I can't believe that it's already Christmas Eve - how quick has this month gone? After a hectic time of Christmas shopping, daily blogging, finishing university and so much more, I really haven't stopped this month! That's why I thought it'd be nice to share with you my Christmas Eve routine and favourite things to do, finally taking a well-earned break and relaxing, so I hope you enjoy this post!

The Film - I love watching Christmas films throughout the month of December, but there's always one or two that I like to save until Christmas Eve. This year, I reserved Elf as the one to keep for the special day and watch with all my family, as it's one of my favourites and never fails to make me laugh. Since I've been at uni, I've not actually sat down and watched a film with all of my family in a long time, but it was a really nice cosy evening that we all enjoyed.

The Food - since it's practically Christmas, I make sure to treat myself to some delicious food on this festive evening! Me and my boyfriend made a gorgeous chocolate cake a couple days ago and I couldn't resist a slice of it with some squirty cream - it's seriously so delicious!

The Chill - this Christmas period has felt very non-stop for me, since I've been working, back and forth to Manchester, busy shopping and many other things. That's why I made sure to take the evening as a chilled out one, using it to read blog posts, catch up on vlogmas videos and have a well-earned relax after such a hectic month

The Cosiness - there's nothing better than feeling all cosy and warm on Christmas eve, so I make sure to get changed into some fleecy pyjamas and cosy up under a blanket to get extra warm. If I'm in the mood, a cup of tea or hot chocolate also goes down a treat, and really makes me feel warm and festive on an otherwise cold evening

The Sleeping - the excitement of Christmas means that a lot of people struggle to sleep beforehand, which is why my favourite way to finish Christmas Eve is to read a good book that'll hopefully send me to sleep. If that fails, I'll instead opt for a festive podcast to sleep to, as this normally works and also adds a further injection of festivity into my day

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I can't believe that it's the end of blogmas! In all honesty, I never thought I'd accomplish 24 posts but I'm really proud of doing it and I loved every moment of it, and I really hope you did too! Thank you so much for all of the continual support on each blogmas post and have a wonderful Christmas!

Love from Daisy x

Welcome back to the penultimate day of blogmas! I thought it'd be nice to share a few of the Christmas decorations in my house in this post, since I love how it looks in the festive season, and it'd be a nice break from all of the word-heavy posts. I also included some from my boyfriend's house as well since it looks equally gorgeous, so I hope you enjoy seeing how we've decorated our houses this Christmas!

A I D E N ' S   H O U S E

Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope you enjoyed it! I'll see you tomorrow with the final blogmas post so make sure you head back then!

Love from Daisy x

After having my hair cut the other day, I was inspired to have an intense pamper and really look after my body from head to toe and put in more effort, which perfectly coincided with going out that evening. I thought it'd be interesting to share with you guys all of the steps that I took when getting ready and show you how I pampered and treated myself whilst preparing for a night out, so make sure you keep reading!

Step 1 - the nails
It's honestly been forever since I had my nails painted since I'm not the best at doing it myself and often find that it's low on my list of priorities. However, I was really eager to change this and got my mum to do Shellac on my nails for me. I opted for nude with rose-gold iridescent glitter, which is very glamorous and festive whilst still being neutral. I honestly love how it looks and feel that having my nails painted instantly makes me feel more put together and pampered.

Step 2 - the eyebrows
My eyebrows tend to grow fairly quickly, and they were definitely due a good pluck, especially when I looked in my magnifying mirror to see all of the outlying hairs. I spent quite a bit of time neatening them up, especially on the bridge of my nose, although I was careful not to go too harsh or really manipulate their shape, as I wanted to keep them natural and not harsh. This definitely makes a huge difference and instantly makes me feel better when looking in the mirror, and also makes doing my makeup a lot easier.

Step 3 - the shower
When I normally get a shower, I'll cover the basics of shampoo, conditioner, washing my body and shaving, but I decided to go all-out and cover all the bases. Rather than quickly shaving my legs, I spent more time ensuring that I got them super smooth, and also decided to exfoliate and moisturise my body to leave it incredibly soft and supple. I also gave my hair plenty of time to absorb the conditioner rather than quickly washing it off like I normally do, and it definitely left my hair a lot softer and shinier.

