I often feel as though technology and the Internet can consume us and take over our lives. Constantly throughout the day, people are reaching for their phones to take Instagram-worthy pics of their mundane activities and scrolling through Twitter as to not miss out on the latest online gossip. It's gotten to a point where we're living our lives through our phone screens, instead of experiencing them first-hand. I decided that I wanted a break from this every once in a while and step away from my phone, even if it's just for a few hours. Although this is a rare occurrence for me, I'm hoping that I'll be able to implement this more into my daily life over the course of the next few months. Below I have shared my top 5 things to do away from technology, which will hopefully inspire you to try and switch off as well.

Read a book
My favourite thing to do when spending time away from technology is to read a book, as this is a huge hobby of mine and always has been. I understand that some people prefer using a Kindle or iBooks, but you have to admit that there's something special about picking up a crisp, new novel and settling down to read. Although I prefer to read before I go to sleep, any time of the day is ideal, especially if the weather is bad and you want to get cosy inside. I love engrossing myself in a good book and it feels rewarding to see how many pages you've read opposed to just blindly scrolling through social media. There are definitely books out there for everyone, regardless of what your interests are, so if you're looking to switch off this Sunday then my first recommendation would definitely be to read.

Try a new hobby
Using phones and computers can become a major distraction and quite often leads to people neglecting their other hobbies. When switching off from technology, I try to make an effort to do all of the other things that I enjoy and making time for these activities. I love to sing, dance and play keyboard, so these will definitely be some of the first things that I do when I'm not on my phone. I've also recently started bullet journaling, in an attempt to be more organised yet creative at the same time, so I can work on some of these pages when I'm not on my phone. Now is also the perfect time to take up a new hobby and do something that you've never tried, such as baking, sports or painting just to name a few.

Get some fresh air
I personally hate the feeling of being trapped inside and not leaving the house for days on end, but when you're addicted to a computer or even watching television, it can be hard to break away from this. If you're spending time away from technology then use it to go outdoors and appreciate your surroundings, rather than being couped up indoors for another day. Many of the hobbies listed above could be done outside, or if you'd prefer something simpler then why not walk your dog or take a trip to the local shops? There's plenty for everyone to do outside when you aren't wasting it on your phone.

Have a pamper evening
Although I love to reward myself by watching a YouTube video or an episode of GBBO, it's also important to reward yourself away from technology and feel good even with the absence of your phone. The perfect way to do this is by having a pamper evening. Lighting some candles is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere and a lingering scent in the room that will help you to wind down. I personally like to pamper myself by getting in a warm bath (maybe with a Lush bath bomb if I'm going all-out), reading a good book and having a sweet treat like chocolate or cake. It's the perfect way to take time away from social media and focus on yourself, and you'll definitely feel the benefits of this well-deserved relaxation session.

Spend time with friends or family
If you're departing from your phone, even just for the day, then you may find yourself drifting into boredom at times. The best way to cure this is to spend time with other people, such as your family and friends. Whether you've got exciting plans together or just want to have a chat, it's a great way to catch up on everything going on outside of your phone screen and spend quality time with the people you love. Without your phone, you can give them your undivided attention, which will make your time with them that much more special.

I hope that this post inspired you to take a step back from technology, even if it's just occasionally, and hopefully some of these ideas will be useful. If there's anything you like to do in particular when turning off your phone and TV then let me know down in the comments as I'd love to know and possibly try some of them. Thanks for reading this post and I'll see you next Sunday!

Love from Daisy x
Books That Intimidate Me Daisies and Delights

I'll be honest, books can be scary. Huge, thick books that seem almost never-ending can be really daunting and almost impossible to pick up. Books with complex storylines and unusual character names can be mentally challenging and therefore make you reluctant to read them. And then there are the books that everyone loves, but you're too scared to read in case you don't feel the same way. For whatever reason it may be, everyone can feel intimidated by a book, even if you're a book blogger like myself. In this post, I want to share a few of the books that really intimidate me and I therefore haven't read yet.

Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most popular series' out there, and it's a hardcore obsession for many children, teens and adults alike. I haven't read any of the books, and honestly, I'm quite scared to do so. Everyone is constantly praising them, so what if I wasn't to like them? I can guarantee that a negative review wouldn't go down well in the close-knit community of Potterheads. On the other end of the spectrum is the possibility that I'd absolutely fall in love and enjoy the series to its fullest, but reading them so late would almost be an embarrassment. As I continue to be intimidated by this book series, I guess I'll never know if I'd love it or hate it, but hopefully one day I'll be able to conquer this feeling and start reading this series.

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
Yes, you read that right. I am scared to read a Cassandra Clare book. I mean why wouldn't I be, with this book promising to be an epic conclusion to a storyline I've fallen in love with? I wouldn't say I'm intimidated to the point where I can't read it (because let's face it we all know I'll read it and love it in the near future) but I'm really nervous to start it. A lot of tension and excitement has been built up towards this book and I'm dying to know how everything concludes, but at the same time I'm scared that it won't be the ending I want. I've heard a few spoilers and I know that there are some tragic events, so I've been avoiding reading this for quite some time as a way of dodging the fate of accepting the end to the Infernal Devices series.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
I'm really eager to read this book, mostly after hearing Sasha from Abookutopia sing its praises on countless occasions, and I'm a big fan of historical fiction. However, this book intimidates me for several reasons. First and foremost, it's absolutely massive! At 896 pages, I can tell that it'd take me forever to read (and that's just the first book in the series), and I'm scared that I'll become addicted to the story and characters when all of the books are so lengthy. I'm also intimidated by the fact that, as good as it sounds, this book isn't YA and therefore is going to be much more complex than what I'm used to, particularly in it's elements of fantasy.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth
Virtually every YA lover has read Allegiant, the final instalment in the Divergent trilogy, and seemed to adore the ending, so what if I don't love it as much as everyone else? I found the Divergent series quite hard to follow in terms of there being lots of characters with similar names and it was confusing as to who was speaking at times, so I'm worried that this will translate into Allegiant and stop me from enjoying it. With a book that is as respected and enjoyed as this, I don't want to be the one who puts a downer on it and leaves a negative review. So whether I'd love it or hate it, this one is staying on my TBR list for now.

Tithe by Holly Black
This is one of her more popular books, but it's on the list to act as a representation of any Holly Black book. I was lucky enough to meet her alongside Cassandra Clare during their book tour for The Iron Trial and she was a really sweet and likeable person. I loved her writing in the first of the Magisterium books but I'm worried that I won't be a fan of her lone work, especially when I found her so lovely at the signing. Also, her Spiderwick Chronicles series seems to be a staple read and I loved the film when I was younger, so I'm slightly intimidated that these books won't live up to my expectations.

I hope that this post proves that everyone can be intimidated by books, whether you're a book blogger like myself or just an average reader. I'd love to know if you can relate and are also intimidated by these books, or if not then which books you're afraid of, so let me know down in the comments! Thank you for reading this post and I'll see you next Sunday!

Love from Daisy x

These matte lipsticks are the newest release from Seventeen and have been in stores since August 3rd. The collection contains 12 shades, ranging from pinkish nudes to a daring, pastel lilac (yes, you heard that right!), meaning there truly is something for everyone included. They promise to be creamy, last for 13 hours and give off a gorgeous, vivid colour on the lips, so with claims like these you can understand why I was dying to try them.

Seventeen Cosmetics have really upped their game recently after a brand makeover, making improvements to the packaging, quality and formulation of products, except the prices have stayed affordable. They're no longer seen as a brand for younger makeup users, but are much more on-trend and a rival for bigger drugstore brands like Maybelline and Rimmel. Given the update in Seventeen's brand and the amazing claims of their Mega Matte Lipsticks, I knew that I had to review them for you as soon as possible.

Before I continue, I'd like to thank Seventeen for these products. I received four of these lipsticks, alongside some other products, in my goodie bag from the Seventeen Bloggers Event and was honestly thrilled by the generosity of the brand. To hear more about that experience then click here . Now on with the post!

Packaging and Appearance

The Mega Matte Lipsticks come in a sturdy black casing with a chevron detailing on the bottom, which I think adds some interest to the packaging and gives it a sleek yet fun feel. Each tube is incredibly lightweight and slim, meaning they're perfect for keeping in your handbag. The shape of the actual lipstick is actually flat, not too dissimilar from a lip balm, which makes the appearance seem less generic and basic, yet may hinder its ease of application. They truly are Instagram-worthy products and look gorgeous in photographs.

