How to Compliment Your Eye Colour

Sunday, August 17, 2014

It can be really hard deciding what eyeshadows to wear that'll compliment your eyes, so I thought I'd make this guide of colours that you should opt for! Simply find your eye colour below and you'll be greeted with plenty of tips and images that will make your eyes look gorgeous and stand out.

Brown eyes- If you have brown eyes then you're lucky, you can get away with wearing almost any colour eyeshadow. However, if you want your eyes to pop, the best colours are an earthy green or go completely opposite with a bright pink. Blue eyeshadow will also compliment your eyes nicely. If your eyes have gold flecks in then wearing a gold eyeshadow can look absolutely stunning. With brown eyes, it's all about trying different shades and seeing which ones you feel most confident wearing and look best against your skin tone. I'd steer away from some browns, as they may look quite muddy against your eyes.


Blue eyes- People say that if you have blue eyes, you should wear blue eyeshadow to compliment them. However, unless you have really bright blue eyes, they could look dull in comparison to the highly pigmented shadows. Browns, taupes and greys can all look really pretty against blue eyes, and are great for wearing everyday. If you want something a bit more adventurous, a rose colour or even something
purple can look beautiful and be a nice contrast to the blue eyes.


Green and hazel eyes- A colour that is great for people with green or hazel eyes is any shade of purple. The contrasting colour will make your eyes seem more dramatic and brighter than they are. If you want something that is more wearable for an everyday basis, warm mocha browns or earth tones with orange undertones or hints of gold can look really pretty. Since most green and hazel eyes also have different coloured flecks, you should try experimenting with different colours to compliment them.


This is just a guide to eyeshadows to match your eyes, so it might not work for every single person. Everyone is different so your eyes could be blue and look great with blue eyeshadows or your eyes could be green and look really pretty with pinks or reds. However, as an overall, these are the colours that best compliment the different eye colours. I hope I helped you choose what eyeshadows you should use and if you have any more questions leave them down in the comments or send me them on Twitter (the link is in the sidebar). Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!

Love from Daisy x

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