The Best of MUA Budget Makeup

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I've made it no secret on my blog that I love finding bargains and often opt for cheaper makeup that is still of a high quality. MUA is a brand that I stumbled upon a couple of years ago and I was completely astonished by the affordability of their items, with some products costing as little as £1. Since then, I've tried quite a few of their makeup items, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourites and which products I think you should try from their brand.

Eyeshadow Palettes
I own two of the MUA eyeshadow palettes, being the Undressed palette, which is an obvious dupe for the Naked Palette by Urban Decay, and the Heaven and Earth palette. The packaging isn't lavish and luxurious, but this doesn't tend to bother me as it keeps the price down. However, a mirror would be a useful addition to the packaging, as it would make the palettes more travel appropriate. There are twelve gorgeous eyeshadows inside, which are all extremely pigmented and blendable. They last fairly well both with and without a primer and there isn't much fall-out, making them great quality eyeshadows for only £4 and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone starting out with makeup.

Powder and Cream Blusher
The blushers from MUA are honestly gems and I've fallen in love with them. I own one of their matte powder blushers in the shade Lolly and one of the cream blushers in the shade Blossom, both of which are lovely products and I reach for on a regular basis. The pigmentation is amazing and a little definitely goes a long way with these, meaning they will last for a really long time. Both products look gorgeous on the skin, complimenting my complexion and adding a glowing appearance, which is what I look for in a blusher. They also last really well on the skin and are still visible even hours after application. At £1 each, it's impossible to turn these down and I'd highly recommend them.

Intense Colour Eyeliner
I stumbled upon this when I was looking for a medium-toned brown eyeliner that was budget friendly. At only £1, I thought it was worth giving MUA's version an attempt and I'm thoroughly glad I did. The pencils are quite creamy in texture and apply really well, not dragging the eyelid or feeling scratchy on the tender areas. The pigmentation, like with other MUA products, is outstanding and it is definitely bolder than anticipated. However, they are also incredibly blendable and can be sheered out for a subtler look. They last really well, look gorgeous on the eyes and are overall amazing eyeliners that I'd recommend trying.

The Undress Your Skin Highlighter has always appealed to me, as it is beautiful, photogenic and constantly raved about by bloggers. I recently caved and decided to purchase it, and I think that this was an amazing decision. It is a gorgeous pinky champagne colour that looks gorgeous dusted over the apples of your cheeks layered over blusher. This product could also be used as an eyeshadow, and I feel as though it would look very nice. It is quite shimmery, so definitely not the most subtle product, but it looks stunning on the skin and is the perfect way to complete a makeup look and add a hint of shimmer.

Matte Lipsticks
Out of all of their products, MUA are most renowned for their excellent matte lipsticks that never fail to impress me. They are the most pigmented lip products that I have ever tried and each one produces a layer of vivid colour that lingers throughout the day. There is a wide range of colour available, meaning you'll definitely find something that suits you, and each one looks lovely on the lips. Although they can be quite drying at first, due to them being extremely matte, this isn't a problem as a light layer of lip balm will resolve this issue, making these lipsticks appear to be absolutely gorgeous.

These are currently my favourite products from MUA, but I'm constantly trying new items and discovering products which I love even more, so there's a chance that I'll do an updated version in the future. Are there any MUA products that you think I'm missing out on? I'd love to know what they are down in the comments and possibly get around to trying them. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon with a new post!

Love from Daisy x


  1. I love their lipsticks, I need to give everything else a go! x

    1. I agree, they're definitely amazing products for only £1! And I'd definitely recommend everything else mentioned above, you simply can't go wrong with it! x

  2. I think this brand is not raved about enough as one of my first eyeshadow palettes were bought from MUA and the pigmentation is crazy but I must try other products

    Leanne |

    1. I definitely agree, as it's such a lovely brand that deserves more recognition. The eyeshadow palettes are lovely as you say, but I'd definitely recommend trying out some of their other products! x

  3. Love a cream blush so at them prices it means i can buy one in every colour.x

    1. That's very true, it's the beauty of extremely affordable makeup! x