've absolutely fell in love with. They're matte but not drying or hard at all. Mine is a lovely pink, but I also wanted a peachy coral one as well. However, I couldn't find a colour I liked until I saw the Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balms (whoa, that's a mouthful!). The colour which appealed to me the most is Not an Illusion, which is a beautiful coral colour that I think would look really pretty. These are only £5.99.


The last thing on my wishlist is a MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Bare Again, which is £16.50. It's a pinky beige that looks really natural, yet has a cream sheen finish. I don't own any MAC products but so many people talk about them. Their lipsticks are supposed to be of amazing quality and all the colours are supposed to be nice. I picked this quite natural shade as if I was to buy a high-end lipstick like this, I'd want a colour that I would be confident wearing a lot, rather than a very bright colour that I might not use often.


There are probably many more products that I would like that I just couldn't think of. I'm actually surprised that there's nothing from any of my previous wishlists on this one! If you guys would like maybe a clothes wishlist in the future then just let me know and I'd be happy to write one.

Love from Daisy x
Do you ever have one of those days when you aren't feeling confident enough to wear a bold lipstick, yet leaving your lips without a product isn't possible. Well I thought it'd be handy to show you a few of my favourite lipglosses and balms which are perfect for an everyday use and just give your lips a hint of colour and shimmer.

The first product I've picked is the Vaseline petroleum jelly in cocoa butter. This is my go-to lip product. It's really nourishing and not sticky like other balms that I've tried. It also works really well and leaves my lips in a noticeably better condition. The scent cocoa butter is my favourite as it smells absolutely delicious!

Next is the Body Shop's Born Lippy in raspberry. I just want to start by saying that this smells and taste just like sweets! It's also a really pretty pink colour that isn't too heavy on my lips and doesn't look like I've caked them in colour. Don't be put off by the dark pink in the pot, as it's actually a more sheer colour when applied.

This is a lipgloss that I've talked about quite a lot on my blog. It's from Models Own and is in the shade 'Glossy Pink'. This is one of those lipglosses that gives you a my lips but better effect, as it's beautiful yet subtle colour is quite natural yet really makes the lips look nicer. It's not sticky and lasts quite well for a lipgloss.

If you read my last post, you will know that recently I've been loving a trio of lipglosses from Boots. My favourite, which is called Glossy, is a beautiful dark pink colour which has brown and orange glitter running through it. This looks quite like a statement gloss on myself, especially in the winter, but I think it'd be perfect for someone with darker skin tones. Its a bit shimmery but is also a really natural shade that would just look beautiful.

My last lipgloss is one that I think would suit people with lighter skin tones better. It's the Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss in the colour. This lipgloss is a super cute pale pink colour that is again is too light on me and looks more like a statement lipgloss. However, I think this would suit paler people a lot more. It's a beautiful baby pink that's quite shimmery yet isn't too overpowering.

So there you have my 5 everyday lip products that make your lips look and feel better instantly. If you liked this post then make sure you let me know. There will be more blog posts coming this week so stay tuned until then!

Love from Daisy x
It's been quite a while since my last favourites post, but since I've been loving a lot of new things lately I thought I'd give you one. So here we go! I tried to restrict this one to just makeup and skincare items, as random favourites would've made this post too long. However, if you would like a random favourites post as well, just let me know!

The first product isn't new to me as I've had it a while, but I've certainly been using it a lot more. Benefit's They're Real mascara is quite expensive at £19.50, but it's honestly worth the price. It adds a huge amount of volume, length, colour and lift, which is everything that I look for in a mascara. The reason it has amazed me so much this month is because of it's staying power, despite it not being waterproof. I went to a theme park with my school on Friday and everyone got completely soaked as it didn't stop raining. When we got home, every other girl had mascara all around their eyes and it looked quite bad, yet mine was completely intact. There wasn't a smudge and it looked like I'd just applied it. I have a mini version of this product but as soon as it runs out I'd definitely buy the full size.

This month, I've been a bit more adventurous when it comes to lip products. Usually, I just opt for a bit of clear or pale pink gloss, but I've been going for more colours recently. For Christmas, one of my friends bought me these 3 little tubs of lipglosses, which in my opinion are like balm stains. They're from Boots but I don't know the price. The first one, sparkle, is a lovely pale pink colour. It's really vibrant and look so beautiful and feminine when applied. The second one, which was originally my favourite, is called glossy and is a warm pink colour with a slight orange shimmer to it. This is probably the sheerest out of all three of them and the colour is most similar to mine. The last one is be enchanted and is a bright pink colour. It's quite dark but is really pretty and I've been wearing this a lot lately.

I often go through fazes of loving and hating eyeshadow and at the moment it's been hating. Since I go to school 5 days a week, I obviously can't wear a lot of eyeshadow. On Saturdays I do dance, so often I don't want to be wearing eyeshadow as it comes off quite easily when I exercise, and Sundays are my lazy days where I don't bother with much (if any) makeup. However, I have been using my Collection Cover Up stick on my eyelids. It's too pale for me now but on my eyes it cancels out the redness and looks like a beautiful pale eyeshadow.

For brushes, I've really been loving my Bare Minerals mini kabuki brush this month. Usually, I just use my fingers or a concealer brush to blend my skin makeup (I don't usually wear foundation), but I've found that it doesn't end up even. With this brush, it buffs all of the makeup into my skin, leaving me with a natural looking face that looks smoother and has an even layer of concealer covering spots. I got this as a freebie when I went to a spa/makeover party, so I don't know how much it cost.

I've been taking better care of my skin this month, so along with drinking a lot more water, I've also been keeping up with my skincare routine. One step which I can tell has made a difference is moisturising, which I usually can't be bothered with. I use the T Zone skin clearing moisturiser and it's been really good for me. Not only has my skin been clearer, I've also had more moisture in my face, which is what I needed. After using this, I've noticed that my concealer also sits better on my face, as it used to stick to my flaky skin.

So they're my makeup favourites for this month. If you enjoyed this post, there will be 2 midweek posts coming up so make sure you stay tuned. If you never want to miss out and have access to exclusive content, first to know when I'll upload, competitions and many more things, follow me on Twitter or Bloglovin (links in the sidebar). Thanks for reading!

Love from Daisy x