Interview with Katie

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's been a long time since I uploaded an interview with another blogger. Today, I am joined with Katie from Fancy Dress Invite, which I have to say is one of my favourite blog posts which I read religiously. If you haven't checked her blog out already, you can find it here. Here is what she had to say about beauty and makeup, I hope you enjoy this little insight.

1) How long have you been blogging for and why did you choose to start a blog?

I have been blogging since around October 2013 but didn't start writing posts on a schedule until around March. I wanted to start a blog as I had a huge interest in fashion at the time and wanted a blog to post outfits of the day and hope to make people feel inspired by my personal style. Gradually over time I began to gain more of an interest in the beauty blogs I was reading as beauty blogging really hit the spotlight in 2013, so I decided to give that a go and now make up and beauty blogging is one of my favourite hobbies!

2) Have you always liked fashion and beauty or is that something that started when you made your blog?

Well, when I was a lot younger and in primary school I used to be a bit of a tomboy and loved watching football and running around in awful baggy trousers. I went through a lot of fazes as a young teenager, I'd say my interest in beauty began whenever I went through a weird 'emo phase' as my friends call it and wanted to perfect my eyeliner skills. Sadly, I always just looked like a panda, but I'm over that now! My interest in beauty really hit whenever I started researching and watching youtube channels of professional make up artists e.g Pixiwoo, Tanya Burr, Charlotte Tilbury and Lisa Eldridge. I've been watching and learning from vidoes and tutorials for over a year now and I am almost certain make up artistry is a career I want to go into.

3) What products or items can't you live without and use on a regular basis?

As my skin is awfully oily and just generally hit with 'teenager syndrome' and blemished, I love the Body Shop's Tea Tree range, especially their cleanser. I also couldn't live without my Bare Minerals foundation as mineral make up works incredibly well on my ever so oily skin and gives such an amazing 'no make up, make up' look.

4) Are there any products you're hoping to try out?

I really want to try the Illamasqua Skin Base foundation as I will have a school formal coming up (basically a prom) and the one thing I'm most excited about is doing my make up! But, I will need to save up some money so I can buy a good full coverage foundation that won't flashback in photos and I heard this one is pretty good. I also want to try some Sleek products as everyone says they're amazing quality for drugstore.

5) What posts do you enjoy writing and have the most fun with?

I absolutely love putting together my 'Monthly Playlist' segment which I do at the end of each month with my favourite songs of that time and 'artist to look out for. I also love doing 'what's on my face' posts or talking about the products I use on a daily basis.

6) Do you have any exciting blog related things coming up soon?

Not particularly sadly, my schedules been very off recently due to life circumstances, e.g getting my GCSE results, starting sixth form etc. Since I'm beginning a levels I think my posts will be slightly limited, but a lot better in quality. Watch this space!

I just want to say thank you very much for doing this interview with me Katie. I love collaborating with other bloggers and I think interviews are a great way of doing so as you get to find out more about them. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!

Love from Daisy x


  1. thanks so much again for this opportunity! x

    1. You're welcome! I enjoyed it a lot, we really need to collaborate again in the future! x