Testing Purple Eyeshadows with the Primark Violet Mist Eyeshadow Palette

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I don't wear eyeshadow on a regular basis, but when I do I tend to keep it fairly simplistic. My usual choice is something neutral, and my eyeshadow collection is filled with a series of champagne and warm-toned brown shades. However, I've recently been really eager to change this and play around with some different colours and combinations, although probably more for a nighttime rather than an everyday look. I was in Primark with my mum a few weeks ago, on the hunt for some cool-toned eyeshadows, and we both fell in love with the Violet Mist palette. Purple eyeshadow is something that I could never see myself wearing, but I thought I'd give it a go nonetheless and I'm actually surprised by this palette, so I thought I'd give you all of my thoughts in this review!

A P P E A R A N C E   A N D   P A C K A G I N G

For a £4 palette, you can't expect luxurious or extravagant packaging. The simplistic, black cardboard isn't the most exciting but it definitely does the job of housing the powders, and the purple cursive font adds some interest. Although black palettes do tend to look quite chic and modern, the downside of this one is that it gets dirty incredibly easily - in fact, mine was covered in eyeshadow before I even left the store!

If you're looking for an on-the-go palette, then this definitely may be one to consider, as it's perhaps the most lightweight and slim palette that I've come across, and you won't be as worried tossing it in your handbag compared to a more expensive one. However, the only downside to this palette is that there's no mirror, which is essential for me since I prefer to do my makeup from my bed.

S H A D E   R A N G E

Although it's a purple-themed eyeshadow palette, don't think that's all you get. The start of the palette actually provides you with some more neutral, everyday shades, before branching out into the purple glory. Containing 5 matte shades, 4 shimmers and 3 baked eyeshadows, it's got everything that you could wish for, including a variety of warm and cool toned ones for you to opt for.

I thought I'd give you a rundown of each individual shade so that you can see exactly what you get in the Violet Mist palette:

Flawless - a matte cream colour that is perfect as an eyeshadow base
Secrecy - a matte ashy brown that is ideal for those of you who'd like to keep the look more neutral. It's a great everyday crease colour and would also make a nice eyebrow shade
Mellow Musk - a subtle peachy pink with a slight shimmer running through it. This would make a gorgeous transition shade for an everyday look, warming up the crease
Honeymoon - a pink-toned golden baked shimmer shade, which is definitely my usual type of lid colour. It's really wearable, whether you pair it with the purple eyeshadows or not
Hazy Lilac - a matte pastel lilac, which isn't the most pigmented so you really have to build it up, but it's a pretty and eye-catching colour
Twilight - a muted mauvey brown with purple shimmer running through it, being another one perfect for deepening up the crease
Mystic Falls - an intense baked pinky lilac shade, which is a gorgeous statement lid colour
Violet Moon - an intense matte dark purple. These are normally one of the hardest shades to formulate yet it's very striking on the eye, although it does need some building up
Black Plum - a frosted cool toned eyeshadow with lilac and blue specks, which is intense and gorgeous for a deeper, bolder look
Midnight Kiss - a black base with lilac and blue shimmer running through it, reminding me a bit of Blackheart from the Naked 3 palette, being perfect for a smokey eye or nighttime look
Dark Mystery - a dark purple-toned grey, which is great for transitioning this into a nighttime look, adding some drama or creating a smokey eye
Galactic Sky - a medium-toned ashy grey shadow, perfect for deepening up the look, but since it's matte would also work well as a liner or eyebrow shade

From left to right - Flawless, Secrecy, Mellow Musk, Honeymoon, Hazy Lilac, Twilight, Mystic Falls, Violet Moon, Black Plum, Midnight Kiss, Dark Mystery and Galactic Sky

A P P L I C A T I O N,   F O R M U L A   A N D   A P P E A R A N C E   O N   T H E   E Y E

A lot of cheap eyeshadow palettes have intense shimmer shades but matte shades that barely show up, but the Violet Mist Eyeshadow Palette is definitely a surprise. Some of the paler shades, particularly the matte cream and lilac, do need some building up on the eye, but the other shades are all a lot more promising with pigmentation (although there's still plenty of room to build them up). I've found that the baked shades apply much better with your finger or wet for a more frosted finish, as otherwise the intensity and full shimmer can be lost.

One thing I'd look out for when applying these eyeshadows is that there's quite a bit of fallout, and the glitter particles tend to transfer as well, but I often combat this by building up the eyeshadows slowly rather than packing it on all in one go, as well as doing my foundation afterwards.

When they're on the eye, these eyeshadows honestly look stunning. They definitely don't have to be as bold or intense as you initially think, and you can actually create some gorgeous everyday looks with this palette as well. I also find that my blue/green eyes really pop with these type of colours, and the shimmers look particularly gorgeous on the eye once you've built them up.

L A S T I N G   P O W E R

As with quite a lot of eyeshadow palettes, they do start to slowly fade after hours of wear, although this is gradual and subtle. I've found that the shimmer shades do tend to lose their base colour after many hours and you're just left with the shimmer, but this may just be due to my extremely oily eyelids that eat up any eyeshadows.

Overall, this is a gorgeous eyeshadow palette that I loved testing out, and I'll definitely be reaching for it again in the future. For only £4, I'd highly recommend giving it a try, and if you do I'd love to know your thoughts down in the comments. I'll be back again on Thursday with a new blog post, so I'll see you then and thanks again for reading this post!

Love from Daisy x

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