Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer and Blusher Review

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Today, I thought I'd bring you another product review, this time of the Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer and Blusher. I've been using this regularly for a couple of months now and have completely fallen in love with it, which you might have seen from a few of my other blog posts. I thought it was about time to produce a full review of this product, so I hope you like it.

This item is one of my favourites at the moment, and I've been using almost every day, particularly the bronzer. It is a two-in-one product that claims to give a natural looking tan accompanied by a pop of fresh blusher. It comes in two different shades, with Golden Tropics being the lighter of the two that is perfect for anyone with paler skin like myself.

This product comes in plastic packaging, which I find can be quite sturdy and protects it from being damaged. The writing one the lid is in a bright bronze, but I find that this starts to scratch away after a while. The actual makeup item itself is compact and saves a lot of space, opposed to a blush and bronzer palette, which makes it handy for travelling and carrying in your makeup bag. However, this could be improved by adding a mirror to the lid, making on-the-go touchups a lot easier. The only negative is that, when I tip the product upside down, the pan falls out of the container, so I have to be incredibly careful that it doesn't accidentally break.

The bronzer creates a gorgeous yet natural look and is a perfect match for my skin tone, which is why I'm in love with it and use it all the time. It is a golden toned brown that is matte but has a slight sheen to it. I like this as it doesn't look too shimmery or unnatural on the skin and allows you to create a more subtle look if you want to. It isn't extremely pigmented, but can be built up to reach the desired colour. I like this as you can't go overboard with the colour but are still able to create a natural tan that isn't dark or muddy looking on the skin. For this reason, I'd recommend this if you're new to using bronzer or just want to try another one.

This blusher is a beautiful bright pink with slight peachy tones to it that is a great addition to this product. Like the bronzer, it is quite pigmented and can be built up, but is still blendable. It's matte, which I like as I find that this looks much more natural and realistic on this skin. The colour is brightening and flattering, as it's similar to my natural flush. My only fault is that I'd like there to be a bit more of the blusher included.

Overall, I love both the blusher and the bronzer and think that they have a lot of potential, which is why I've been consistently reaching for this item over the past few months. The combination of the bronzer and blusher is gorgeous, and they work well together, creating a fresh, glowing look that is perfect for the summer months. I'd highly recommend this product, costing £6.94 from the drugstore, as it's a great item that is definitely worth buying.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you liked hearing about one of my new favourite products. I'd love to write more reviews in the future, so make sure you let me know if there are any particular items you'd like to see featured on my blog. That's all from me, so I'll see you on Wednesday with a new post.

Love from Daisy x

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