Burberry Kisses Lipstick Review

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Today, I will be bringing you a review of Burberry's newest lipstick, entitled Burberry Kisses. (*) I was lucky enough to be sent this by their company and was thrilled, as it's such a luxurious, high-end brand that I never thought I'd have the chance to try. I fell in love with this lipstick when I first saw it and even more so after application, so I knew I had to review it for my readers.

The Burberry Kisses range is a new line from Burberry's makeup collection that is marketed as a hydrating lip colour, with a weightless formula and the ability to create multiple looks with just one shade. This is definitely an interesting claim and sounds almost like a modern take on an ordinary lipstick, so I was eager to see if it lived up to this. There are 28 shades to choose from, ranging from nudes to brights and everything in between, so there'll definitely be something suited to you.

The packaging of this lipstick is honestly beautiful and has an air of sophistication about it. Sometimes with sample sized products, the result is cheap and flimsy packaging that isn't anything like the actual product, but I was pleased to see that the Burberry Kisses sample is an exact replica, aside from the size. The sturdy gunmetal casing has the signature check pattern engraved in it, which looks both gorgeous and classy. The only negative to this is that it easily gets fingerprints on it. Accompanying this design is the repetition of the check pattern, but this time on the lipstick bullet, which is honestly stunning. I love how much detail Burberry have gone into to create an aesthetically pleasing product, proving why it is such a costly product. It is such a beautiful lipstick, that can be minimal and not your average-looking expensive lipstick, yet it is still glamorous and elegant.
I own this lipstick in the shade Sepia, which is traditionally a reddish brown colour, so I expected this to be quite a nude, your lips but better shade. However, I was surprised to see that it was much more rose-toned than I thought, almost verging on a berry colour (although the photo makes it look considerably lighter). Although it's not what I was expecting, I've discovered that it's a shade that is on-trend right now. I found that applying the lipstick harshly doesn't suit my colouring and complexion and is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I'm sure that a sheer wash of it will look lovely.

This lipstick, enriched with Burberry's signature blend of tea, lavender and rosehip, has a semi-matte finish, yet it is really hydrating and smooth on the lips, which I certainly wasn't expecting. It definitely lives up to its claim of being weightless, as it is not at all drying or heavy once applied. It isn't too clingy on dry patches, but I would recommend exfoliating your lips beforehand to achieve the best look. This lipstick has a blend of satin finished pigments and shiny polymers, providing a luminosity to the lipstick and forming a lightweight, gel-like formula that causes the lipstick to be extremely smooth and comfortable. It glides on really easily and evenly, giving a sheer wash of colour, but this can definitely be built up to give an intense, vibrant shade on the lips.

This lipstick is incredibly long lasting and stayed on my lips for quite some time, without the bold colour or silky texture disappearing. It wears down evenly, not becoming streaky or patchy, and doesn't dry out on my lips like some semi-matte lipsticks do. The colour doesn't bleed or transfer at all and the claim of supplying six hours of continuous hydration is definitely true.

Overall, I am really pleased with this lipstick and it's a lovely addition to my makeup collection. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of it and, although the colour wasn't best suited to me, I still appreciate how beautiful and versatile it can be. At £25, this lipstick is on the more expensive side but it is definitely worth it considering that this is a high-end product. If you've been looking to treat yourself to an elegant bullet of intense colour, but want to create a near flawless lip look that isn't heavy or drying, then this is definitely the product for you.

I hope you like this post and thank you very much for reading. I want to thank Burberry again for sending me this product, as I'm really pleased with it. I'd love to know what you think, so leave a comment telling me if you've tried one of the Burberry Kisses lipsticks or, if not, what you thought of this review. I'll see you all on Wednesday with a new post!

Love from Daisy x

This product was sent to me by Burberry to review, but all opinions and thoughts are completely my own.


                1. Ahhh I really want a Burberry lipstick! The packaging is amazing. Great post lovely xx


                  1. It's honestly lovely, I'd consider saving up for one if I was you! And thank you very much! xx