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Sunday, April 12, 2015

I know this post isn't the best coming from me, since my writing is nowhere near as good as that of some other bloggers, but I thought it'd still be an interesting topic to write about. I wanted to bring you another 'blogging tips' episode and this is a question that I get asked a lot about. Since I'm currently on holiday and have been scheduling my posts, I thought this would be a good one to include that we can definitely all learn from, so I hope you like it!

Make your introduction concise and to the point
This is the first thing that anyone reads when they visit your blog, so if they don't like it, it's probable that they won't make it through the rest of the post. Due to this, I'd avoid any long stories or anecdotes in this section of the post, as it won't appeal to them at that particular time. Instead, work on making your introduction short and to the point, but it should still draw the reader in. A great way to do this is to talk directly to the reader and use rhetorical questions, as this will push them to continue reading.

Keep it structured and tidy
Your blog post needs to be organised, with each paragraph focusing on a separate point. This makes it clear to the reader what you are suggesting and helps them to follow it. Honestly, there's nothing worse than a blog post that doesn't make sense and has a messy feel to it, so make sure you try your best to keep it tidy. If you struggle with this, write a heading for each paragraph (like what I've done in this post), so you can make sure the content relates to your original idea or inspiration for that section.

Choose your vocabulary carefully
Don't choose words that are too big or sound posh, as it's likely that at least some of your readers won't know what they are. This can be a huge problem in posts like product reviews, as they won't know whether the words you're using are positive or negative. Additionally, try to refrain from using extremely common words often. Words such as 'good' and 'really' can be fine in moderation, but aren't very creative or informative. To help with this, I'd recommend using a thesaurus to find words to use that fit in your sentences.

Have a gripping end to your post
One of the worst things about a blog post is when they abruptly end without any conclusion or resolution. I struggle to write these sections the most, as I never know how to conclude my post in an effective way. A good way to end a post is to summarise what you've said earlier, throwing in the key points and opinions. This is a great way to emphasise something and reinforce it. Also, make sure you politely say thank you to your readers and maybe ask them a question to answer in the comments, as this make your posts more interactive and memorable.

I hope you liked these tips on how to improve your content and that they've opened your eyes to a way of blogging. I'll definitely try my hardest to follow these points, as I really want to improve my content as well. Thanks for reading and let me know down in the comments if you'd like any other blogging tips, and if so what on!

Love from Daisy x

Image from Tumblr, edited by me.

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