Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks Review

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Soap and Glory are a brand that everyone seems to talk about and love, so I thought I'd review one of their products today. I had previously tried a lot of their body products, but these glossy lip crayons were my first venture into their makeup collection. I own them in three shades: Raplumzel, Bashful and Fuchsia-ristic, all of which are amazing, so I thought you'd enjoy hearing about them. Just a note: I'm currently on holiday, so this post has been scheduled.

I love the classy black packaging that these come in, as they look modern and more expensive than they actually are. The bright pink writing evidently stands out and I love the effect that it creates. The base is flat, which is convenient for standing the product upright and storing it. The names of the shades are on the bottom, each one being unique and unlike any other brands. You can also twist up the base to reveal more product, which is a feature that I really like.

These products feel gorgeous on the lips and are incredibly soft, almost as if they were a balm. They have an absolutely amazing aroma, despite smell not usually being a box that I'm looking to tick. They feel light and silky on the lips, not being drying or feeling heavy at all. I find that the glossiness lasts for a few hours and the colour stays after this, which is great for a drugstore product.

Raplumzel is a gorgeous berry colour that I really enjoyed wearing in the winter, but would also look nice all year round. It starts off as a sheer coat of colour but can be built up to be extremely bold and intense. However, it is still glossy, making it more manageable and wearable, as you don't have to constantly reapply it. It's amazing at staying in place and isn't at all drying, so this is definitely a product that I love.

Bashful is probably my favourite out of the ones that I own, since it is a beautiful baby pink that I could wear everyday. It's a really versatile colour that would look nice with any makeup look, which is why I find myself wearing it so often. After applying one coat, you are left with a subtle sheen of pink on your lips, but this can be added to to make a gorgeous lip colour that I love wearing.

Fuchsia-ristic is the final one that I own, which is a lovely coral-orange with a slight hint of pink in it. Although it's a beautiful colour, this is probably the least pigmented of the collection, and looks more pink on my lips than orange. However, it's still a gorgeous colour that can be built up if desired and isn't at all tacky or sticky on the lips. I feel like I don't use this one as much as the other two, which I definitely need to change!

Overall, I really like these products and think that they are great to have in your collection, as they are versatile and will create a variety of looks. They have a great colour pay-off after a few layers, like a lipstick, and are glossy and slightly shimmery, like a lipgloss. I hope you liked this review, so thank you for reading and I'll see you soon!

Love from Daisy x

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