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Friday, September 05, 2014

I wasn't planning on uploading a blog post today, but I decided to write this for you guys. One of my most asked questions is how do I prepare for blog posts, how long it takes me to write them and other things like that. I thought I'd write this post to answer all of your questions about my blogging process, so here it goes!

The first thing I need to have is inspiration. I get a lot of my blogging inspiration at random times, but usually they're when I'm looking through my makeup, listening to music or just going about my daily business. Sometimes my inspiration comes in the form of a few words, a product or just an idea in general. Other times, when the ideas stop flowing, I consult a list I made of things to blog about and read my emails for any blog post requests. All of these things help me come up with a good topic that is original and innovative before I start writing.

My next step in my blogging process is outlining my post. I'm not one of those people who can type for 10 minutes and then click upload without any further thought. All of my blog posts and what I include are thought out in immense detail, making sure I include everything I want to. I usually split my posts up into smaller, manageable sections that I then start to plan what I want to say, where photos will go and other important things to do with layout and content.

After this, I fill in all of the gaps and write my actual post. Sometimes the topics I write about require lots of research, open browser tabs and a thesaurus on my lap, yet other times they're more spontaneous and chatty, much like this one. I like to vary my styles of writing and topics to give you a true feel of myself. While writing, I often click preview and read through my post to see how other people will view my work. I like to write my posts all in one go, rather than a bit every day for a week.

The next part of the process is the queue. I don't know if any of you know this, but it's very rare that I write a blog post and it goes up that day. Whenever I've written a post, it is added to my calendar for sometime in the future. This can be anywhere from two weeks to a third of a year, depending on how many posts I have prepared. Right now, I'm sorted until the end of October, which isn't bad. One of the main reasons I do this is because I like to be assured that I have posts to go up and have emergency posts when I'm completely out of ideas. Obviously, I sometimes ignore this list and upload a post as soon as it's done, especially if it's about something current or an extra post like this one.

When the time rolls around to upload a blog post, my first priority is to photograph it. For me, this is the biggest chore and often the reason why I'll not upload once or twice. For me, writing is easy and it doesn't take me long to get my thoughts down on paper or the internet. But for photos, you have to have the right light, a good angle and everything be in focus. I'm also a lazy pyjama type of girl, so I don't always want to take photos of myself when I'm half asleep. Plus, there's the fact that I have loads of spots and photos never seem to agree with me, so yes I find it a chore photographing blog posts.

Before the post goes up, I have to make sure everything is ready and good quality. That means the same font, italics, no extra spaces in between photos and other things like that. I also take this time to edit my posts and read over them a few times. I check spellings, grammar and language to make sure everything is correct, as well as link blogs and add jump breaks. This is probably the part of blogging that makes my posts go from being rubbish to fairly decent.

For any of you wondering, I try and keep a schedule when blogging, which I will admit is a challenge. I don't want to be one of those bloggers who rarely uploads, yet I don't want daily posts that aren't of a good quality. I settled for uploading three times a week on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, the latter being my best posts. If I have time, I'll put extra posts up like I am now, which I really enjoy as they're more laid back and chatty.

And then I click upload, and my new post is up for the whole world to see! I usually tweet about my post and Bloglovin automatically adds it as well. I then spend the rest of my time answering comments and then the process repeats! I hope you liked this insight to my blog and if you have any more questions then feel free to leave them in the comments.

Love from Daisy x

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