Back to School Makeup - Back To School 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

School starts back in September, meaning everyone's getting ready for a very important year ahead. I decided to start a mini-series of posts, starting with this one, that will help you prepare for a new year at school. Today, I'll be showing you an easy and natural back to school makeup look. It's really quick, so if you sleep in you'll still have time to put on some makeup. This can be adapted to your preferences and your school rules, depending on how much makeup they allow and what you feel comfortable to wear.

After going through my daily skincare routine, I skipped foundation and opted for concealer. It's school, so you don't need to be wearing a lot of makeup. Plus, concealer is quicker for the mornings when you lie-in by accident. I started by using my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It's only £4.19, so it's affordable for any students that are on a budget. Instead of applying it straight onto my face, I put some on my hand and used my finger to cover up the spots, as I feel that this way you can manage how much you use. Once I'd applied it to any spots and redness, I buffed it in with my Bare Minerals kabuki brush.

I then powdered my face using the Naturals Collection powder, which is also pretty cheap and from the drugstore. Powdering ensures that your makeup lasts all day, which is crucial if you can't top up at break or lunch. Also, it stops your skin from looking shiny, especially after PE. If you have really oily skin, I'd also recommend taking some blotting powder with you to school or keeping your powder in your gym bag.

I didn't apply any eyeshadow as my school is quite strict when it comes to makeup, but if you feel like you could get away with it, any neutral shadow would do fine. For mascara, less is definitely more. You want it to open up your eyes and make you look more awake, but it should look natural. You need to be stealthy, so make sure the one you choose doesn't make your lashes huge and isn't clumpy. Also, you don't want mascara  running down your face after PE or dance, so try and go for a little or waterproof. I don't wear mascara for school, but for the purpose of this tutorial I used my Collection Fat Lash mascara.

After applying a lot of concealer and powder earlier, your face probably looks washed out and one colour. To brighten us up a bit, apply some blusher to the apples of your cheeks. Go for a light colour that will look natural, preferably a pale pink, coral or peach. I'd also recommend going with a cream blusher to ensure that it will last all day, so I used my favourite Bourjois cream blusher. However, if you're doing PE you could probably use a powder blush as if it comes off you'll still have rosy cheeks afterwards.

Last is lips, which can often be really noticeable. As you're going to be talking all day, people will notice if you're wearing lipstick, plus it could rub off at lunch and you might not be able to reapply it. I'd recommend going with a tinted lip balm that is quite sheer, such as a Chapstick. That way, you'll still be adding a bit of colour to you lips but you're also caring for them. Also, no-one will stop you from applying a lip balm.

This is what my school makeup looks like. It's not too heavy and gives a natural, fresh-faced look, which I really like. The products I used also ensure that it lasts all day, even after doing sports.

So that is my back to school makeup look. I hope you liked the final look and all of the products I used. If you have any more tips for school makeup or want to share some amazing tips, send them to me via my Twitter, which is linked in the sidebar. Thanks for reading!

Love from Daisy x

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