Step 4 - the face
With body care out of the way, skincare was my next task. I effortlessly melted off all of my makeup with my favourite cleanser from The Body Shop, leaving my skin feeling fresh and revitalised, and then proceeded to do a face mask. I do these once in a while but not on an extremely regular basis, but I find that my skin looks refined afterwards, and it also helps to draw out any impurities and leave it much healthier. Once this was washed off, I applied a bit of spot cream and moisturiser and was good to go.

Step 5 - the hair
On a daily basis, I don't put too much effort in with my hair, often just wearing it down or in some kind of ponytail or bun. However, I decided to put my hair in curlers, which is something I definitely don't do enough considering I love having my hair in curls or waves. I made sure to thoroughly spray it in heat protectant spray before separating the hair and putting in the curlers, and I did them quite tight considering my hair isn't the best at holding a curl. I definitely think that this is worth the extra time and can really make a difference to how I look and personally find that having a bit of movement and wave in my hair is more flattering.

Step 6 - the makeup
Since I was going out, I decided to go all-out with makeup. I normally do my everyday routine fairly quickly, but I instead took my time in creating a golden eyeshadow look (even opting for a halo eye and cut crease since I was feeling experimental), as well as applying a generous amount of bronzer and highlighter opposed to my usual more subtle amount. I also decided to wear red lipstick to match my outfit, which is definitely very out-there for me since I always stick with a subtle gloss or nude shade, but I made sure to apply it precisely with a brush and actually loved how it looked!

And that was my routine for getting ready! I definitely loved having more of a pamper and indulging myself rather than quickly getting ready, and since it was Christmas I hope you like my fun and festive outfit! Thank you very much for reading this post and I'm sorry that it's up late since I've been in work all day! I'll see you again tomorrow for the penultimate blogmas, so make sure you come back then!

Love from Daisy x

This year is my first time working in retail over Christmas, and I've definitely realised that it's difficult coping with the manic rush and rude customers that are to be expected, especially on a weekend. However, I've learnt a few ways to cope with retail work at Christmas and thought it'd be worth sharing them with you guys, so I hope you enjoy this post!

Don't take it personally if customers are in a bad mood
Last-minute Christmas shopping is a stressful time for everyone, so don't take it personally if any customers are being rude or impolite. It won't be personal, they're probably just stressed or worried that they won't get everything on time. Just try your best to assist them or find what they need, and if you have any particularly rude or aggressive customers then get a manager for help.

Take the chance to get to know your customers
For those people who are in a good mood and feeling the Christmas spirit, it can be a good opportunity to chat with your customers and hear more about their day or why they're buying something. When I'm working a Christmas shift on the tills for hours on end, it can get incredibly boring just following the endless routine of asking if they'd like a bag, whether they're paying by cash or card etc. Instead (if the customer seems in a good mood), I'll take the time to ask them about their Christmas shopping, or perhaps talk about one of the books they're buying if I've read it. Little things like that can really make a difference to their day as well as yours, giving them a better experience shopping whilst also making a monotonous task a bit more enjoyable.

Be prepared with drinks and food
Whenever I'm at work, I always try to keep a bottle of water behind the till, as the constant talking can really start to hurt your throat. I also bring a few snacks or a packed lunch for on my break, as it keeps my energy up and also means that I won't start feeling sick or dizzy from hunger while working.

Go the extra mile to help someone
Put yourself in their shoes - it's a few days before Christmas and they're desperately trying to get hold of an important gift, so you should try your best to help them. I've had quite a few people ask me for books that weren't easy to find, but instead of giving up and just telling them that we haven't got it, I've tried to go the extra mile. Whether that's searching elsewhere, or even looking in the back and unpacking boxes to try and find it, going out of your way to help an individual customer will really make their day and also put a smile on your face knowing that you've helped them out.

Have a well-earned rest afterwards
Working in retail can really be difficult in the festive season, so once your shift is over make sure you really reward yourself! I'm always drained after work and like to have a cosy, chilled out evening, and quite often will also treat myself to one of my favourite teas. Whatever works best for you, make sure you treat yourself after a long, hard day of work.

I hope you liked this post, and if you're working in retail this year then I wish you the best of luck! Thank you very much for reading this post, and there are only a few days left of blogmas so make sure you come back tomorrow to see what else is in store!

