Bare Minerals The Greatest Performers Review

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Although I talk about the individual products quite often on my blog, I haven't done a full review of the Greatest Performers Set by Bare Minerals. My best friend Maia gave me this for Christmas and I absolutely fell in love with it, especially as it was my first time trying out Bare Minerals makeup. Now that I've had it for quite a while, I thought it was about time I produced a review of it.

The Bare Minerals Prime Time is a silicone primer that you apply underneath your base makeup to ensure that it stays in place all day. This is the first face primer that I have tried, so I can't compare it to any others, but I really like it and find that it works well. It applies onto my face smoothly and evenly, with only a tiny amount being required. After lightly massaging it into the skin, it appears to have disappeared, yet does an excellent job at keeping my skin makeup intact and looking fresh. I do find that this works really well and I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a new primer, although it is a bit on the pricey side.

Next up is Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Loose Powder, which you will have heard me mention a handful of times on my blog. I use this on a daily basis, as I love the look that it creates and it helps to make my skin makeup long lasting. It is transparent and blends into the skin really easily, where it makes my skin appear a bit matter and absorbs any unnecessary oils. It isn't too mattifying, so people with dry skin don't need to be afraid of it, but it still helps to eliminate some of the unwanted shine and greasiness to your face. It also keeps my makeup in place, which is helpful for sports or dance when my makeup might start to disappear.

The Powder Blush by Bare Minerals in the shade Beauty is a gorgeous product to add a bit of colour and radiance to the cheeks. Although it can be quite messy and difficult to apply, as the powder tends to go everywhere, I find that it is really worth it. This product can be lightly applied for a hint of colour or intensified to make a much bolder blush. It also lasts really well, and I find that the colour is still visible after a long day. This is definitely a beautiful product that I feel isn't mentioned enough in the beauty community.

This set also came with an Eyeshadow Duo called the High Society, which consists of two of their best selling eyeshadows called D├ębutante and Waltz. I was apprehensive when I first saw them, as one is a pink-toned champagne and the other is a purple taupe, so I thought it was going to be hard to pull them off. However, I really like how they look and think that they go together nicely. Although they aren't the most pigmented, they are extremely buildable and create a lovely look that is quick and easy to apply.

The Lash Domination Mascara from Bare Minerals is definitely a great quality sample since the wand is huge and the same size as the actual product. I think that this mascara definitely gives more of a voluminous look rather than longer lashes, but it still creates a really nice, open-eyed effect. Although it's not something that I'd tend to use, as I'm a Maybelline Great Lash addict and use Benefit's They're Real when I want something a bit more dramatic, it's still a really nice mascara that a lot of you will love.

The Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in the shade Rebel is the final product in this set, which I've thoroughly enjoyed using, so much so that I barely have any left. It's a beautiful bold pink colour that I can really build up for an intense wash of colour but also looks really nice layered over other lipsticks. It isn't at all sticky on my lips and provides a really glossy, hydrated finish that lingers on the lips for quite a while.

I hope you liked hearing my review of this set and I'd love to know what you guys think of the products if you own any of them. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon with my new post.

Love from Daisy x

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