Makeup Items on a Budget

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Whether you don't have a lot of money to spend on makeup or you're simply looking for something more affordable, the drugstore has a variety of brands and products to choose from. These are just a few of my favourites that are cheap yet very good quality and worth buying.

Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection
This product is talked about non-stop in the beauty community, but it's all for good reasons. This concealer, which can be used on blemishes or under the eyes, is insanely pigmented and works really well. It blends really well and leaves a natural finish, free from imperfections. Although the colour selection isn't the best, everything else about this product is ideal, including the price at only £4.19.

Undressed Palette by MUA
It's well known in the beauty world that this palette is an obvious dupe for the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Although it probably isn't as pigmented and the colours don't match up entirely, this is a bargain for only £4. All of the eyeshadows are wearable and last for quite a while, not to mention all of the colours being lovely. If you're looking to buy a Naked palette but aren't sure about the price, I'd definitely try out this first.

Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline
I happen to talk about this product a lot, as it is one of my favourites. An added bonus is that it is only £4.99. When I wear this, I find that it lasts all day, not smudging or running like other mascaras would. It is really black and makes your eyelashes look a lot darker, as well as longer and more voluminous. This is a really nice product that I feel like anyone will benefit from.

Cream Blush by Bourjois
This is slightly on the more expensive side, at £8, but it's still considerably cheaper than a lot of other makeup items and is really good quality. This cream blusher can easily be applied and blended out to give a natural look, or it can be built up for a bolder colour. It's light on the skin and leaves you looking blushed all day. This product also lasts for a really long time, so it's definitely worth it.

Lipsticks by MUA
I'm returning to MUA for another budget product, but that's because they're honestly amazing for their price. All of their lipsticks only cost £1, which is insane. There is a wide variety of colours to choose from, each one being really pretty. The lipsticks themselves are really matte, which I know a lot of peple like. They are insanely pigmented and I find that they last a long time. For such little money, these are something that shouldn't be forgotten about!

These are just a few of the many products found in the drugstore that are great value for money. There's bound to be many other products which are just as good, so why not let me know what they are down in the comments? Thanks for reading and I'll see you this weekend for another blog post.

Love from Daisy x

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