Love from Daisy x

Christmas is almost upon us, meaning it's time to finish off any last-minute wrapping if you haven't already. This is my first proper year of Christmas shopping since I now have a job, and so I wanted to treat all of my family and boyfriend to a few presents. I decided to have some fun with the wrapping and go all-out with cute bows and name tags, and so I thought I'd give you a glimpse of this on my blog!

Obviously I couldn't photograph myself actually wrapping the presents, in case anyone I know is reading this post and sees what I've bought them, but it was actually incredibly easy to create these super cute designs. The brown and white wrapping paper definitely has a traditional, homemade feel to it, and was a bargain for only £1 from Primark!

The real fun came in with all of the bows, string and other embellishments on the presents. Yet again Primark came in handy for this, as their £3 gift-wrapping sets had everything I could possibly want! There was a variety of string, ribbons, gift tags and other decorations which made everything look really pretty and colour-coordinated. I definitely wanted to go all-out with my wrapping and make the presents look nice, plus it was actually an enjoyable evening doing it all!

I'm really pleased with how the presents look, and I'm also excited to give them to everyone as I've hopefully done a good job at choosing things that they'd like! I just thought it'd be nice to share this on my blog, and I hope you liked this blogmas post! I'll be back again tomorrow for one of the final posts of blogmas, so make sure you come back then!

Love from Daisy x

So it's official, I'm back home from university for Christmas! It's such a weird feeling being back - having meals made for you, not worrying about washing your clothes and being able to get lifts to places opposed to walking. It's only been a day so far but I've found it so strange settling back in - I feel more like a guest staying at my house rather than being back at home, it's honestly so weird!

Coming home from university was much more difficult than I anticipated - the weather was horrific, I had a suitcase and three heavy bags that made the journey difficult, plus I was kinda reluctant to leave uni and the life behind that I'd finally adjusted to. However, I was also really excited to see my family and be back at home for Christmas!

When packing what I wanted to bring home with me, I decided to bring as much as I could. As someone who doesn't adjust well with change, I wanted to feel properly at home and have all of my things around me, so I brought as many of my items and clothes as physically possible (plus I plan on getting more this weekend when I'm back for work). I also brought things like my keyboard and laptop, since I know that being at home will get boring at times in comparison to Manchester where it's constantly bursting with life and there's so much to do, so I'll definitely need some entertaining (and thankfully my grandparents took my keyboard in the car so I didn't have to struggle to get it on the train).

Being back in my bedroom is honestly really strange - a lot of my decor and items are in uni so it feels a bit like a shell, although the Christmas decorations definitely add a festive, homely feel to it. It's definitely nice to be back in my own bed (although sadly not with my own pillows), and I'm sure that I'll get more used to it as the days go on.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about me coming home for Christmas, and make sure you look out for a future blogmas post where I'll be sharing all of the Christmas decorations in my house, which are super cute! Thank you very much for reading this post and I'll see you tomorrow!

Love from Daisy x

It's getting close to Christmas now, meaning it's a time to inject some festive spirit into your day whilst also treating yourself to a delicious snack, so why not combine the two and make a gingerbread house? Me and Aiden had a go at doing this the other day and it was actually a really enjoyable activity! I thought I'd share this on my blog and hopefully inspire you to give it a go, so keep reading to find out more and see how it turned out.

We started with a pre-made gingerbread house kit, which was incredibly useful as it provided all of the gingerbread pieces, icing and decorations. This meant it was a lot less time consuming and our efforts could be focused on the fun part - decorating! The sweets included probably aren't the most festive, but they are girly and delicious which is all that matters in my opinion!

If I'm honest, decorating a gingerbread house isn't as easy as it looks. The gingerbread pieces had markings on them to guide us when doing things like the door and windows, but piping the icing neatly was still quite difficult. However, it was really fun to do and I loved deciding on all the cute patterns and ways of spreading out the sweets, especially doing the roof.

Once all of the pieces were decorated, I then stuck them all together with the icing, which is normally done first but I found that it was a lot easier to decorate them when flat. It's actually really difficult sticking it all together as they kept sliding around and falling, but once it was all together it held well and looks really impressive.

I'm actually very pleased with how the gingerbread house turned out, as I expected it to be rubbish considering how difficult it was! I'd highly recommend doing one of these as it was an enjoyable way to spend the evening, plus now I get to indulge in eating it all!

