L'Oreal Paris Infallible Longwear 2-Step Lipsticks Review

I've always struggled to find the perfect liquid lipstick for me - too drying, smudges all the time, doesn't last very long - I've never been able to find one that I adore and works well for me. That is, however, until I discovered the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Longwear 2-Step Lipsticks, which have revolutionised the liquid lipstick game for me! I've honestly fallen head over heels for this product and so I thought it was only right to review it for you guys, so keep reading to hear more about my current favourite lip product!

 L'Oreal Paris Infallible Longwear 2-Step Lipsticks Review

I've always tended to avoid matte lipsticks whenever possible, as I just find them incredibly difficult to manage and they end up looking crusty and patchy after a few hours of wear. This is especially true with liquid lipsticks, which seem to excessively dry out my lips. However, I've found the exact opposite with the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Longwear Lipsticks, as they apply smooth and even to the lips without clinging to any dry patches.

The balm side helps to add a layer of moisture and keep the lipstick looking refreshed. It's also nice to be given the choice to wear this product either matte or glossy depending on your preference and what look you want to create. I personally prefer the high-shine finish and find that this makes it much more comfortable to wear for hours at a time, although wearing the liquid lipstick alone is equally as stunning.

 L'Oreal Paris Infallible Longwear 2-Step Lipsticks Review

Another thing that I love about this product is that it's completely transfer-proof and doesn't fade or bleed at all, meaning I'm not faced with the embarrassment of having lipstick on my teeth all day without realising, or constantly staining the edge of a glass whilst drinking. They genuinely lock into place all day and don't budge unless you use a balm or oil cleanser for removal (you may need to do some scrubbing if you're relying on a makeup wipe!), living up to L'Oreal's long-wearing claims. I've applied one of these liquid lipsticks before going out for a meal or on a night out clubbing, and let me tell you that my lipstick was exactly in place at the end of it, which is actually unbelievable! Products like this are perfect for me, as I find it difficult to maintain an intense lipstick and reapply it every couple of hours.

 L'Oreal Paris Infallible Longwear 2-Step Lipsticks Review

This product comes in 16 different shades varying in matte and shimmery finishes, although I have to admit that the shade range isn't the best and a few of the colours do look a bit peculiar on my skin tone. I originally picked up 'Wandering Wildberry' which is a mauvey berry shade that'll be perfect as we approach autumn, and I also own 'Beige To Stay' which is a brown-toned nude, although I'd like to try one of the pink ones as well. These are both matte shades, and I've heard that the shimmers are gorgeous on application yet quickly fade to a semi-matte finish after a short while, so this might be something to consider before purchasing them.

 L'Oreal Paris Infallible Longwear 2-Step Lipsticks Review

When applying the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Longwear Lipsticks, I find that a lip liner isn't needed, although you can apply one for some extra precision. Due to the tapered edge of the brush, it's really easy to apply these lipsticks accurately, and that is coming from someone who finds it difficult to achieve an even shape and application with bold lipsticks. Only one layer is needed for an intensely pigmented look, and although it's buildable I really wouldn't say that multiple layers are necessary. I then let the lipstick dry for a few minutes until the wetness becomes more of a tackiness before applying the balm, to ensure that it doesn't wipe away any of the lipstick underneath.

If you would like to buy these products then you can do so here, and be quick as L'Oreal are currently offering 3 for 2 on L'Oreal products. (This is an affiliate link, but all opinions are entirely my own)

Overall, I really love these L'Oreal Paris liquid lipsticks and I'm so glad that I discovered them! If you've also tried them or have any other liquid lipstick recommendations, let me know in the comments!

Empowering and Thought-Provoking New Books Written By Women For Women
This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.
As a female reader, sometimes it feels as though books are against us. Women are often stereotyped as weak, passive and ineffectual in literature, and although some authors attempt to subvert this by creating a strong female lead, the necessity to do so simply acts as a reminder that we are lesser. So you can imagine my joy when not one, but two liberating and thought-provoking titles were released a couple months ago that seem to counteract all of this. These two books are written by females for females, perfectly encapsulating womenkind free from all the stereotypes and inequality, and hopefully this post will show you why you simply must read them.

