Goodbye Seventeen Cosmetics - Farewell to Favourite Products and Blog Opportunities

Sunday, February 11, 2018

It's never great hearing that a makeup brand is being discontinued, especially when it's one of your favourites that you constantly rely on for amazing yet budget-friendly products. Seventeen cosmetics has been one of my go-to brands for quite some time so I was honestly gutted when I found out it's coming to an end a few weeks ago. I love many of their products and they've also been one of the most supportive brands with my blog, offering me some fantastic opportunities that I'll always be grateful for, so to commemorate the end of their brand I thought I'd share a few of my favourite products and memories from Seventeen!

Nothing hurts more than finding a product you love and using it regularly to find out that it's being discontinued - which is exactly what's happened to me with the Seventeen BB Magic Blemish Balm. This is one of those products that really enhances my skin with a dewy, radiant glow, and I'm complimented on my complexion whenever I wear it. Not only is this BB cream incredibly blendable and is lightweight on the skin, whilst also having a considerable amount of coverage. The healthy, glowing look it provides is truly beautiful, and I've already purchased a new tube of this to hopefully last me for a while.

Another Seventeen product that I've really fallen in love with is the Easy on the Eyes palette in Birthday Suit, which is the palette that I constantly reach for. I love how there is a variety of finishes and formulas available, including cream eyeshadows, mattes, shimmers and even an eye primer, making this a very versatile palette that has everything you could want in it. All of the colours are wearable, being neutral pink-toned shades that are especially complimentary for blue and green eyes.

The Long Lash Mascara is another favourite of mine from Seventeen and one that I'll be sad to see go. The extremely slim wand is ideal for someone like me with quite small eyes, as you can really get in close and coat every single lash, and it provides a lengthening look that opens the eyes up and creates a lovely look.

Not only has Seventeen provided some amazing products that I'll miss, but they've also been responsible for some wonderful experiences and opportunities. My first ever blogger event in the summer of 2016 was hosted by them, and I had a fantastic time experimenting with their new releases, meeting other bloggers and listening to really helpful talks on the subject of blogging. This was also my first time being in London, making it the perfect trip away that wouldn't have been possible without Seventeen. If you'd like to read more about this blog post then you can find it here.

Achieving Bronzed, Glowing Makeup This Summer with Seventeen Cosmetics

Fast forward to summer of 2017 and Seventeen provided me with another great opportunity, which was being involved with their blogger relay series, where I shared my tips on achieving bronzed, sunkissed summer makeup. I had so much fun putting together this post, from thinking of the tips to taking the photos, and it really is one that I'll look back on fondly. I'm so grateful for Seventeen for making it possible by sending out all of the products and giving me the opportunity to be involved, and if you'd like then you can read it here.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I really am gutted that Seventeen is coming to an end - but I'm so appreciative for all of the amazing products and memories that they've brought! I'd love to know what your favourite Seventeen products are, so make sure you let me know down in the comments!

Love from Daisy x

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  1. This is so sad! They're one of my fave brands, I love their contour and brow kits. Will have to stock up xx