Thank you very much for reading this blog post, and I hope that you're still enjoying blogmas! I'll see you again tomorrow for the final week of blogmas, so make sure you stay tuned for that!

Love from Daisy x

Since we're well past the halfway point of blogmas now, I thought I'd use this blog post to do a bit of an overview and share my thoughts on blogmas, as well as giving you an insight into what it's truly like daily blogging in the run up to Christmas. It's definitely been difficult at times but also one of my favourite experiences, so keep reading to hear all of my thoughts!

Is it difficult?
If I'm completely honest, blogmas has been incredibly difficult so far! To go from a huge blogging break to then posting 3 times a week was a huge jump, so to then take that up to posting every day has really been a challenge. It's incredibly difficult to make sure that posts are written, photographs are taken (in the incredibly limited daylight) and I've promoted posts on social media, whilst also balancing university, work, social life and everything else going on. It's also been difficult thinking of enough things to write about that you guys would enjoy, but obviously all of this has been manageable considering how much I've enjoyed it.

How do you have time for it?
It's not been too bad making time for blogmas, since it's been the final few weeks of uni and so the workload has been slightly less intense, although it's still been difficult making time for everything. The way that I've managed to make time for blogmas is to plan ahead, making sure that I've had a few posts done ahead of time, as well as allocating a couple of mornings a week to get a few photos done. This has definitely helped make time for blogmas, and when I've had an unexpectedly busy day there's already something prepared for me to upload.

Will you keep up daily blogging after Christmas?
Honestly, I'd love to daily blog again in the future, but I don't think I could sustain it forever. It's definitely been hard work and draining blogging on a daily basis, and so I need a well-earned break once blogmas is over, plus I'd be afraid of running out of post ideas! I'll definitely be going back to 3 posts a week after Christmas, and perhaps adding the occasional extra one here and there, plus I'd love to do more daily blogging perhaps at Easter or in the summer, I guess you'll just have to stay tuned!

Has blogmas interfered with my actual festivities?
In all honesty, blogmas hasn't interfered with my festivities in the slightest, in fact it's probably enhanced it! There are quite a few festive things that I did for blogmas, such as the baking, which I perhaps wouldn't have done otherwise, so I'd say that blogmas has definitely made me embrace the festive spirit even more than normal!

Am I enjoying it?
All in all, I've really loved doing blogmas so far! I never thought I'd be able to achieve something like this and so I'm incredibly proud of myself, plus it's been a very enjoyable experience! It's really helped to rekindle my love of blogging, alongside getting in the Christmas spirit, and it's something that I'd definitely want to do again next year!

I hope that this answers some of your burning questions about blogmas, and if there's anything else you'd like to know then make sure you let me know in the comments! Thank you very much for reading this blog post, and I'll see you tomorrow for another blogmas post, so goodbye for now!

Love from Daisy x

After a hard day at university or battling the horrible weather, winter evenings are the perfect time to cosy up and pamper yourself. I've had quite a few of these nights recently, as I really felt like I needed it after being exhausted from uni and work and everything else going on in my life, and sometimes it's nice to indulge in a bit of me-time. I thought it'd be nice to share what I like to do on a relaxing, chilled out evening, so if you're interested then keep reading!

The first step to any evening routine is to get a shower and freshen up. Ideally, on a cold winter evening, I'd love to get a warm bath and relax for a while, but sadly this isn't possible at university. However, I take the time to give my hair a thorough wash and clean all of my body, as well as shaving and even moisturising my skin if I'm going all-out. It's also at this point that I'll take off my makeup, which instantly feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders, and I'll also take the time to do a face mask and really nourish my skin.

After changing into some pyjamas and cosy socks, it's time to settle down for the evening. I get really cold in winter, especially since my uni room isn't the warmest, and so I'll quite often make myself a hot water bottle to really get a cosy feel. I'll also have a nice cup of tea (whether that's a standard English breakfast tea or peppermint, depending on my mood) and some chocolates since it's Christmas and I want to treat myself!

My evening normally consists of browsing on my laptop, since there's a lot of catching up to do on any blogmas posts and vlogmas videos, which I look forward to every year. There are quite a few that I've become invested in this year but I'll be telling you more about that in a separate post, so you'll have to wait and see. I also really enjoy playing cards of the evening, as it's something a bit different for me and Aiden to do but is really enjoyable (or at least I enjoy it when I win!)