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo - Thought Provoking New Books By Women For Women

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo is a riveting and raw journalistic account of three women’s sexual relationships. However, unlike most romanticised books, it greatly deviates from conventional female illustrations and instead depicts obsession, disappointment, obscured thoughts and unsatisfied needs. You will be plummeted into these encounters with intense specificity and realism, which Taddeo has faithfully recreated after countless hours interviewing her subjects. With an underlying pessimism and lack of judgement, this biographical text explores women’s liberation yet sexual inequality with such a raw and almost disturbing accuracy, being a “vital document” for a modern understanding of sexuality and gender.

Supper Club by Lara Williams

Supper Club by Lara Williams - Empowering New Books By Women For Women

Lara Williams’ Supper Club is the ultimate celebration of food and the female liberation that is undeniably linked with it. This novel essentially takes any inferior conceptions about women – that they should be passive and objectified – and uses them as a catalyst for revolution and celebration. Food is no longer only essential for sustenance, but it is used for transformation, for rebellion. It encompasses women who have felt weak in every possible way, be it professionally frowned upon, romantically abused or physically exhausted, and gives them a form of celebration as they secretly meet and feast on food and enriching conversation. Described as “a radical retake on the notion that women must starve themselves to meet society’s demands”, I can guarantee that this novel devours any sense of gender inequality as the empowered women find identity in food, friendship and female companionship.

Empowering and Thought-Provoking New Books Written By Women For Women

If you have read either of these books, I'd love to know what you thought of them down in the comments!

A Level Results Day 2019 Inspiration and Advice

This time last year, I was in the exact same position as you are now. Tossing and turning unable to sleep as I repeatedly checked how long left until results were released. Holding my breath and barely being able to look as I was so nervous. And then the ensuing relief of finally knowing, after months of anticipation. A Level Results Day is a stressful time for everyone, regardless of whether you did well or not, and so I thought I'd share some inspiration and advice to help you get through it.

Whatever results you achieve, be proud!

A Levels are incredibly hard, and so getting this far is an achievement. You survived two years of hard work, stress and late-night revision sessions, so you deserve to celebrate. Regardless of your results, you should be proud of yourself for enduring such a laborious and testing two years, so don't be hard on yourself. Also, think of the many people who dropped out or gave up after a few months, and let that put into perspective just how much you've achieved.

You'll end up in the right university

Everyone has a different story but ends up thankful for the university they end up in. Some people get their firm choice and attend the uni that they fell in love with from day one. But some people aren't accepted by their university choices and have to apply through clearing, which seems like the end of the world at the time but it won't be. I had friends crying and heartbroken when missing out on their university of choice who have now had the best experience and don't regret it in the slightest. It'll always work out for the best, whether that's from the friendships you make or experiences you gain, I can guarantee that you'll still grow to love university.

Results don't determine everything

We have it drilled in us from an early age that our results are incredibly important and will determine our entire future, but remember that they are just a small aspect of what's important. Not only are skills and experience equally as valuable, but results also say nothing about you as a person or your true character.

A Level Results Day 2019 Inspiration and Advice

Have all of your backup options secured

If you think you might be going through clearing, have a list of universities and contact details to hand, as it'll save you a lot of stress on results day. Even if you think you'd never be accepted with your results, it's worth trying. Having a plan of action will make you feel much more prepared and also start to accept the idea of you going to university somewhere else.

Don't limit yourself if you did well

If you're someone who was predicted 3 B's but achieved A's instead, you may want to reconsider your choices. If there's a university that you love but was previously seemed out of your reach, it might be worth going for it. UCAS Adjustment is in place for students changing their university choice despite already being accepted at their firm or insurance, so don't be afraid to look into it. I actually went through this process myself on Results Day, as I achieved 3 A*s yet realised that Durham wasn't for me, hence deciding to study in Manchester instead.

Go out and celebrate

It's finally over, all the stress and worrying and waiting, so go ahead and celebrate! Whether that's by going out for a meal with family or out clubbing of the nighttime, you deserve to let loose and enjoy yourself!

