Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara and Eyeliners Giveaway and Review

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rimmel has recently relaunched one of their most popular mascaras, with the new Scandaleyes Reloaded range being highly anticipated by beauty enthusiasts and bloggers alike. I was lucky enough to be sent this amazing collection - consisting of two mascaras and two eyeliners - and so I couldn't wait to share them on my blog. This post will contain a run-down of the entire collection, including what the products claim to do, my opinions and any other information about them that is worth noting.

But first, I've got an exciting giveaway for you to enter. If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning this collection - consisting of two brand new eyeliners and mascaras, then you can simply enter by using the widget below. To enter, you will need to follow my blog on Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin. Once all of these have been carried out, you will unlock further entries, such as tweeting about the giveaway and commenting on a blog post, so there are plenty of ways you can enter and be in with a chance of winning.

This giveaway is only available to UK residents and will be open for 2 weeks, so make sure you enter while you've still got the chance! The winner will be contacted via direct message on Twitter, and if no response is gained after a week and multiple attempts of contacting them, then a new winner will be selected. Good luck to everyone who is entering!

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Now that you've had the chance to enter the giveaway, keep reading to hear my opinions on these products in the form of a review...


Although I haven't tried the original Scandaleyes Mascara, I've gathered from the press release that the main difference between these two mascaras is the brush. In the Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascaras, there are hollow, flexible fibres that allow your eyelashes to access the formula at the very core of the brush. The shape has been redesigned to make it smaller and tapered, allowing for more intricate application and ease in reaching each individual lash, which is particularly useful if you have small eyes.


Rimmel claims that this mascara features an innovative formula that allows lashes to look 11 times more voluminous in comparison to regular lashes, whilst still being lengthening and clump-free. Each lash is supposedly plumped, stretched and separated to give an eye-opening yet defined effect. This mascara also boasts its sweat-proof, smudge-proof and humidity-proof formula, meaning it shouldn't budge throughout the day - except for when warm water is used for an ultra-easy removal. This product definitely has some extravagant claims, and so I was really excited to test it out and see if it lived up to them.


This mascara comes in two shades: Black and Extreme Black, both of which have different packaging. The former's appearance is definitely bold, to say the least. It's vibrant orange casing makes a huge statement, feeling modern and funky, immediately enticing you to try it. The Extreme Black shade comes in sleek, black packaging that makes it easily recognisable and almost mirrors its counterpart. The tube itself is fairly large, being maybe slightly bulky but having a really eye-catching appearance.

The brush is large and tapered, with its original bristles and classic shape really appealing to me. There are no gimmicks in the form of a curved wand or oddly shaped brush, meaning it looks just like you'd expect from an average mascara. The tapering of the tip is a redesigned feature that allows you to easily reach all of your eyelashes and supposedly fits the shape of your eyes better than the original brush.


Something that really impressed me is how the clumpiness of the mascara is minimal, and even after applying numerous coats my lashes will still look fairly defined. I personally like this, as I'm not a huge fan of the clumpy lash look, and it also means you can layer this mascara to your heart's content for some added drama.

I definitely feel as though this mascara isn't as voluminous as it claims to be, although it's still a product that I've loved using. After applying a single coat, my lashes were incredibly defined and looked longer, but there wasn't a huge difference in the ways of volume. I do find that it can be built up for a more dramatic look with a few more coats, but it didn't quite deliver the wow factor that I was expecting. 

I feel as though this product is very dependent on how your original lashes are, as I've heard from people who don't have the best lashes that it isn't the best choice for them, whereas other bloggers who already have nice lashes swear by this product. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you're considering this product, but I personally really like how it looks and have used it non-stop over the past few weeks.


My favourite element of this mascara is that it truly stays in place throughout the day, and I find that it's entirely intact when I come to remove it of an evening. There's minimal smudging or transfer, even after exercising and rubbing my eyes, and so this mascara definitely achieves a five-star rating in this department.

Removing this mascara is also easy, and I find that a tiny bit of cleanser is all it takes to remove any traces of the product from your lashes. You don't need to tug or rub at your eyes to remove it, as the mascara quickly lifts off your lashes during removal. It's honestly crazy how a product can last so well throughout the day, but when you come to cleanse it removes with ease.


With the launch of these mascaras also came two new eyeliners, which I was quite excited for as I'm always on the hunt for a good quality yet affordable liquid liner. There are two different tip styles: The Precision Micro which provides an ultra-thin tip for incredible accuracy; and the Thick and Thin which has a slanted edge enabling you to draw both think and thicker lines, depending on how you hold it. They are supposed to be extremely black and stay put for up to 24 hours, lasting through heat, water, sweat and tears. I have yet to fully try out these products, yet from swatching them on my hand and using them a couple of times it's clear that they don't budge after drying, staying crisp and fresh-looking opposed to flaking away. I definitely feel as though these products have potential, especially for people who aren't liquid liner experts, and so I'm looking forward to experimenting with these more in the future.


I have to say that I'm a huge fan of these products, especially the mascara which I've been using everyday since being sent this product. I definitely hope that whoever wins the giveaway will also love these products and I can't wait to hear what you think of them.

Thank you very much for reading this post and for all of the support, as without it things like giveaways wouldn't be possible. Remember to enter the giveaway within the next two weeks to be in with a chance of winning! I'll see you next Sunday with a new post, so goodbye for now!

Love from Daisy x


  1. Both these mascaras and eyeliners sound amazing! I'd love to win them all! Great post. x


    1. They truly are, I've been in love with them lately! Thanks for entering and good luck! x

  2. I think i should win these as my favourite brand is Rimmel London! Great post


  3. I really want these product I've heard so many good things about them, sucks that I can't enter because I don't have twitter!!