2014 has came to an end and we're all ready to welcome a new year. I thought this was the perfect time to look back at the previous year and think about my favourite memories and achievements. At the start of the year I decided to write them all down so I could share them with you. Here are just a few of my favourite memories, so I hope you like them!

I read so many books in 2014 and I discovered new authors and novels that I really enjoyed. Out of all of the books I read in the past year, my favourite would have to be City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. Another moment which stands out is going to the book signing for The Iron Trial and meeting Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. I spent a lot of my summer around books this year, as I volunteered at my local library, assisting them with their summer reading challenge.

Performing Arts
Throughout 2014, I was a member of Lipa, which meant I could take part in shows and exams. I was a member of Matilda the Musical and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, both of which were really enjoyable and went really well. In a musical theatre exam held by Trinity, I managed to get a distinction, which I was really pleased with. I also participated in a dance show in my school and held a dance workshop for children. In 2014, I started my bronze arts award, which I will be finishing in the new year.

The past year of school was an important one for me, as I was picking my options. This was stressful, but I ultimately picked the right subjects. Other things that happened in school were winning an award for IT, winning a school challenge for science and joining the gifted and talented group. Towards the end of the year, I joined STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) club, which has opened me up to many more opportunities.

I'm not the sportiest person but in 2014 I tried to get involve where I could. I participated in badminton in school for a while, which I really enjoyed and allowed me to meet new people. I also came 4th place in sports day running the 1000m, which to me was a huge achievement considering my opponents all went to running clubs.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter and it payed off by being recognised by a few people. Cassandra Clare (who I have already mentioned a lot in this post) replied to one of my tweets, which I was thrilled with. Becca Fitzpatrick, who is another one of my favourite authors, tweeted me as well.

2014 is the year which I started my blog. Since then, I've gained a lot of followers and made so many new friends. I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award and the Liebster Blogger Award (twice!), which were huge achievements for me. I've worked with quite a few bloggers and been recognised by PR companies and brands, which is insane considering I've only just started out. More recently, my review of the Styleicona app was featured in their online magazine, which I am extremely grateful for. 

These are just a few of the things that happened this year and there are so many more memories that I have gained from 2014, which I am thankful for. What have you enjoyed in 2014? Let me know down in the comments! Thanks for reading this post; I hope you liked it and I'll see you in the new year.

Love from Daisy x
You may have seen my previous blog post, which is my blog resolutions for 2015. Today, I thought I'd do a similar thing, but instead it'll be my beauty resolutions for 2015. I hope you like it!

1. Stick to a skincare routine
I'm one of those people who loves how my skin looks after taking good care of it, but I don't always stick to a skincare routine. Whether I forget, don't have time or can't be bothered, there always seems to be an excuse. In 2015, I will try my best to take good care of my skin and look after it.

2. Try out bold lips
I've always been someone who is scared of wearing bold lipsticks. They're vivid, stand out and honestly look great on people. In the upcoming year, I am going to try and build up the courage to wear a bold lip.

3. Experiment with eyeliner
Eyeliner is tricky to master but look really effective if you get it right. I've only tried using eyeliner a couple of times and they have all been unsuccessful, but in the new year I'm determined to master the skill and wear eyeliner a lot more often.

4. Vary my eye makeup
With eye makeup, I tend to stick with what I'm comfortable with, which is neutral eyeshadows. These compliment my eye colour and are easy to wear, but I want to start experimenting with more eyeshadows.

5. Be happy with my skin
Although we tend to put makeup on to look better and feel confident, I want to embrace my skin and learn to like it. People always say that beauty starts from within and that it's impossible to look and feel good if you don't believe so inside. Throughout 2015, I will try and be happy with my skin instead of hating it.

That's all from me! I hope you liked these resolutions and you'll have to make sure I stick to them! Let me know what resolutions you're making this year down in the comments, I'd love to hear them. I'll see you on Wednesday for my final post of 2015.

Love from Daisy x
We've only got a week left of 2014, so I've been thinking about what resolutions I should make, especially those related to my blog. Believe it or not, Daisies and Delights has existed for almost a year now and so many things have changed and improved since then. I believe that my blog still has a long way to go and I'm determined to make it the best possible. I've put together a few resolutions to help me achieve this in 2015.

