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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

My last blog post that consisted of makeup tips was really popular and lots of people commented on how it was unique and creative. Since it went down so well and I have a lot more to share with you, I thought I'd do another post with even more tips! I hope you like it and on with the post.

DIY brush cleaner:

Many brands sell brush cleaners, but they are often quite expensive. You can easily save money by making your own out of household ingredients. Take a bowl and fill it with equal parts of olive oil and dishwasher soap. Mix them together and it's perfect for cleaning your brushes, leaving them smooth and free from dirt. Another option is to put water and shampoo into a bowl and do the same. These both work really well and are as effective as a purchased brush cleaner.

Save money on things you can easily DIY. Like pricey brush cleaner.

Mascara wand:

When you buy an expensive mascara, it's usually the wand that you're paying extra for, as it helps to create those long, voluminous lashes that you love. If you like the design of the brush and how it makes your lashes look, you can just reuse it in cheaper mascaras. Just rinse the brush in warm water and it'll be ready to use with any mascara you want, thus you won't have to spend money on expensive mascaras again!

Reuse old brushes from more expensive brands in new bottles of cheaper mascara.

Brush instead of sponge:

If you have a foundation that is quickly running out, or one that you want to savour for as long as possible, stop using a sponge to apply your makeup. Sponges absorb all of your foundation, so it'll soon run out. Using brushes are a lot better as they don't pick up as much makeup and what they do pick up doesn't cling to it. If you can't resist using a sponge, try applying the foundation or concealer with a brush and then just blending it out with a sponge.

Twist, don't pump:

When you pump your mascara wand, it traps air inside the tube and makes it dry out faster. If you want your mascara to last longer then twist the brush. This technique will get rid of clumps equally as well, but doesn't cause your mascara to become dry and clumpy.

Miniature products:

Some brands, Benefit in particular, sell miniature versions of their products for a cheaper price. Doing the math is definitely worth it here, as often it works out cheaper to buy them than the full size, despite thinking that it'd be more expensive. So before you buy a smaller version of a product, check to see if it's cheaper or not.

I hope you liked all of these makeup tips! As I said at the start of this post, I have plenty of them stored away in my mind, so if you really enjoy this post then let me know for another one. You can either write a comment below or message me on Twitter, which is linked in the sidebar. Have a nice day!

Love from Daisy x

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