Shade Range

There are 12 different shades available in these lipsticks, so I can guarantee that you'll find what you're looking for, whether that's a subtle nude or a daring crimson. Seventeen have truly got you covered and have included any shade you could possibly imagine, as well as a couple purple shades that are definitely unusual and eye-catching. I particularly love the quirky, creative names that each lipstick has, which add to the excitement of the product and are perfect for the target audience.

I own four of these lipsticks, so below I have included a description and swatch of each one, as well as some of my thoughts about the colour.

Roses Are Red - this is the perfect, staple red lipstick that is a must-have in my collection, being a really complimentary shade. It's a rich, true red with a slight orange undertone to it, and as someone who doesn't often wear red lipstick, I think this will be a necessity to have when looking for a bold option. It's really flattering and you can guarantee I'll be wearing it often as Christmas approaches. It's also incredibly pigmented, so only one swipe is needed to create this bold wash of colour.

Violet Summer - I never thought that I'd find myself wearing a purple lipstick, yet here we are and I'm actually surprised by how pretty and wearable it is. I'm not usually one to opt for bold lip colours, but I think this vibrant violet is stunning and definitely convinced me to give it a try. I actually find that it's semi-metallic, despite the lipsticks claiming to be matte, but I'm not complaining as this adds to the beauty of it. It's a very unusual shade for a lipstick and will likely attract a lot of eyes, but it'd look amazing if you have the confidence to wear it.

Back To The Fuchsia - this is a deep pink that is rich in colour and very pigmented. It has slight blue undertones to it and I was unsure if it would wash me out, but I actually think that it's a gorgeous shade once applied. It's like nothing else I own, so I can't wait to rock this as a bold lip and embrace its bold appearance, or alternatively dab it lightly into my lips for a sheer wash of colour.

I Lilac It A Lot - when I first saw this shade, the only thing I could think was wow, how on earth am I going to pull this off? It's a vivid pastel lilac shade that I think would be perfect for the spring and summer if you're daring enough to try it. I don't think that this is an everyday shade and definitely isn't the easiest to get away with, but the colour is stunning and it's great to see brands like Seventeen step out of the boundaries and create more unusual and inventive shades.

Application, Texture and Pigmentation

The Mega Matte lipsticks are definitely creamy and soft in comparison to some other matte lipsticks and so I was pleasantly surprised. However, I found that these lipsticks clung to any dry patches, especially the lilac and violet ones, with their application not being incredibly even and you had to build up the product in places. Your lips need to be in extremely good condition for these lipsticks, as with any matte products, as they tend to cling to any flaky skin and accentuate the dry areas, but if you apply some lip balm and let it soak in, I guarantee that you'll get a much better application and a beautiful look in return.

I find that the other two lipsticks, the red and fuchsia, are extremely pigmented and bold once applied, only needing one swipe for a concentrated amount of product. They can also be applied lightly for a sheer wash of colour, depending on the look that you want to create. They're really buildable and so you can tailor them to whatever look you want to create, which is ideal. Once they're on your lips, you have a short amount of time before they set into place, meaning they don't feel sticky or uncomfortable on the lips.

Durability and Lasting Power

Seventeen claims that their Mega Matte Lipsticks will stay in place for 13 hours, not budging off the lips. I'm always a little sceptical when products claim to last for such extensive amounts of time, as they're usually quite unrealistic and inaccurate, but I still put this to the test nevertheless. I haven't tested them for this amount of time, as it's unlikely that I'd wear a lipstick for 13 hours, but I did find that they exceeded my expectations and stayed in place longer than I thought. I found them to stay intact for quite a while before touching up was required, and they also remained intact when eating, which was definitely impressive for me as I usually find lipsticks disappear incredibly quickly from my lips. Also, when they do start to wear down, they fade evenly and don't leave you with the embarrassing ring of product around the edge of your lips.