When it's time to wind down for the night, I love putting a Christmas film on and snuggling up under the duvet. With my lights off and fairy lights on, it really does begin to feel magical and festive. Once I've finished doing this, I'll finish my evening by cosying up with a good book to put me to sleep, which at the moment is My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier, which I'm absolutely loving!

And that's my cosy pamper evening routine! As much as I miss warm baths and lighting candles at home, I do still love evenings like this and it's definitely what my body has needed lately. Thank you very much for reading this post and I hope you liked it, and make sure you keep up to date with the rest of my blogmas posts going up over the next week!

Love from Daisy x

The festive season goes hand in hand with red lips, and it's the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something bolder on your lips. I've tried out quite a few red lipsticks and managed to narrow it down to a few favourites, and you can tell that they're impressive since I can be very fussy about lipsticks. In this blog post, I thought I'd share a few of my favourites that I've discovered, as hopefully this will help you if you're looking for a new one to try this Christmas.

The One That Stays All Day
If you want your red lip to stay in place all day without having to worry about reapplying, then a liquid lipstick is what you need. These lock into place and are almost invincible once on the lips, and one of my favourites from the drugstore is definitely the Rimmel London Provocalips Liquid Lipstick. I've worn these a few times now and am always amazed by how well they last on my lips, and the clear gloss that they come with means that you have the option of a matte or glossy look depending on what you want.

The One That You Can Trust
I love experimenting with different lipsticks, but I always know that I can trust the Rimmel London The Only One Matte Lipsticks and always come back to these on a regular basis. They offer quite a few red shades, depending on if you want a classic pillarbox colour or a splash of crimson, and they look extremely lovely on the lips. I always find bold lipsticks hard to apply, but these ones glide on effortlessly and really enhance the lips, plus they tend to last quite well too!

The One That's Budget Friendly
If you're someone who's new to wearing bold lipsticks or you're afraid of what red might look like on your lips, then the perfect place to start is the MUA Matte Lipsticks. Their red shade is extremely pigmented and smooth, and it's an absolute steal for only £1. For such an affordable price, there's no harm in experimenting and trying out one of these lipsticks, and I'd highly recommend giving them a go, especially if you're new to makeup.

The One That's More Out-There
Christmas isn't all about wearing red lipstick, in fact, the party season is one of the best times to embrace something more bold and out-there. Why not try one of the Revolution Metallic Liquid Lipsticks for an intense, shimmery finish that's perfect for a glamorous or creative look. They stay in place all day and give the lips a gorgeous, unique finish that is definitely perfect for this more experimental and bold time of year!

I hope you enjoyed hearing a few of my favourite red lipsticks for this festive season, and I'd love to know which ones you think I need to try out! Thank you very much for reading this post and I'll see you tomorrow as blogmas continues!

Love from Daisy x

There's so much to do and see in Manchester at Christmas, and sometimes it's really nice to step back from the hectic and busy season to just appreciate your surroundings. For this day of Blogmas, I thought I'd let photos do the talking, and share some of the gorgeous sights in Manchester that I hadn't already discovered until recently. It's such a huge city and there are so many gorgeous parts that I still haven't stumbled upon, so here's just a few more for you to enjoy.

I hope you liked this blog post, and that it was a nice change from the wordy posts that you've seen for the rest of blogmas. I really do love exploring Manchester and seeing new sights, and I'd love to know where your favourite places to visit are if you've been here before. Thank you very much for reading this post and I'll see you tomorrow!

Love from Daisy x

With Christmas quickly approaching, it's often this time of year that the shops become hectic as everyone is rushing to finish their Christmas shopping. It can be such a stressful time, which is something that I've really experienced this year both from it being my first year of properly Christmas shopping, and also since I often work weekends in my part-time job and experience the mad atmosphere firsthand. However, I thought I'd share a few of the best ways to avoid this crazy experience and ensure that you'll have a stress-free shopping trip, so I hope it's helpful!