1. Make my blog more user-friendly
I'm always looking for ways to make my blog interactive and I would like the readers to have an enjoyable experience when visiting Daisies and Delights. I have pondered the idea of having a blog newsletter or email updates for when I post, so that is something I'm likely to introduce. I'll also be adding gadgets and features that make my blog run smoother and more efficiently.

2. Use social media

There are a variety of online platforms and websites that I really don't take advantage of enough. My Google Plus account rarely sees a new post, which is something I'd like to change. I'm also tempted to broaden my blog further, into the realms of Twitter and Facebook, as well as using Pinterest, Tumblr and many other websites for inspiration and promotion.

3. Film a video

Although it's probable that this won't be on a YouTube channel, as I find that incredibly daunting, I am hoping to film a few videos that can accompany my posts. Whether these are long, chatty videos or creative montages, I want to experiment and see what works for Daisies and Delights. I'd love to have another thing for my readers to enjoy on my blog and I think the videos would fulfil this wish.

4. Work on my photography

I'm guilty of being someone who takes boring photos of products and doesn't put much effort or time into this aspect of blogging. In 2015, I'm hoping to change this and make my images eye-catching and unique. I'll also be looking at new ways of editing images and improving their quality, to make them look more appealing and make people want to read my posts.

5. Have a blogging schedule

When I originally started blogging, I was very organised and I had plenty of posts prepared for my schedule. As things have started getting busier, especially with school, I've found that I haven't been blogging regularly and when I have posted it's been on different days and times. Whether it's only one post a week or a few, I hope to have a set day and time so my readers know when to expect a new post.

6. Interact with other bloggers

I have a few close friends which I've made through blogging, but there are so many more people out there that I want to get to know better. Whether that's by commenting on more blogs, interacting with readers or maybe even collaborating with other bloggers, I can't wait to meet more people and gain friends from these experiences.

I hope you liked hearing all of my blogging resolutions and you'll have to make sure I achieve them all! If you want to see some more of my resolutions for 2015, my upcoming post will be about my beauty resolutions, so make sure you check that out. 

Love from Daisy x
This palette is from MUA, which is well-known for its good quality products at affordable prices. All of their products that I've previously tried have been successful and I hoped this palette would live up to my expectations. At only £4, I couldn't miss the opportunity to try the Naked palette dupe. Today, I'll be sharing my opinions on this palette, so I hope you like it!

The packaging of this product is similar to that of the other products from the brand. It isn't lavish, but does the job. It is minimal, with a mixture of black and transparent plastic, making it sturdy but hard to open. It is very slim and lightweight, so this is a travel-friendly option. The only thing missing from this is a mirror, which I feel would be useful.

There are 12 colours in this palette, meaning there are many possibilities to create gorgeous looks. In my opinion, all of the eyeshadows are wearable and would look beautiful for any occasion. Each shade is based on those from the Naked palette and, despite not having that palette, many people have said that they are almost exactly identical.

The pigmentation of these eyeshadows isn't the best, but they can easily be built up for a more vivid wash of colour. On me, they last for quite a while and don't crease on my eyes. There tends to be a bit of fallout with some of the shimmery shadows, but this can easily be brushed away or covered with concealer.

Overall, I think this palette is great and I'd recommend trying it out. Whether you're looking for some new eyeshadows or not willing to spend a lot of money on the Naked palette, I'm sure you'll love this and wear it often, especially since it's extremely cheap!

Thanks for reading and I hope you like this post! If there are any more products you want to see a review of let me know and I'll be sure to write one. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon.

Love from Daisy x
Whether you don't have a lot of money to spend on makeup or you're simply looking for something more affordable, the drugstore has a variety of brands and products to choose from. These are just a few of my favourites that are cheap yet very good quality and worth buying.

Lasting Perfection Concealer by Collection
This product is talked about non-stop in the beauty community, but it's all for good reasons. This concealer, which can be used on blemishes or under the eyes, is insanely pigmented and works really well. It blends really well and leaves a natural finish, free from imperfections. Although the colour selection isn't the best, everything else about this product is ideal, including the price at only £4.19.

