T-Zone Product Review

Sunday, May 25, 2014

If someone asked me what my favourite facial care brand was, I'd have to say T-Zone. Their products are quite cheap, so savers like me don't feel guilty buying them, yet they're really good quality! Here's what I think of the products that I own:

The first T-Zone product that I got was their 'Spot Zapper' spot cream. It's a gel that is really strong but effective. I apply an even layer of it over my skin and let it do its magic. Although I can see some improvements when I use this, I feel like this is probably my least favourite of their products. This is only because my spots often get really bad and I need something stronger to treat them. However, on a good skin day, this is always the spot cream I will use.

The T-Zone cleanser has to be one of my favourite ones out there. You just apply a bit to some cotton wool and rub it all over your face. It keeps my skin clean and nourished, which is what I look for in a cleanser. It's quite strong and has ingredients in it to help spots and blackheads, which is great for me.

The T-Zone moisturiser is a really nice product, especially for dry skin. I'm not entirely sure what my skin type is, all I know is that it is sometimes dry and sometimes oily. I've found that other moisturisers (especially the Nivea ones) are really heavy on my skin and add too much moisture, causing me to break out. The T-Zone one is a lot lighter so it gets rid of my dry skin but also has spot-fighting ingredients in. 

The final T-Zone product I have is their exfoliator. I've not had this one long, so I can't give a full review of it, but so far I think it's really good. It does it's job, but it has an added bonus of getting rid of blackheads. Despite only using it a few times, I can already see that my blackheads aren't as bad and it is helping! 

Thanks for reading this post. Just a quick disclaimer: this post isn't affiliated with T-Zone in any way, I just really like their products. Goodbye!

Love from Daisy x

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