For everyone getting their results this year, good luck and my thoughts are with you! I hope this post was helpful, and make sure you leave a comment letting me know what you're hoping for this results day!

Festival season is well and truly upon us, and with that is the chance to try makeup looks that are more out-there and bolder than usual. Whether that's stepping out of your comfort zone by swapping your warm neutrals palette for a more vivid alternative or going crazy with glitter and gems, anything goes! If you're looking for some inspiration, I thought I'd share with you this makeup look, which is extremely easy to create yet is funky and festival ready. Even better, I used mostly Revolution products, so you can achieve this look on a budget! This post isn't in collaboration with them, I just genuinely love using their makeup!

The first step is creating a base that will stay in place all day - with all the dancing and sweaty conditions (and inevitable rain if you're going to a UK festival), touch-ups will be the last thing on your mind. That's why I used the Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation, which is perhaps the most long-lasting base product I've tried. Not only is it lightweight and comfortable on the skin, but its demi-matte finish means it stays in place all day whilst still allowing a natural glow to creep through. I applied two layers of this just to ensure that it was full coverage and really wouldn't budge, although if you're worried about this then you can always powder it down.

After concealing my under eyes (although very little was needed as this foundation really did the trick), my next step was to bronze up the skin. Since we're well into summer now, if that tan is lacking then it's time to fake it! The Revolution Bronzer Reloaded is a gorgeous baked bronzer that is perfect for adding a slight glow on a daily basis or achieving a much more noticeable bronze, since it's so buildable. I genuinely love the warm-toned colour and slight shimmer as when applied it really looks like a natural tan.

I decided to skip blusher for this look (which you'll understand why in a minute) and moved straight onto highlighter, and for this I opted for the Ultra Contour Palette. I've had this for what feels like forever and it's probably about time that I explore some of Revolution's other face palettes, but I just can't get enough of this one. The blinding highlighter in the right-hand corner is perfect for an intense festival glow, as it is a striking frosted silver with pearlescent and gold shimmers running through it. I don't think I could get away with a shade like this on a daily basis, but if there's a time when I can pull it off then it's for a festival. Just a heads up - a little really does go a long way with this product, so apply with caution!

Onto the eyes, which is where this makeup look takes a turn for the dramatic. These days I hardly find myself applying eyeshadow, or when I do you can guarantee it'll be something neutral, so this look is definitely a step out of my comfort zone. I wanted something metallic and almost bordering on a glitter, yet when I was looking through my palettes nothing was shimmery enough. As bizarre as it sounds, I decided to use the I Heart Revolution Metallic Unicorn Liquid Lipstick in Immortal, as its intense, jewel-effect finish was perfect for this look. I packed this one the same way I would with a liquid eyeshadow and wow, the effect was simply stunning. I blended out the edges with a few matte pink and terracotta shadows, keeping it fairly simple as I wanted the gorgeous lid shade to be the centre of attention. Just like on your lips, this lasted all day on the eyes and didn't crease or flake away, whereas I know that a normal eyeshadow would've started to fade.

To transition this from simply being bold eyeshadow and into a glam festival look, I decided to draw some love hearts falling below my eyes. Not only is this in-line with the array of pinks I used on the eyes, but it also created a very bold and eye-catching look that is perfect for festival season. Since I wanted them to stand out, I used the same liquid lipstick as I did on my eyes, as well as a few complimentary eyeshadows around them to blend in the area, and whilst it's very different to anything I've ever done (and it's also incredibly tricky drawing intricate hearts!), I love the finished look.

I was going to apply false eyelashes but then decided on just layering up my mascara instead, as I figured the last thing you want while trying to enjoy a festival is to be constantly messing around with falsies that are falling off and wonky. Although I don't have a Revolution pick to share here unfortunately, I would recommend that you go for something waterproof, as you don't want to finish the day with mascara all down your face!

And that's the finished makeup look! I did apply a glossy lip balm to tie everything together, but I wanted to keep this quite neutral since the eyes are the feature of this look. Although don't let that stop you, as you could go back in with the metallic liquid lipstick for a full-on finish that'd be equally as glam.

What is your go-to festival makeup look? Let me know by leaving a comment below!