Get Ready With Me, Christmas Night Out Edition - Blogmas Day 22

Saturday, December 22, 2018

After having my hair cut the other day, I was inspired to have an intense pamper and really look after my body from head to toe and put in more effort, which perfectly coincided with going out that evening. I thought it'd be interesting to share with you guys all of the steps that I took when getting ready and show you how I pampered and treated myself whilst preparing for a night out, so make sure you keep reading!

Step 1 - the nails
It's honestly been forever since I had my nails painted since I'm not the best at doing it myself and often find that it's low on my list of priorities. However, I was really eager to change this and got my mum to do Shellac on my nails for me. I opted for nude with rose-gold iridescent glitter, which is very glamorous and festive whilst still being neutral. I honestly love how it looks and feel that having my nails painted instantly makes me feel more put together and pampered.

Step 2 - the eyebrows
My eyebrows tend to grow fairly quickly, and they were definitely due a good pluck, especially when I looked in my magnifying mirror to see all of the outlying hairs. I spent quite a bit of time neatening them up, especially on the bridge of my nose, although I was careful not to go too harsh or really manipulate their shape, as I wanted to keep them natural and not harsh. This definitely makes a huge difference and instantly makes me feel better when looking in the mirror, and also makes doing my makeup a lot easier.

Step 3 - the shower
When I normally get a shower, I'll cover the basics of shampoo, conditioner, washing my body and shaving, but I decided to go all-out and cover all the bases. Rather than quickly shaving my legs, I spent more time ensuring that I got them super smooth, and also decided to exfoliate and moisturise my body to leave it incredibly soft and supple. I also gave my hair plenty of time to absorb the conditioner rather than quickly washing it off like I normally do, and it definitely left my hair a lot softer and shinier.

Step 4 - the face
With body care out of the way, skincare was my next task. I effortlessly melted off all of my makeup with my favourite cleanser from The Body Shop, leaving my skin feeling fresh and revitalised, and then proceeded to do a face mask. I do these once in a while but not on an extremely regular basis, but I find that my skin looks refined afterwards, and it also helps to draw out any impurities and leave it much healthier. Once this was washed off, I applied a bit of spot cream and moisturiser and was good to go.

Step 5 - the hair
On a daily basis, I don't put too much effort in with my hair, often just wearing it down or in some kind of ponytail or bun. However, I decided to put my hair in curlers, which is something I definitely don't do enough considering I love having my hair in curls or waves. I made sure to thoroughly spray it in heat protectant spray before separating the hair and putting in the curlers, and I did them quite tight considering my hair isn't the best at holding a curl. I definitely think that this is worth the extra time and can really make a difference to how I look and personally find that having a bit of movement and wave in my hair is more flattering.

Step 6 - the makeup
Since I was going out, I decided to go all-out with makeup. I normally do my everyday routine fairly quickly, but I instead took my time in creating a golden eyeshadow look (even opting for a halo eye and cut crease since I was feeling experimental), as well as applying a generous amount of bronzer and highlighter opposed to my usual more subtle amount. I also decided to wear red lipstick to match my outfit, which is definitely very out-there for me since I always stick with a subtle gloss or nude shade, but I made sure to apply it precisely with a brush and actually loved how it looked!

And that was my routine for getting ready! I definitely loved having more of a pamper and indulging myself rather than quickly getting ready, and since it was Christmas I hope you like my fun and festive outfit! Thank you very much for reading this post and I'm sorry that it's up late since I've been in work all day! I'll see you again tomorrow for the penultimate blogmas, so make sure you come back then!

Love from Daisy x

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