How to Start a Blog

Sunday, December 14, 2014

When I first made Daisies and Delights, there wasn't a tutorial or guide to help you make a blog and how to get the most out of it. There are many other people want to start a blog but have no idea where to begin. Because of this, I thought I'd make this blog post to help you if you're making a blog. I hope this guide is useful for you!

1. Decide what to blog about
You should already have a particular topic in mind that you're blog will be about. If not, think about your hobbies and what you'd like to read about. Once you've thought of this, try and find a certain area of this to focus on, preferable something that is unique or not many people write about. For example, you could have a beauty blog that focuses solely on reviews, but a lot of other people do that. If you can find a specific area that isn't overdone, go for it!

2. Write some posts
The most important thing about a blog is the content. No matter how efficient and eye-catching the design is, it's what you write that will make an impact. Don't worry about not being as experienced as other bloggers, as this will improve with time. Make sure you proofread all of your posts before uploading them and fix any spelling and grammatical errors.

3. Use social media
If you want to share your blog with others and gain popularity, the best way to do so is through social media. Bloglovin is a great website for doing just this and it enables people to easily follow and keep track of your blog. Twitter is also great for sharing posts, as there are lots of blogging communities within this platform.

4. Edit the design
The first thing a reader will see when visiting your blog is your header, layout and other design features. To gain inspiration for these, look at other blogs to see what works well. All design elements can be created on Photoshop, but if you're not willing to purchasing it, Gimp and Canva are free alternatives. Remember to make your header stand out and it should be relevant to your content.

5. Interact with other bloggers
The best way to get feedback on a particular post or your blog in general is to interact with other bloggers. Reply to any comments you get and make sure you check out their blog, as it's polite to do so. Same goes with your readers, they're more likely to keep visiting your blog if you're kind to them. If you need any help or advice, most bloggers will assist you through emails or social media.

6. Everything takes time
When starting a blog, it may be annoying how your posts only get a handful of views and it isn't that popular. Don't stress, I'm sure this audience will grow with time if you're patient. All bloggers who are popular will have started from where you are now, so it's never too late to gain a huge audience and become successful.

If you have read this and are about to create a blog, I wish you the best of luck. If you ever need any more advice or help when starting out, feel free to ask me and I'll be more than happy to contribute.

Love from Daisy x


  1. Great tips! I just stumbled upon your blog and you are beautiful and such a great blogger, keep it up :)

    1. Wow, thank you very much! It means a lot for you to say and I love your blog as well xx

  2. Great tips! Ive just recently started my blog again and these tips will help, thank you :)

    1. Thank you very much! I've just looked at your blog and I really like it! :) x

  3. I just found your blog and have been reading through your posts and I've got to say I love it! I'll follow you on Twitter and you blog now xx