My Five Steps To A Glamorous Festive Makeup Look - Blogmas Day 12

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

With Christmas closely approaching us, we're now in the season of parties, nights out and Christmas dos, and for these you'll need a glamorous and festive makeup look to see you through. Winter is one of the exciting times where you can really start to play around with your makeup and go for more daring options, whether that's by using berry eyeshadows or a statement lipstick. I thought I'd share my five steps to creating a gorgeous makeup look this Christmas, whether it's for nighttime or day, and this will definitely see you through the festive period!

Step 1 - a lightweight, radiant base
I know winter is the time when most people tend to opt for a full-coverage foundation, but in the winter weather, I don't really like something heavy and matte on my skin, especially not on a daily basis. Instead, I prefer something more light and dewy that gives my complexion the radiance that it lacks at this time of year. Something like this is also a lot quicker to apply and blend, meaning you can cherish those extra few minutes in bed of the dark mornings.

Step 2 - a flawless face
A necessity of any glamorous or put-together makeup look is removing any blemishes or dark under-eye circles, which is why a high-coverage concealer is essential. Although you don't want to add too much so that your skin appears cakey, your makeup will look a lot more flawless when all imperfections are concealed. I definitely need a large dosage of this on a daily basis, since I'm quite often sleep deprived and have quite a few break-outs, but it really transforms your look in seconds.

Step 3 - a gorgeous glow
Winter really dries out your skin and can make your complexion look drab and dull, so it's important to inject that life and summer glow back into it. A shimmery bronzer is essential for adding some warmth and colour back to your face, recreating the sunkissed look that has now faded, and a pop of blusher will also give you radiance and life while still seeming like a natural flush. Since it's Christmas season and time for parties and nights out, don't be afraid of going a bit heavier with the highlighter, as now is the perfect time for a more intense and statement shimmer.

Step 4 - the berry eye look 
One of my favourite things about the winter months is being able to experiment with berry shades on the eyes - the gorgeous mauves, cranberries and burnt oranges are really lovely and perfect for this time of year. It's also a great time to go all-out and add some shimmer or glitter to your look, as if there's any time you can get away with it then it's for a Christmas party!

Step 5 - a statement lip
Christmas is synonymous with a red lip, and this time of year is definitely great for exploring some bolder lip options, trading in that nude gloss for a striking plum or crimson instead. This finishes off a makeup look perfectly, tieing it all together and adding some glamour that is ideal for this time of year. Use a thin brush or lipliner to apply precisely, ensuring that your statement lipstick is sharp and ready to stay in place all night.

And that's it - if you follow all of these steps then you'll create a gorgeous and glamorous makeup look perfect for the festive period! I hope you enjoyed seeing how I created this, and make sure you let me know what your makeup essential is for a Christmassy look, as I'd love to know! Thanks for reading and I'll see you tomorrow with another blogmas post!

Love from Daisy x

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