My Guide To Affordable Berry Lipsticks This Autumn

Sunday, October 15, 2017

My Guide To Affordable Berry Lipsticks This Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to branch out with lipsticks and wear some darker, bolder alternatives than what you'd usually go for. I definitely don't do this enough and often just opt for a pale pink gloss that is much more in my comfort zone, but there's nothing better than rocking a berry lip, and it's perfect for this season. In this blog post, I've compiled a list of my favourite drugstore berry lipsticks that are all incredibly affordable, so I hope you enjoy it!

Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks | The Classic Matte Berry Lipsticks

My Guide To Affordable Berry Lipsticks This Autumn Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks

If you're looking for a berry lipstick this autumn then I'd highly recommend making this collection your first port of call. Not only have Rimmel provided a selection of different bold options for you to rock in the colder months, but with a semi-matte finish and extremely long-wearing formula, these are a perfect starting point for anyone on the hunt for the perfect autumnal lip product.

500 - Take The Stage
Everyone needs a classic, pillarbox red in their makeup collection, and although it's a year-round essential you'll definitely find yourself reaching for this more often during autumn and winter. Bold yet still wearable, this lipstick is great for making a statement and is the staple red lipstick you need in your collection.

750 - Look Who's Talking
Chocolate brown lipsticks definitely did the rounds in everyone's makeup bags last year, but that doesn't mean you can't bring them back this autumn. Being more on the nude side makes this bold option perfect for a neutral yet classy look, and will also look gorgeous on darker skin tones. 

810 - The Matte Factor
This crimson-toned red is almost verging on a berry shade, giving it a more classy and stylish vibe that looks nice with any outfit. Not only do the slight maroon undertones make it perfect for the autumnal months, but it's extremely flattering and the ideal day-to-night lipstick for your collection.

Rimmel Provocalips 16 Hour Kissproof Lip Colour | The Liquid Lipstick Lovers

My Guide To Affordable Berry Lipsticks This Autumn Rimmel Provocalips Liquid Lipstick

One of the burdens of wearing a bold lipstick can be the upkeep, as they require constant touching-up and checking to ensure that they stay in place without smudging or becoming patchy. Whether this is something you struggle with or find yourself being busy and on-the-go all day, then a liquid lipstick will definitely be up your street, and Rimmel has definitely got you covered.

410 - Not Guilty
This deep, crimson red is a gorgeous shade for the autumn and winter months, and although applying a red lip can often be risky and fearful of smudging, you don't need to worry about this one as it literally doesn't budge. A shade like this is definitely an essential in your makeup bag that you won't regret purchasing.

420 - Berry Seductive
Despite this shade being quite similar to the former, its more prominent berry undertones makes it perfect for this time of year. I love how festive this looks when applied, as well as enhancing the whiteness of your teeth, and like the other one, it really doesn't move once applied.

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks | If You're Not Afraid To Be Bold

My Guide To Affordable Berry Lipsticks This Autumn Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks

Seventeen are really taking 'bold' to the extreme with this lipstick line, offering some of the most vibrant and eye-catching shades that I've seen on the market in the drugstore. If you want to stand out and let your lipstick be seen, then these striking lipsticks are definitely for you and will liven up any makeup look, adding a bold twist that you can easily pull off this autumn.

Roses are Red
Everyone needs a bold red lipstick, and the slight orange undertones to this one both make it a unique shade and perfect for autumn. The intense pigmentation is definitely admirable, and for me this product is ideal for the lead-up to Christmas as a festive choice, or just to mix things up from wearing true red lipsticks all the time.

Violet Summer
If you're feeling experimental then a purple lipstick may be something you're willing to try, although it's definitely out of my comfort zone. This vibrant violet epitomises eye-catching and is actually more wearable than you'd expect from a shade like this. Although I know that this may be too extreme for many people, autumn's the best time to experiment with a lipstick like this.

Back to the Fucshia
This deep, cerise-shade isn't what you'd normally go for with an autumnal lipstick, but its bold appearance and slight berry undertones mean it definitely deserves a place on this list. You can definitely build this to be a bolder shade, and out of the entire list it's probably the one that is the most versatile, taking you through the seasons.

My Guide To Affordable Berry Lipsticks This Autumn

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons | For The Glossy Lip Lovers
I'll admit, a bold lip isn't best suited to everyone, especially if matte lipsticks aren't really your thing. However, don't let that stop you as there are some great ones on the market that provide a high-shine finish. These gloss crayons from Soap and Glory are much more sheer and wearable than matte alternatives, so they're a great place to start if you're intimidated by bold lipsticks.

I've had this product for quite some time and I always come back to it, making it quite possibly my favourite berry lip that I own. It's extremely wearable and can be built from a subtle wash of colour to a much more intense plum shade, which is very flattering and ideal for autumn. If you're unsure whether you can pull off a bold lip option, this is definitely a good starting point.

MUA Matte Lipsticks | Cheap Alternative For Bold Lip Newbies
If I mentioned a brand that sold great quality lipsticks for only £1 then you'd probably think I was joking, right? Well, MUA has a few tricks up their sleeves, and after trying out their matte lipsticks for years I can assure you that they really are a bargain. If you're new to wearing a bold lip and want to test out a few possible shades to see what best suits your colouring, an incredibly affordable brand like this is the perfect place to start.

Shade 13
Although MUA has tons of shades on offer, this classic red is definitely my favourite. Although it makes a frequent appearance whenever I have a show or dance competition, it's also ideal for keeping in your makeup bag during the colder months. You really can't go wrong with a classic red lip, and for only £1 I'd highly recommend trying out this one.

Primark PS Beauty | The Semi-Nude Option
Just because Primark isn't a drugstore makeup brand doesn't mean they should be underestimated, as they do some amazing makeup products that are extremely affordable, especially in the lip department. Although they offer a wide range for you to try, my favourites have actually been those that are more on the neutral side, whilst still being perfect for autumn.

Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Mushroom
This nude lip crayon has slight mauve undertones, and although I wouldn't class it as a bold lipstick as such, it is definitely a fairly statement option that I love wearing. Its cool-toned appearance makes it really stand out whilst still being a neutral option, and the affordability of Primark's makeup means you really can't turn down a product like this.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what my top picks are for autumnal berry lips in the drugstore, and I'd love to know what your recommendations are if you'd like to leave them down in the comments. Thank you very much for reading this blog post and I'll see you next Sunday with a new one!

Love from Daisy x

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