Make a list of what you want to get - there's no avoiding the hectic shops at this time of year, since everywhere you go will be packed, so try and be more efficient by knowing exactly what you want. That way you can go in, quickly grab anything you need, and be out again without too much stress or hassle

Avoid weekends when possible - if any time is going to be busy, it's the weekend. It's the time when kids aren't in school, a lot of people are off work and families will be out shopping, so if you want a more peaceful and stress-free time then maybe opt for a weekday or evening instead. From working in a bookstore this year over the Christmas period, I can tell that there's a huge difference in the weekend crowds, and I'd seriously try and avoid this where possible.

Hunt for any deals and offers - Christmas shopping is also stressful on the wallet, and shopping for various people can really start to add up. However, you can easily minimise this by looking for any special offers, discounts, or even trying to find a similar item that is cheaper. However, I'd be cautious when doing this, as there have been tons of times when I've seen something I really liked, decided to look elsewhere, and when I returned they were all sold out

Get someone to help you - if you plan on doing all of your Christmas shopping in one day, then you're seriously gonna need some help! Carrying the heavy bags alone is difficult, plus it's good to have another perspective and gain some advice on what would be best, so bringing along a friend or family member on your shopping trip would be a lot of help

Shop online - if you can't brave the hectic shops this year, then why not try online shopping? You no longer have to battle the crowds and can instead browse from the comfort of your home, plus a lot of places offer next-day delivery so you can guarantee that any presents will arrive in plenty of time

I hope that this blog post was helpful, and if you've still got to finish off your Christmas shopping then good luck! Thank you very much for reading this post and I'll see you tomorrow as blogmas continues!

Love from Daisy x

With Christmas closely approaching us, we're now in the season of parties, nights out and Christmas dos, and for these you'll need a glamorous and festive makeup look to see you through. Winter is one of the exciting times where you can really start to play around with your makeup and go for more daring options, whether that's by using berry eyeshadows or a statement lipstick. I thought I'd share my five steps to creating a gorgeous makeup look this Christmas, whether it's for nighttime or day, and this will definitely see you through the festive period!

Step 1 - a lightweight, radiant base
I know winter is the time when most people tend to opt for a full-coverage foundation, but in the winter weather, I don't really like something heavy and matte on my skin, especially not on a daily basis. Instead, I prefer something more light and dewy that gives my complexion the radiance that it lacks at this time of year. Something like this is also a lot quicker to apply and blend, meaning you can cherish those extra few minutes in bed of the dark mornings.

Step 2 - a flawless face
A necessity of any glamorous or put-together makeup look is removing any blemishes or dark under-eye circles, which is why a high-coverage concealer is essential. Although you don't want to add too much so that your skin appears cakey, your makeup will look a lot more flawless when all imperfections are concealed. I definitely need a large dosage of this on a daily basis, since I'm quite often sleep deprived and have quite a few break-outs, but it really transforms your look in seconds.

Step 3 - a gorgeous glow
Winter really dries out your skin and can make your complexion look drab and dull, so it's important to inject that life and summer glow back into it. A shimmery bronzer is essential for adding some warmth and colour back to your face, recreating the sunkissed look that has now faded, and a pop of blusher will also give you radiance and life while still seeming like a natural flush. Since it's Christmas season and time for parties and nights out, don't be afraid of going a bit heavier with the highlighter, as now is the perfect time for a more intense and statement shimmer.

Step 4 - the berry eye look 
One of my favourite things about the winter months is being able to experiment with berry shades on the eyes - the gorgeous mauves, cranberries and burnt oranges are really lovely and perfect for this time of year. It's also a great time to go all-out and add some shimmer or glitter to your look, as if there's any time you can get away with it then it's for a Christmas party!

Step 5 - a statement lip
Christmas is synonymous with a red lip, and this time of year is definitely great for exploring some bolder lip options, trading in that nude gloss for a striking plum or crimson instead. This finishes off a makeup look perfectly, tieing it all together and adding some glamour that is ideal for this time of year. Use a thin brush or lipliner to apply precisely, ensuring that your statement lipstick is sharp and ready to stay in place all night.

And that's it - if you follow all of these steps then you'll create a gorgeous and glamorous makeup look perfect for the festive period! I hope you enjoyed seeing how I created this, and make sure you let me know what your makeup essential is for a Christmassy look, as I'd love to know! Thanks for reading and I'll see you tomorrow with another blogmas post!

