September Styles

Thursday, September 11, 2014

New fashions are coming out for this autumn and I'm pretty sure we're all desperate to have a whole new wardrobe to see us through the next few months. It may seem easy to purchase new things, but there are so many things in the shops that we never know what's hot and what's not. I've put together this list of a few things that are necessary this autumn and you should definitely buy if you get the chance.

Metallic Shoes

I will admit, these are probably a bit too daring for me, but I love the concept of them. These shoes have been spotted on multiple models and style icons over the past few months, so it's safe to say they're in fashion right now. Paired with jeans and a regular tee, these can easily jazz up a basic outfit, or you could pair it with a fancy dress to make it more casual. Either way, these shoes are really versatile and look really expensive. I managed to find this pair from Asos for only £20.


Printed Knit Mini Skirts

As soon as September begins, we all look for excuses to hit the shops and stock up on our cosy autumn items. This year, knitted mini skirts are back but they've brought with them some bold, adventurous patterns. We've seen similar in previous years, but the contrasting colours and garish patterns are really in right now. If you don't fancy DIY'ing one of your old knitted skirts, H&M do a lovely Jacquard-knit skirt that is £29.99, great value considering the good quality of this product.

Tye-Dye Beanies

Everyone needs a hat in autumn as the wind is really crisp and bites your ears. This year, we've been seeing a lot of tye-dye beanies in dark, grunge colours. These are going to be a statement item in the upcoming season so make sure you have one of these before it's too late. There are some high-end alternatives, but this one from Huf is great at £23.87.

huf Tie Dye Beanie

Faux Fur Clutches

If you're looking for something bold and over the top to tie your outfit together, then this is definitely what you need. We often wear fur coats in the winter, but now these bags are making their way into the fashion world. In a variety of vibrant colours, they're really eye-catching. They may be intimidating to use at first but they add a pop of colour to a usually drab autumn outfit filled with monochrome colours. These can be picked up at Zara for £19.99 which I think isn't bad.

Flannel Shirts

An item that we quite often see in the autumn is flannel shirts, which is great as we don't have to go out and buy new ones. Well lucky us because they're back in again this season. The only difference is there are so many more acceptable ways of styling them now, rather than just as a shirt. Over a tee or vest, under a chunky sweater or tied around your waist are just a few of the possibilities. Topshop have got in some great oversized plaid shirts for only £30, which are both comfy and chic.

I hope you liked this insight into the upcoming trends and you now know what to buy on your next outing. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in a few days for my next post.

Love from Daisy x

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