Undressed Palette by MUA
It's well known in the beauty world that this palette is an obvious dupe for the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Although it probably isn't as pigmented and the colours don't match up entirely, this is a bargain for only £4. All of the eyeshadows are wearable and last for quite a while, not to mention all of the colours being lovely. If you're looking to buy a Naked palette but aren't sure about the price, I'd definitely try out this first.

Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline
I happen to talk about this product a lot, as it is one of my favourites. An added bonus is that it is only £4.99. When I wear this, I find that it lasts all day, not smudging or running like other mascaras would. It is really black and makes your eyelashes look a lot darker, as well as longer and more voluminous. This is a really nice product that I feel like anyone will benefit from.

Cream Blush by Bourjois
This is slightly on the more expensive side, at £8, but it's still considerably cheaper than a lot of other makeup items and is really good quality. This cream blusher can easily be applied and blended out to give a natural look, or it can be built up for a bolder colour. It's light on the skin and leaves you looking blushed all day. This product also lasts for a really long time, so it's definitely worth it.

Lipsticks by MUA
I'm returning to MUA for another budget product, but that's because they're honestly amazing for their price. All of their lipsticks only cost £1, which is insane. There is a wide variety of colours to choose from, each one being really pretty. The lipsticks themselves are really matte, which I know a lot of peple like. They are insanely pigmented and I find that they last a long time. For such little money, these are something that shouldn't be forgotten about!

These are just a few of the many products found in the drugstore that are great value for money. There's bound to be many other products which are just as good, so why not let me know what they are down in the comments? Thanks for reading and I'll see you this weekend for another blog post.

Love from Daisy x

When I first made Daisies and Delights, there wasn't a tutorial or guide to help you make a blog and how to get the most out of it. There are many other people want to start a blog but have no idea where to begin. Because of this, I thought I'd make this blog post to help you if you're making a blog. I hope this guide is useful for you!

1. Decide what to blog about
You should already have a particular topic in mind that you're blog will be about. If not, think about your hobbies and what you'd like to read about. Once you've thought of this, try and find a certain area of this to focus on, preferable something that is unique or not many people write about. For example, you could have a beauty blog that focuses solely on reviews, but a lot of other people do that. If you can find a specific area that isn't overdone, go for it!

2. Write some posts
The most important thing about a blog is the content. No matter how efficient and eye-catching the design is, it's what you write that will make an impact. Don't worry about not being as experienced as other bloggers, as this will improve with time. Make sure you proofread all of your posts before uploading them and fix any spelling and grammatical errors.

3. Use social media
If you want to share your blog with others and gain popularity, the best way to do so is through social media. Bloglovin is a great website for doing just this and it enables people to easily follow and keep track of your blog. Twitter is also great for sharing posts, as there are lots of blogging communities within this platform.

4. Edit the design
The first thing a reader will see when visiting your blog is your header, layout and other design features. To gain inspiration for these, look at other blogs to see what works well. All design elements can be created on Photoshop, but if you're not willing to purchasing it, Gimp and Canva are free alternatives. Remember to make your header stand out and it should be relevant to your content.

5. Interact with other bloggers
The best way to get feedback on a particular post or your blog in general is to interact with other bloggers. Reply to any comments you get and make sure you check out their blog, as it's polite to do so. Same goes with your readers, they're more likely to keep visiting your blog if you're kind to them. If you need any help or advice, most bloggers will assist you through emails or social media.

6. Everything takes time
When starting a blog, it may be annoying how your posts only get a handful of views and it isn't that popular. Don't stress, I'm sure this audience will grow with time if you're patient. All bloggers who are popular will have started from where you are now, so it's never too late to gain a huge audience and become successful.

If you have read this and are about to create a blog, I wish you the best of luck. If you ever need any more advice or help when starting out, feel free to ask me and I'll be more than happy to contribute.

Love from Daisy x

Monthly favourites are one of my most requested posts, even though I don't often do them. I missed my November favourites at the end of last month but felt that I had quite a few things I wanted to share with you, so instead I've brought you this post to update you on my favourite beauty and skincare items. I hope you like it!

Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline
Despite a lot of people complaining about this mascara, I have to say that I really enjoy using it. The packaging is user-friendly (as well as really cute) and I love how the brush is small, making application more precise and easy to do. The product itself is a great consistency, never making my lashes look spidery or clumpy. It is perfect for making your lashes longer, voluminous and darker all at the same time. I also like how one coat can achieve a really natural look. Overall, this product is amazing and I would really recommend it.

