A Whole Lotta Tweed, Animal Print and Night-Out Glam - Winter 19 Shein Haul

Thursday, December 05, 2019

The arrival of winter means an entirely new wardrobe... right? Under the guise of a post-essay treat, I decided to purchase a variety of new clothing items from Shein (if you're not familiar, they are an extremely affordable online store - think Primark but online) and I couldn't help but add tons of items into my basket. Not only is winter well and truly upon us, but I'm going to Krakow next week and wanted to feel stylish while I'm there, plus Christmas and New Year means that I'll have various occasions and chances to get dressed up within the next few months. Although I majorly streamlined my basket and also ensured I had the best deals possible (a combination of Black Friday sales and my student discount), I'm in love with all of the items I picked up and thought that a haul post was necessary! Also, you're going to have to excuse the lack of fake tan, as I didn't realise how pale my body looked until all of the photos were finished. Anyway, on with the post!

Black Double Button Tweed Pinafore Dress

Anyone who knows me will understand that my go-to style for winter is a skirt or pinafore paired with a jumper, and so this Black Double Button Tweed Pinafore had my name written all over it. Tweed seems to be very in-style this season, having a fashionable look that is even a bit classy, and I instantly knew that I'd get a lot of wear out of this. Although it was incredibly affordable, I'd personally say that it looks a bit more expensive, especially with the button detailing down the front that adds some more interest. Although this looked monochromatic on the model (and perhaps in my photos too), if you look closely you'll actually see baby blues and dusky pinks running through it amongst other colours, which is definitely a nice touch that I wasn't expecting. I paired this with a tight-fitting jumper, and this in combination with the low cut of the pinafore is definitely flattering and accentuates your figure, especially if you're like me and have a slim build and small chest. One thing to be aware of is that it comes up slightly big - I ordered it in an XS but I'd prefer if the skirt was slightly tighter, but this is just me being fussy.

Double Breasted Front Tweed Skirt

Again with the tweed - you can tell that I was really loving this trend whilst placing my order! I knew that this item would fit the bill of my 'jumper and skirt' style perfectly, and as you already gathered I really like the gold button detailing down the front. Although I was initially tempted by the monochrome version on the website, I decided to opt for a pop of colour instead, and I'm really pleased I did as this is so different to anything else that I own. Although the colour looked quite muted online and is described as burgundy, it's actually a much more vibrant red - I personally love this, but it was unexpected. Like with the last one, this Double Breasted Front Tweed Skirt is slightly longer and wider than I'd like (again, I'm just being very picky as it still fits really well) so you might consider sizing down if possible.

Camel Double Breasted Coat

I've been on the hunt for the perfect camel coat all season (I remember seeing some in Primark way back in August, and since then they were always sold out of my size every time I popped in), but I stumbled upon this one on the Shein website and instantly fell in love. Although it was slightly more expensive than the other items, this was to be expected for a sturdy, thick winter coat, and it was still affordable once my discounts were applied. It's the perfect length for me, and despite being quite small it doesn't look too long, and despite being structured it's still comfortable and not restrictive. I can't wait to start wearing this, since this Camel Double Breasted Coat has definitely filled the gap in my wardrobe that I've had for quite a while!

Open Front Pearls Beaded Tweed Jacket

The third (and final) tweed item in this haul is this gorgeous jacket, which has actually been sitting in my favourites on Shein since last year and I finally bit the bullet and purchased it. Items like this are so versatile, in my opinion - it's the perfect way to dress up a simple jumper and jeans, like how I styled it in the photo, or it could be worn over a dress for a fancier occasion. This Open Front Beaded Tweed Jacket feels very trendy and classy, and it'll also be perfect to take me through to the spring where I no longer need a coat but still want to wear a lighter jacket.

Contrast Leopard Panel Top

This was a really cheap t-shirt which I spotted and knew that I'd get quite a bit of wear out of in the warmer months, but it was too cute to turn down. I really like the look of a baggy t-shirt tied at the bottom, and it looks cute either with jeans or a maxi skirt. Although I probably won't be wearing this Contrast Leopard Panel Top for a few months as it's freezing in England, I definitely think I'll be reaching for this as we start approaching spring.

Dobby Mesh Puffed Polka Dot Sleeve Top

This Dobby Mesh Puffed Polka Dot Sleeve Top is very different from what I'd normally wear and is definitely outside of my comfort zone, but I fell in love with it on the website and thought that I would give it a try. In my mind, this is perfect for a date night or if I was going out for a meal or an occasion where I wanted to be quite dressy, and I think that it'll look gorgeous with jeans and a pair of heels. The top fits nicely, although there isn't much give to it so I'd be wary of this, and I adore how the sleeves look, and they are definitely a bold statement. I can't wait to wear this out, although I'll perhaps be a bit too cold since it's the middle of winter right now!

High Neck Snakeskin Fitted T-Shirt

It seems as though animal print is the other trend of this haul, but I've been seeing many different tops like this High Neck Snakeskin Fitted T-Shirt lately and knew I wanted to try one. The stretchy material means that it's really comfortable, and although it's slim-fitting it isn't at all restrictive. I thought that this would be perfect to wear of a daytime with tights and a coat, but I think it would also look lovely paired with a little skirt on a night out, meaning it gives the best of both worlds.

Crocodile Embossed Cami Bodycon Dress

I'll be completely honest with you guys, I felt a little insecure when taking photos of this outfit, just cause of how skinny I look, but I love the dress too much not to include it in this post. When I ordered it online, I thought that it was grey and black based on the photos, however it is instead a bright, metallic silver. Although this Crocodile Embossed Cami Bodycon Dress is definitely bolder than I expected, it is stunning nonetheless. I'm a sucker for cheap dresses to go clubbing in, and so for only a few pounds I couldn't resist this one. Although I envisioned this dress being for a normal night out, I definitely think that it has the wow-factor perfect for New Year's Eve. The dress is bodycon and therefore tight-fitting, but it's very stretchy and you won't feel uncomfortable wearing it throughout the night.

What's your favourite fashion steal from Shein? Let me known down in the comments!

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  1. Gorgeous picks! I love the camel coat - they're so classic and go with everything x
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk