Benefits of Blogging - Why You Should Start a Blog

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Blogging has become a huge part of my life over the past few years, and although it started off as simply a hobby, I've actually gained many skills and qualities from it. Whether you want something to write in your CV or prove that you're responsible, running a blog is a perfect demonstration of these qualities, although you might not realise it. In this post, I aim to share with you all of the positive attributes that you can gain from blogging, as well as persuading you to start one if you haven't already.

You can gain valuable skills that will be useful later in life
Blogging is actually great for gaining new skills and qualities that will definitely be useful, whether that's in school, work or just in general life. Your organisation and time management skills will both be improved as you have to prepare posts, take and edit photos, schedule social media posts and many other tasks that you have to carry out on a regular basis. There are some more specific skills which you will also gain, like technical skills (coding, photography and tracking analytics), marketing and writing skills. All of these are great to put on your CV and can be useful for any job, whether it's related to blogging or not.

It gives you the chance to improve and practice your writing
As I briefly mentioned in the previous point, blogging is a great way to practice writing, find your own voice and become comfortable with your unique style of writing. I definitely feel as though my writing has improved since starting my blog over two years ago, especially when it comes to more informal pieces. If you ever want to get a career in writing then blogging is a great way to start out and improve your own skills, as well as providing you with valuable experience.

You can interact with new people that share common interests
The amount of new people that I've came into contact with through my blog is incredible and I've definitely made some memorable friends through blogging. Whether you want to find people with similar interests or possible business partners, I can guarantee that blogging introduces you to an entire platform of new people, all of whom will probably share similar interests to you, for example the topic of your blog.

It boosts your self-confidence
Blogging will prove to you that you have the capability and potential to create something amazing, even if you initially doubt yourself. Also, the opportunity to share your true thoughts and interests with other people really gives you some added confidence. After blogging for over two years, I definitely think that I have more faith in my abilities and I no longer doubt myself, which shows how it will really benefit you to start a blog and prove to yourself that you are capable of doing something amazing with it when you put in some effort.

You will be challenged and able to try something new
When I started Daisies and Delights, I was persuaded by the idea of trying something completely different and like nothing I'd ever done before. By starting a blog, you'll be able to try your hand at coding, photography, writing posts and social promotion. Some of these may prove to be difficult and really challenge you, but ultimately your talents will grow and adapt to these new tasks. Also, trying something like blogging may become a new hobby that you'll really value in life.

It will bring you happiness
The ultimate reason as to why you should start a blog is because it's simply an enjoyable way to spend your time and will definitely bring you happiness if you stick to it. I really love blogging and I couldn't imagine how I'd spend my time without it. I wish that if you take one thing from this post, it's that you should blog for your own happiness as the main reason, above all else.

I hope that this post persuaded you to start a blog like mine and that the information I've shared will be useful and insightful. Thank you very much for reading this post, as your support is greatly appreciated as always. I'll be back with a new post next Sunday, so I'll see you then!

Love from Daisy x

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