Visiting London and the Seventeen Bloggers Network Event

Sunday, August 21, 2016

On Thursday 18th August, I attended my first ever blogger event in London. As soon as I received an invite to the Seventeen Bloggers Network Event, I knew that it would be an unforgettable experience and really worth going to. Being invited to an event isn’t an everyday thing, and since London isn’t close to where I live, both time and school constraints have stopped me from attending other blogging occasions in the past. Since it was the summer holidays and Seventeen is a makeup brand that I really like, my mum and I decided that it would be beneficial to attend, and so decided to plan a mini-break away to London around it. I had the most amazing time seeing the city and really wanted to share it with you, from sightseeing to shopping and of course my experiences with Seventeen.


We decided to head down to London on Tuesday evening, and travelling through the night really added an element of excitement to the trip and made us even more eager to get there. We arrived in the city at around 8:30am, meaning we had the entire day ahead of us to explore and enjoy our time away. Despite being extremely tired after only a couple of hours of sleep, we didn’t want to waste our time in London and so jumped straight into sightseeing. We made the smart decision of hopping on an open-top tour bus, as the city is extremely large and this proved to be the quickest and easiest way to see all of the major sights, which we couldn’t have done just by walking. We had the opportunity to get off and take photos if we wished, but it was also nice at times to relax and absorb all of the surroundings from the comfort of the bus. Below you can see some of the places that we visited whilst sightseeing.

Buckingham Palace was our first stop and I feel as though it was a great way to start off the trip. It honestly felt surreal to be stood outside the Queen's home but it was an absolutely beautiful location.

I definitely had to stop and get a photo outside Downing Street, which is where the Prime Minister lives and also contains the headquarters of Her Majesty's Government.

Elizabeth Tower, or Big Ben as it's more commonly known, is one of the most notable tourist attractions and is famous around the world, so even just walking past it felt insane and surreal.

We also visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design. There were many different exhibits here, all of which were beautiful and definitely worth seeing.

Below you can see some of the other sights we saw, including St Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, as well as some beautiful photos that I took of some buildings in London.


The event on Thursday didn't start until the late afternoon, and so we decided to spend the day shopping and browsing the streets of London. We ventured to Oxford Street, which was incredibly busy but it was a must on our list of places to visit. We browsed in quite a few shops and there was also an inevitable Primark haul. I also bought a lovely shirt from H&M, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite shops, as well as a few makeup bits and pieces.

You can see everything that I hauled in the image below, and if you'd like me to talk about any of the clothes or products in more detail, just let me know.

Seventeen Event

I arrived at the Red Consultancy, the venue for the #SEVENTEENBloggerNetwork event, and was honestly very nervous. However, my mind was soon put to ease as I was welcomed by some lovely bloggers and shown into the gorgeous venue. All of the makeup was displayed in a beautiful way, complete with some Hollywood-esque mirrors that added a classy yet fun feel. We were free to pick up and try all of the products, and I definitely discovered some beautiful items that immediately made it onto my wishlist.  

The first talk that I attended was by Katie Snooks, as she shared her experience with blogging and included her top tips. All of these were super helpful and I’ll definitely be putting them into use here on Daisies and Delights. I’ve read Katie’s blog countless times and really admire her content, so seeing her in person was a great opportunity and definitely didn’t disappoint! She was really down to earth and seemed like just a normal girl fulfilling her dream of blogging full-time. I also had a little chat with her after the talk, and I can honestly say that she was one of the sweetest and most helpful people ever.

The next talk was by a Google and YouTube professional, Rollo Goldstaub. Although I don’t make videos myself, a lot of his advice was relevant for blogging also and I was blown away by his immense amount of knowledge on the entire subject. I also had a chat with him afterwards, and he provided me with some useful advice and was really funny, so I definitely think his talk was a great addition to the event.

There was also a live makeup demonstration by professional makeup artist, Vanesa Guallar. She used Seventeen products to create a 'Glamorous Goth' look perfect for this autumn, with a stunning bold lip that was from their new launch of Mega Matte Lipsticks. The look itself was easy to create and suitable for everyday wear, yet it looked lovely and I really liked how it was simple yet effective.

One of the best parts about attending the Seventeen Bloggers Network Event was meeting lots of other bloggers who all share the same interests and passions as myself. I chatted to some lovely people about makeup, blogging and just life in general, and I feel as though I’ll definitely stay in contact with all of these people. Everyone was great company and it was amazing to be surrounded by bloggers like myself, all of us testing out the makeup and having a great time.

At the end of the event, everyone also received a goody bag containing numerous Seventeen products. I definitely wasn't expecting this and it was a very generous touch from the brand, which I'm appreciative for. I actually haven't tried any of these items before, so I'm looking forward to using them in the near future. You can see all of the products I received in the image below, but if you'd like to know more about them then let me know, as I can always review them or create makeup looks using them in the future.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing what I got up to in my two-day break to London. I had an absolutely amazing time and I'm so thankful to Seventeen for inviting me to the Bloggers Network Event, as I massively appreciate it. I know I don't usually write about trips, visits or my days in general, but if you'd like more posts like this one then let me know. Also, I'll be preparing some future posts including the Seventeen products shown above, including reviews, makeup looks and more, so make sure you follow my blog to ensure that you don't miss out on those. Thanks for reading and I'll be back again next Sunday with a new post.

Love from Daisy x


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I wish I could have gone but London is so far away. :( Great blog post!

    1. I had an amazing time thank you! It would've been really nice to see you but hopefully there'll be another event in the future that's closer so you can go! Thank you very much! x

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely time going round London and your photos are lovely. The Seventeen blogger event sounds amazing too, I wish I could have gone, it would have been lovely to meet you! x


    1. Thank you very much, I had a wonderful time! The event was really good and it would've been nice to meet you too. Hopefully there'll be another event in the future that is closer to you as it was definitely an amazing experience! x