Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Review

Sunday, August 16, 2015

These eyeliners are infamous in the drugstore, being credited as truly outstanding, ending the era of dry and scratchy eyeliners that tug at your eyelids. They're bargainous, yet supposedly a dupe for the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, which are extremely popular and share the same colour payoff and longevity. Since I'd heard nothing but good reviews, I thought I'd share my opinions on them.

Like many other eyeliners, these come in a narrow pencil shape which is easy to hold and makes eyeliner as easy as writing with a pencil. The colour of it represents that of the actual product, which makes it look quite modern and it's really easy to see what colour you want to use. My only query with the packaging is that the lid isn't very secure and falls off easily.

As I expected, the kohl kajals are insanely pigmented and produce a harsh line of bold colour. This is incredibly handy for people who aren't the best at eyeliner, and don't have to go over the line a few times to ensure that it is bold enough while still trying to keep it as neat as possible. These eyeliners glide on incredibly easily and the colour is deposited in an even layer, which is due to the creamy consistency. You have a few seconds after the application before they set, which is the perfect time to blend them out a bit.

The colour range is definitely larger than I expected from a drugstore brand, which is a great bonus. It comes in ten different shades, which are black, shimmery black, brown, taupe, nude, deep blue, turquoise, light blue, purple and silver. Although there are a lot of different colours, the shades themselves are nothing innovative and are those typically found in eyeliners. Also, there is only two finishes available: matte or metallic, which I feel could've been expanded. 

I own these eyeliners in two different shades, being taupe and nude. The taupe eyeliner is a light brownish-grey colour that is matte. This is a great colour to apply across the lashline if you want a bit of definition that is less harsh than a black. The nude eyeliner is a pale beige nude colour, which is great for cancelling out redness on the waterline. Nude eyeliners aren't often found in drugstore brands, so I was pleased to find this as it does a great job at brightening up my eyes and making them look more open.

I often find that these eyeliners last for a full day, living up to their long-wearing claim. They truly stay in place for ages, without flaking or smudging on my eyelids. I'm also pleased to report that they stay as intense and bold as they are when applied. The formula of these eyeliners allows for them to be easily removed at the end of the day, only needing a bit of eye makeup remover to completely wipe them away.

Overall, I'm really pleased with these eyeliners and they're enjoyable and easy to use. They are extremely pigmented, waterproof and even safe for sensitive eyes, making the £4 that they cost a great value for money. If you're looking for a cheap but good quality eyeliner, I'd definitely recommend taking a look at these.


  1. I have the nude eyeliner and use this in my waterline all the time - I always use it when I'm doing a subtle make up look as sometimes white can look harsh when doing a simple look. Love these sooo much!


    1. I agree, the nude eyeliner is really nice and I reach for it often. They really are amazing eyeliners! x

  2. You really should, they're quite inexpensive so I'd definitely recommend picking one up! You're welcome and thank you very much, that's very sweet! ☺ x