Overall Opinion

In conclusion, I'm very impressed with these lipsticks and definitely think that they have a lot to offer, so I'd definitely urge you to try them out. The best thing is that they're only £4.49, which is crazy as they're of an incredibly high quality and worth every single penny that you pay. From the pigmentation to the packaging and everything in between, I found it hard to fault this product and I can't wait to get more wear out of them in the future. I hope you enjoyed this review and I'll see you next Sunday with another new post!

Love from Daisy x

It's officially September, meaning it's the start of a new month and subsequently the beginning of the school year. After a summer filled with fun and relaxation, now is the time to get my mind back into gear and heading towards my goals. Rather than continuing to venture towards my new year's resolutions, I thought it would be best to reassess where I'm at and make goals that are targeted to my specific aims over the next few months.


Have all of my blog posts scheduled in advanced - I'll admit, I can be very last minute when it comes to blog posts. Quite often, they'll be sat in my drafts written for weeks, if not months, but any photography and editing takes place the same day they're uploaded. In fact, sometimes I'll finish writing a post on a Sunday evening and upload it straight away, as I had nothing else finished. I definitely want to be more organised with blogging, and so I've decided that all of my posts will be written, photographed, edited and scheduled well in advanced. I've already put this one into motion and I've written all of my blog posts for September and October, which means that I'll definitely have posts going up every Sunday regardless of how busy I am or how little time I have.

Improve my post promotion - I'm terrible at promoting my blog posts, probably because I upload them of an evening and don't want to start posting to every single social media platform under the sun when I'm ready to go to bed. I would like to start scheduling my social media posts, particularly for Twitter, so that I don't have to worry about promoting my posts as soon as they're uploaded. I also want to use Instagram and Pinterest more actively, both to promote my content and show appreciation for others, as I love both of these websites and would like to use them more.

Vary my content more - I've definitely started to vary my content and mix up what I post on my blog, but I want to continue this. If you've been here for a long time, you'll remember back when my blog was solely dedicated to beauty, and now I like to also post about books and blogging. I definitely want to push myself to vary my blog posts even more during the rest of the year and venture into topics that I love yet haven't written about.


Stay on top of my notes - Sometimes you can fall into the trap of not producing any revision notes or resources throughout the year, only to have to create them all at once in a hurry. To remove this stress and make things much easier, I want to remember to do this slowly throughout the year, so that I'll make notes for a topic as I've just learnt it. This will ensure that it's fresh in my mind when making revision resources and by creating it earlier on, it'll also allow me to more efficiently recap information throughout the year.

Read around the class topics - It's often important to have a wide knowledge on subject matters to fully understand them, so I'm aiming to achieve this by reading around the topics independently. For English Literature in particular, I really want to read novels and plays from the same era and setting as my set texts, as this will provide me with contextual knowledge and help me to understand them more.

Step out of my comfort zone - Whether it's by becoming more social and talking to people I don't know, or by joining clubs and activities that I'm not used to, I really want to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone. College will give me a fresh start, and so I really want to take advantage of it and push myself to do things I wouldn't normally. I'm definitely going to try and make the most out of my college experience and urge myself to make the most out of opportunities present.


Look for a part-time job - I'm 16 and so can officially get a part-time job, so I'll be looking out for one in the next few months. It seems like a great way for me to gain experience, earn money and meet new people, and so I'm looking forward to taking on some responsibility and hopefully getting a part-time job in the near future.

Do more exercise and stretching - As summer came to a close, I started to feel extremely lazy and not active, so I really want to correct this and get back to exercising again. My dance classes will be starting again next weekend and I want to return to the gym for some yoga or pilates classes. I'd also like to get more exercise in my day-to-day life, whether that's by walking my dog or going to college on foot.

Read more often - I read some amazing books over the summer and it really pushed me to want to read more often than I currently do, so that is my goal. I love reading and it's one of my biggest hobbies, so I definitely should be making more time in my day for it, whether it's reading required books for college or just my own enjoyment. I also want to broaden my reading horizons and push myself to try new genres.

I'm hoping that my goals aren't too optimistic and can easily be achieved, as I'm definitely determined to make a change and take onboard all of those mentioned above. I'd love to know if you've set yourself any goals for the month of September, so if you have then make sure to tell me them in the comments section. Thank you very much for reading this post and I wish you good luck if you return to school or college tomorrow like myself.

Love from Daisy x