Natural Glow Palette by Barry M
This palette is one that is very versatile and can be used everyday, whether that's for a natural look or not. The packaging is almost identical to a Stila palette, which I think is a nice touch. There are 2 matte shades in this palette, a white which is great for highlighting and a brown which can be used either all over the lid or in the crease. The other 4 shadows are shimmery, the pale rose being a great lid colour and the remaining looking nice in the crease. They are all extremely pigmented and it even contains a blush, making this palette suitable for travel.

Beauty Blush Lip-Stix by Models Own
It's winter, so you'd probably expect me to be wearing dark, berry lipstick. In actual fact, I've quite often been wearing a thin layer of this underneath some lipgloss. It's a bright pink but I usually only apply a bit and sheer it out with my finger, as I feel it looks better that way. The product itself is matte but still feels nourishing when you apply it. With a lipgloss, it makes a beautiful combination that I've really been enjoying wearing recently.

Micellar Water by L'Oreal
This is a great product for removing your facial makeup, as well as anything on your eyes and lips. It claims to purify, unclog pores, tone and soothe skin, all of which I feel it achieves. It isn't harsh like other cleansers and is delicate on the skin. There is no greasy residue left behind and your skin isn't tight after using it. After using this, I've noticed my skin feels a lot cleaner and nicer, so I'll definitely be repurchasing this when I run out!

Spot Cream by Quinoderm
Whenever I use this product, I instantly notice an improvement in my skin and my spots are nowhere near as bad. This cream is 10% benzoyl peroxide, meaning it is really strong but can quickly get rid of spots. After using this morning and night, a lot of the redness is reduced and I find my spots decreasing in size. If you suffer from acne or harsh blemishes, I would recommend trying out this cream as it has been successful for me.

I hope you liked seeing what my current favourites are and make sure you stick around, as it's not long before I'll be posting my 2014 favourites, which will definitely be worth seeing. Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon!

Love from Daisy x
Today I'll be sharing with you a survey, which asks you about yourself, your blog and a few things about the new year. I feel like I don't know a lot about my readers, so I compiled this to get to know you all better. I hope you like it!

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Love from Daisy x
Winter is an exciting time of the year and is probably one of my favourite seasons. It is a period of time that everyone looks forward to for various reasons. Everything about it is special and different to the other seasons. Today I thought I'd share with you what this festive time has to offer in terms of fashion, beauty and fun. I hope you like it!

I think we can all agree that winter is the time when we need to wrap up warm and start layering our clothes. Something that I've been seeing a lot of this season is fur collars, quite often paired with coats or leather jackets. These look really stylish and also keep you nice and warm, which is necessary in the freezing weather. Other things commonly worn in winter are fluffy jumpers, thick leggings and boots, which have been spotted a lot this year. If you're looking for something more feminine, there has been quite a few long-sleeved dresses which look really pretty yet can still be paired with a jacket and tights to keep you warm. To find out more about what is in fashion, I wrote a series of posts earlier in the year analysing the upcoming styles, which can be found here.

images from vogue.co.uk

When I think of winter makeup, one of the first things that pops into my mind is dark lips, which are usually red or berry. Although they can be quite intimidating, they look great when applied and make your lips stand out. Also in winter, smokey eyes are worn more often and people tend to use darker eyeshadows, pairing them with black eyeliner and lots of mascara. As the weather is a lot cooler, you will find your skin starting to become dry and flaky, so a moisturiser is essential in the winter.

images from pinterest.com

There are so many things to do in winter, especially when Christmas is right around the corner! Although it can be very busy, due to the excessive shopping and preparation, there will always be time to relax and do enjoyable activities. Whether you prefer to stay inside, watching Christmas films and drinking hot chocolate, or you like spending time in the crisp air, this season has so many things to offer. This year you should try and do something new, like going carolling, ice skating or raising money for a charity.

images from pinterest.com

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you're now fully prepared for winter. Let me know what you'll be doing this season, I'd love to find out! Make sure you leave a comment below and follow me on Bloglovin to make sure you never miss another post.

Love from Daisy x