Diaries of a Student Journalist - My September Articles Round-Up

Sunday, October 04, 2020

Writing articles is something that is slowly taking over my life, but honestly, I absolutely love it! I really want to mention my writing and journalism on my blog more often, since this has become a huge part of my life over the past few months and I dedicate a lot of time towards it. So what better way to do so than by starting this new series? Every month, I will be uploading a round-up post of all of my articles so that you can see what I've been writing and give some of them a read if you're interested! Without further ado, let's dive right into it!

The Mancunion

5 unexpected fashion trends to hit the streets of Manchester this autumn

The ever-adapting nature of the fashion industry, from high street to high-end luxury has always had the potential to throw a curveball and strange cut into the fabric fancy and Manchester is no different, particularly in our new socially distanced scenarios. Perhaps its lockdown-induced boredom causing us to be more creative with our outfit choices, or could it be an eagerness to venture out of sweatpants? Either way, there’s no denying that this season is bizarre and filled with unexpected trends, and some of our favourite Manchester-based brands are embracing the wondrous and wild side of the ready-to-wear. Read more...

As most of you already know, I am this year's Fashion Editor of my student newspaper, The Mancunion. This is such an exciting opportunity that I'm honoured to have, and so I wanted to kick off the year with a bang with my first article in this position. I feel as though there are lots of autumn trends posts online and sometimes it can become quite generic and predictable (we get it, berry tones and plaid are in style this season!) I wanted to create something a bit more adventurous and daring, so I decided to look at styles that are unexpected and bizarre, yet have been frequently spotted on catwalks and the streets of Manchester this season. This was a really fun article to create and it also allowed me to feature some of my favourite Manchester boutiques whilst creating it.

The Manc

Manchester's best vintage boutiques and thrift stores that you need to visit

The Northern Quarter may be a hub for vintage aficionados, but there’s actually much more to Manchester’s second-hand scene than meets the eye. Read more...

Although secondhand shopping has gained more popularity recently, a lot of people still struggle with vintage shopping and figuring out where to begin. Manchester has a diverse range of thrift stores, vintage boutiques and secondhand shops, so I decided to create this informative guide to help people discover which ones will be the best for them. It also allowed me to spotlight some amazing Manchester boutiques, which was an added bonus!

Meet the radical Manchester boutique fighting for change through fashion

Not all clothing lines are created just for style. Some have particularly ambitious aspirations. Take Hoyden, for example. This feminist boutique, whose name means 'boisterous girl', sells clothing that turns heads for two reasons. One, it's fashionable. And two, it's rebellious. Read more...

Hoyden is an empowering, radical brand that isn't afraid to speak its mind, so I was eager to find out more about this boisterous boutique. It was very interesting chatting to Olivia about her store, which can be found in Afflecks in the Northern Quarter. I really admire what she's doing and the pro-active messages that she's spreading using her platform, so it was very rewarding being able to showcase her work and give it more attention!

Beloved Manchester vintage store Retro Rehab is closing its doors with a big sale

Retro Rehab, the beloved local vintage store, is ending its 15-year residence in Manchester's Northern Quarter as it begins its transition to online shopping. Read more...

Retro Rehab is one of Manchester's most popular and renowned vintage stores, so to hear that they were closing their doors was a huge shock. It definitely puts into perspective the effects that the pandemic is having on smaller businesses, although it's not all negative as they will still be continuing their vintage journey as an online store. I reported on this for The Manc as it felt like a shocking and momentous event within Manchester's vintage community, but I'm still excited to see their future online!

The best independent clothing stores in Manchester that match style with sustainability

You don't have to choose between being stylish or sustainable anymore. These Manchester-based clothing brands are both saving the planet and your wardrobe. Read more...

Sustainability was a topic that was hot on everyone's lips earlier this year, but it seems to have taken a backseat with the virus. I'm a firm believer that this isn't something that we should be ignoring and so I decided to write this article to bring more attention to eco-friendly fashion options. I wanted to prove that sustainable clothing doesn't have to be bland or stupidly expensive, and you can actually find some really stylish and trendy pieces that are also ethical. There are so many Manchester-based boutiques that create gorgeous pieces that are sustainable and I wanted to showcase these, and hopefully, it's something that more brands will get on board with in the future.

This Stockport clothing boutique is offering a 'mystery bag' of clothes for £20

Susie's Boutique is Stockport's source for the latest styles - but their newest launch offers customers a blind date with a brand-new wardrobe. Read more...

I love the concept of a mystery bag of clothing - I think it's so exciting yet equally nerve-wracking to see what items you can get without choosing them, and it's a great way to try pieces that you wouldn't otherwise pick. I wanted to bring attention to a local business who are offering this, and they're also a really trendy and well-priced shopping destination with new styles being added to their range every week.

The Manchester fashion brand born in lockdown is launching a second collection

Grey Milk, the Manchester-based independent clothing brand born in lockdown, has launched a second collection just in time for autumn. Read more...

I became obsessed with Grey Milk since I first discovered their launch during lockdown and I greatly admire what Gwen has managed to achieve in such a short space of time. Her designing and creation of garments is incredible and deserves so much recognition, and it was really interesting delving behind the scenes of her new collection. This is autumn style reinvented and like you've never seen it before, but all of her pieces are absolutely stunning and I highly urge you to check them out!

I hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peek into all of my articles that were published this month - make sure to let me know which is your favourite!

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