Love from Daisy x

Winter is the time of year when your skin might start looking quite dull and drab, meaning an injection of glow is gladly welcomed! It's the perfect time of year to crack out any highlighters, especially with it being Christmas party season and needing to glam up your look. I thought I'd use this post to share a few of my favourite highlighters for the festive period, hopefully inspiring you to add some shimmer to your makeup this year!

After the sad death of my Mary Loumanizer by The Balm (which was my favourite highlighter of all time before I smashed it a few months ago), I resorted to the apparent dupe and equally as pretty W7 Glowcomotion. Although it's not quite as intense, this yellow-toned champagne shimmer is gorgeous on the skin and can be applied lightly or layered depending on how bold you want to go. Highlighters like this are definitely versatile and will suit a variety of skin tones, adding a gorgeous glow to the face.

For something more pink-toned and frosty, then the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Baby It's Cold Outside Palette is a go-to of mine. This adds a gorgeous radiance to the cheekbones and has more of an icy, frosted finish than the previous one, definitely adding an eye-catching glow. The rosy, shimmery blush looks gorgeous paired with this, giving your cheeks an injection of radiance in the winter when it's most needed.

Speaking of blushers, I really love the Milani Baked Blusher in Rosa Romantica for a subtle flush during the winter. On my pale complexion, it adds some life and colour into my skin without being too bold or obvious that you've caked on blusher, and the shimmer is more of a natural sheen that makes you look glowing but not excessively shimmery, making it the perfect everyday blusher.

Winter is a time of travelling and going home to see friends and family, meaning a travel-friendly makeup collection is necessary although you can't sacrifice that gorgeous glow! Don't worry, you can achieve both with the Tarte Hamptons Weekender Palette, which is a compact palette containing a blusher, highlighter and bronzer that are everything you'll need this holiday season. The highlighter, in particular, is intense and glimmery, giving you that full-on glow perfect for an evening.

If you want more variety and to play around with different shades, then the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Palette has plenty on offer, giving you various different highlighter, blush and bronzer shades that are loaded with shimmer. Whether you want something warm toned or more cool and icy, a natural bronzer or something more intense, there's everything you could dream of to create a gorgeous glowing look still at an affordable price.

These are just a few of my favourites products for achieving an eye-catching glow this winter, which is an absolute must-have to transform my skin from dull and lifeless to radiant. I'd love to know your favourites down in the comments, so make sure to let me know! Thank you very much for reading this post, and I'll see you tomorrow as Blogmas continues!

Love from Daisy x

One of my favourite things about the festive period is having cosy evenings watching Christmas movies, but there are so many good ones to choose from that it's really difficult to know where to start! I thought I'd narrow down my list to the top films I want to watch this year, and hopefully it'll inspire you to give some of them a go as well!

Home Alone - this is my all-time favourite Christmas film, and the festive season just wouldn't be the same without watching it. This is a staple for me every year, as well as Home Alone 2 which brings back amazing memories of being in New York last year.

Elf - another one of my favourite Christmas films, so it's no surprise that it made the list. No matter how many times we watch it, me and my family will be in hysterics laughing at it, and I'm pretty sure it's at the point where I could quote huge chunks of it!

Scrooged - there's been so many different takes on the classic 'A Christmas Carol', but this one is by far my favourite. It's funny, it's unique, takes place on the set of a TV show and Bill Murray really makes it an enjoyable film

Love Actually - I love a good rom-com, so a Christmas rom-com is one of my favourite things ever! I've actually only watched this film once, but I loved it so much and it's the perfect girly film to enjoy in the festive period

Arthur Christmas - this is a fairly new animated Christmas movie (or at least it's new to me) but it's actually really enjoyable. Despite being a kids film, it's got a fun storyline, incorporates some twists and is definitely a fun film to watch this festive season

The Polar Express - this is another classic that you really must watch every year, as it's honestly so enjoyable and exciting, as well as being complete with songs that I can't help but sing along to. I actually didn't really watch this one growing up, but over the past few years really fell in love with it and now it's an essential every year

The Holiday - this isn't exclusively a Christmas film, but it is another romantic comedy set in the Christmas period, so it qualifies! I actually haven't watched this but it really badly want to, so it's definitely on my list for this year

I hope you enjoyed hearing what Christmas films I'll be watching this year, and if there are any essential ones that you think I've missed then make sure to let me know! Thank you very much for reading this post and I'll see you again tomorrow!

Love from Daisy x