July Favourites 2015

Sunday, August 02, 2015

It's monthly favourites time again! July was such a busy month for me and it went incredibly quickly, yet I still managed to acquire quite a few favourites. Since I often share these with you, I thought you might like to know what makeup items I've been reaching for over the past month. Quite a few of them you will have heard me talk about them before, but I've still been really liking them so I wanted to include them.

The Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze is a beautiful cream eyeshadow that I've loved wearing over the past few months, as it was also featured in my June Favourites. I'll admit, I was a bit scared of this eyeshadow and how bold it was when I first bought it, but I soon realised that it's a gorgeous product. This is really easy to wear and a quick wash of the product looks beautiful yet is effortless. I love applying this all over my lid and blending out the edges, wearing it on its own, but you could also use this as a base colour. There are so many possibilities for this product, especially when you consider the great pigmentation, longevity and blendability. I'll definitely be up for trying out some of the other colours in this range in the future, as my opinion of On and On Bronze is nothing but positive.

As promised in my New Year's Resolutions for beauty, I've been using eyeliner a lot more often. I find that a pencil is the easiest way to go, as you can be accurate and easily erase any mistakes. I've been loving the MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner in Rich Brown, as its of a great quality for a budget brand. This eyeliner is, like the name suggests, incredibly intense and pigmented, but still allows you to smudge it out for a smokier, less harsh look. The colour is a really nice warm-toned brown that is perfect for adding some definition without being too noticeable and it's great if you're a bit scared of harsh black eyeliner.

This month has definitely been one for experimenting with a lip liner, which is a beauty task that I rarely do. I picked up the Collection Precise Colour Lip Liner in Clover Pink to match my Burberry Kisses Lipstick and didn't use it at all afterwards. However, I discovered this month that it's actually a really nice colour that isn't too far from my own lip colour. This can be worn on its own all over the lips or underneath a variety of different lipsticks to provide some more definition and precision. I really want to continue experimenting with this in the future, so I'm sure you'll be hearing about it more.

Eye primer isn't something that I usually reach for, unless I want my eyeshadow to last for an incredibly long time like for a show or party, but recently I've been giving the Avon Eye Primer a try on a regular basis. It takes only a couple of seconds to apply, so it's not a huge deal taking the time to use it, but I can tell a difference when it's on my lids. As someone who has quite oily eyelids, quite a few eyeshadows crease on me and start to disappear throughout the day, but I've noticed that this doesn't happen as much when I apply this product.

Blusher is probably one of my favourite parts of my makeup routine, as I find that it always helps me to look healthier and injects some life back into my pale and washed out face. I've been reaching for the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice quite a lot, as it provides such a  lovely variety of colours that are perfect for any makeup look. There's always something in this palette to suit my makeup look, with each product being extremely pigmented and of a great quality. This is also a budget brand and the palette was quite cheap in comparison to others, so I'd recommend you try this if you haven't already.

Love from Daisy x

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