DIY Christmas Treats Tray - Your Holiday Treat Essentials

Sunday, December 10, 2017

It's no secret that Christmas is my favourite time of year, and I honestly love the festive atmosphere and decorations that come with it. It's definitely a time for relaxation and indulgence, having cosy evenings with lots of sweet treats, although this has been difficult for me lately as I've been preparing for my Cambridge interview (which is actually tomorrow as you're reading this!). This DIY treats tray is exactly what I've needed, providing the perfect pick-me-up after a long day of college and interview preparation, and it's also a really cute and festive display. If you'd like to know what I've put on this tray and all of my holiday treat essentials - keep reading!

The tray that I've used is this white wooden tray from Poundland, which is incredibly affordable and I love the rustic, shabby-chic vibe that it creates, as it matches the rest of my bedroom perfectly. I added some white wooden wallpaper to the base just to make it look a bit more attractive, but this isn't necessary and I think that any box or tray that you find will work well, as the main attraction is what's inside it.

It wouldn't be a treats tray without a selection of my favourite festive sweets, so I've included lots of candy canes, jelly beans and Kinder Santa chocolates. These are all perfect for snacking during movie nights or cosy days in, and I also love how bright and eye-catching they are, making the tray really stand out. You can include whatever sweets you like, as long as they're festive, but these are just some of my favourites!

Wintry days mean that a hot drink is an absolute essential, and although I usually opt for a peppermint tea, Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself to a hot chocolate. Complete with a seasonal mug and some candy canes for a hint of peppermint, this really is an indulgent and delicious drink that is ideal for feeling cosy in the evenings.

I simply can't get enough of candles in the winter months, and since I get a tealight every day in my advent calendar, this is the perfect opportunity to burn them. I love this snowflake tealight holder and it's perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere and adding some warmth to your winter evening. Lighting a candle honestly makes a huge difference in creating a snug and comfortable setting, so I'd highly urge you to add this to your tray.

I filled the rest of my Christmas treats tray with decorations to tie everything together. The cute little gingerbread decorations add to the confectionery theme and really enhance the festive feeling of the tray. I also added the reindeer ornament and some bells for an added sprinkle of Christmas cheer, and altogether I think it works nicely in being a very festive and adorable tray.

You may also consider adding some of your evening essentials to your tray if you want to make it more of a pamper selection, so why not add some fluffy socks, a bath bomb and perhaps some Christmas films for you to watch? Alternatively, if you're thinking of making this tray for someone else then a card of a few small wrapped presents would be a lovely addition.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about how I made this adorable Christmas treats tray, and if you do anything similar then I'd love to see them on social media! Thank you very much for reading, and I'm sorry if this post is a bit shorter than usual but I've been incredibly busy preparing for my Cambridge interview and so I've had less time for blogging, but I'll see you next week with another new blog post!

Love from Daisy x

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