Driving Home For Christmas - Blogmas Day 19

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

So it's official, I'm back home from university for Christmas! It's such a weird feeling being back - having meals made for you, not worrying about washing your clothes and being able to get lifts to places opposed to walking. It's only been a day so far but I've found it so strange settling back in - I feel more like a guest staying at my house rather than being back at home, it's honestly so weird!

Coming home from university was much more difficult than I anticipated - the weather was horrific, I had a suitcase and three heavy bags that made the journey difficult, plus I was kinda reluctant to leave uni and the life behind that I'd finally adjusted to. However, I was also really excited to see my family and be back at home for Christmas!

When packing what I wanted to bring home with me, I decided to bring as much as I could. As someone who doesn't adjust well with change, I wanted to feel properly at home and have all of my things around me, so I brought as many of my items and clothes as physically possible (plus I plan on getting more this weekend when I'm back for work). I also brought things like my keyboard and laptop, since I know that being at home will get boring at times in comparison to Manchester where it's constantly bursting with life and there's so much to do, so I'll definitely need some entertaining (and thankfully my grandparents took my keyboard in the car so I didn't have to struggle to get it on the train).

Being back in my bedroom is honestly really strange - a lot of my decor and items are in uni so it feels a bit like a shell, although the Christmas decorations definitely add a festive, homely feel to it. It's definitely nice to be back in my own bed (although sadly not with my own pillows), and I'm sure that I'll get more used to it as the days go on.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about me coming home for Christmas, and make sure you look out for a future blogmas post where I'll be sharing all of the Christmas decorations in my house, which are super cute! Thank you very much for reading this post and I'll see you tomorrow!

Love from Daisy x

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