If you've gathered one thing from my blog, it's probably that I'm a huge bookworm and love getting into a good novel. I've read countless books in my fifteen years, but I've managed to narrow it down to my favourite ten. Some of these are series since I found it impossible to choose just one book that I liked from a collection of stories, but regardless these are still my top ten novels, in no particular order. They are all from the young adult genre, with most of them having fantasy and science fiction elements, but there are a couple contemporary reads, so I hope you find my choices interesting.

Hush Hush Series by Becca Fitzpatrick
I read this book series back in 2014 and fell in love with the entire storyline and concept; so much so that I managed to persuade my best friend to read it (she also loved it, if you're wondering). Although books about fallen angels and nephilim wouldn't usually appeal to me, I'm incredibly glad that I tried this one as I thoroughly enjoyed it. Out of the series, my favourites are Hush Hush and Silence, but honestly, all of the books are outstanding and Becca Fitzpatrick did an amazing job to create them.

Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth
This is one of those books that I read after the film was released, simply because I'd heard a huge amount of hype surrounding it and was eager to know whether it was as good as people were saying. Turns out they were right, as I fell in love with this trilogy and couldn't put it down whilst reading it. The characters are loveable and it's amazing to watch them develop throughout the course of the series, and there are definitely some huge plot twists that you won't see coming. As always I'd recommend reading the books before watching the films, as quite a few things are changed or left out.

The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare
This is hands-down my favourite book series of all time, no doubt about it. I've read all six books, even battling through the 733 pages of City of Heavenly Fire, and honestly loved every moment of it. I think this was the first book that I became emotionally invested in and really connected with the characters, as well as loving the entire storyline. Cassandra Clare is also a talented writer and I love her specific attention to details and foreshadowing, which really makes the plot twists shocking and memorable. It might seem like a big commitment to read six books, but I honestly couldn't recommend it enough.

The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare
I had to include another Cassandra Clare series in this post, since she's probably my favourite author (and I was lucky enough to meet her last year!) The Infernal Devices follows a completely different set of characters and events to The Mortal Instruments, but they still share links and complement each other nicely, as they have the same premise. I found the events to be extremely dramatic and definitely unpredictable, and I really grew to love the characters in the novel. If you've read the Mortal Instruments then I'd highly recommend reading these books as well, as they're wonderfully written and emotionally captivating.

Finding Sky by Joss Stirling
This book is one that I'd heard a great deal about before reading and I could instantly tell that it was the perfect novel for me. Everything from the storyline to the background was exactly what I was looking for in a book, so I was really hopeful that it lived up to my expectations. Needless to say, I fell in love with it and enjoyed it from cover to cover. There was definitely some new ideas presented in this book that made it unique, and I loved how there was more of a contemporary feel to this urban fantasy novel. It's a fairly short read but definitely worth trying, since I can guarantee you will fall in love with it like I did. There are actually other books in this series and I'm hoping to get my hands on them soon.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
This is such a powerful and beautifully written book that manages to convey many important messages and themes. This coming of age novel is definitely one of my favourite reads and I was addicted throughout it. The book has some humorous and emotional moments, but is ultimately very touching and opened my eyes. The characters are easy to get along with and I fell in love with the concept of Charlie writing letters. My only wish is that Stephen Chbosky would've written more books, as I loved this novel and his style of writing was touching yet personal.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
My friend Anna actually bought this book for me, and I was really pleased as I'd wanted to read it for what felt like forever. I don't usually enjoy historical fiction, but this book was an exception as I honestly enjoyed every moment of it. The book has such a wonderful concept and I loved hearing about Liesel's adventures during the lead-up to WW2. Markus Zusak is an incredible writer and the idea of having death as a narrator was both unique and excellently carried out. I'd definitely recommend this to all readers, but be aware that you might tear up at times.

Looking For Alaska by John Green
I've read a few John Green books, but it was this one that I really connected with and found to be the most suspenseful. The characters were both loveable and realistic, so much so that I found myself becoming quite attached to them. This is definitely a classic John Green book, with an unpredictable yet equally as beautiful ending and with the most suspenseful and emotional part not being at the end. I'd definitely recommend trying this book, as there are some wonderfully crafted moments and underlying yet important themes.

Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan
This is actually quite a recent read of mine, but I enjoyed it so much that I thought it deserved a place within this post. This is definitely the most chilling and powerful book I have read, and it addresses the major issue of child abuse. The characters are creatively crafted and the book is well-written, with a lurking threat of the antagonist following you throughout. If you don't like upsetting books then this one probably isn't for you, but it was definitely worth the read and I found it to be very thought provoking and important. Again, this is the first book in a trilogy which I'm really hoping to read soon.

Freaks by Lisa M Forester
The final book of this post is one that I immensely enjoyed and managed to get through in a few hours, since I was utterly addicted to it. I love science fiction novels and the whole premise of genetic engineering and artificially creating humans with different abilities both amazed and intrigued me. Lisa M Forester is a great writer and definitely puts a lot of thought and detail into her books to achieve realism and anticipation. The characters were outstanding and I really hope that there is a sequel coming up, as I'd love to know what the future holds for Abigail and her fellow Allelobrids.

It was very hard to narrow it down, but I'm pleased to call these my favourite books. Of course, you could ask me the same question in six months time and my answer could be completely different, so I may bring you an updated version of this in the future. I'd love to know what your favourite books of all time are and if there are any that you think I've missed out, so make sure you leave all of that in a comment down below.

Love from Daisy x

The term 'bounce rate' is commonly mentioned by bloggers and it is believed to be an important measurement of how well your blog is doing. However, do you actually know what it means and how you can improve your blog's bounce rate? Today, I've decided to share with you everything I know about bounce rates, from what they are and ways to easily improve them, so I hope you like this post.


Your bounce rate is the percentage of single-page sessions on your blog, so this covers all of the people who have viewed your blog and not interacted with it. Ideally, your blog will have a low bounce rate, meaning users will click on links, view new posts and keep interacting with your blog after initially viewing it. Usually, blogs that aren't very user-friendly or have design issues will have higher bounce rates as users won't progress onto other pages, either due to them not knowing how to or not being compelled to continue reading.


Essentially, your bounce rate shows how many people liked your blog enough to progress onto another page or section of your blog. If a person reads one post and doesn't like what they see or hear, they'll probably leave your blog and, therefore, cause your bounce rate to go up. Therefore, a low bounce rate loosely shows that a lot of people want to read your posts and enjoy your content (I say loosely as there can be other factors affecting your bounce rate, regardless of whether users like your content or not).


To improve your bounce rate, you want to ensure that as many users as possible stay on your blog after visiting and that they go on to click on other pages or view different elements of the website. There are various different ways you can go about this, such as:

Adding multiple pages - If your blog consists of a single page, there aren't many other places that they user can visit, meaning they won't make as many clicks. You can simply change this by adding pages such as 'About Me' or 'Contact' that the user can visit. Ensure that these are in a visible place and I can guarantee that a lot of your readers will take a look at them.

Redesign landing page - The landing page of your blog is what your readers will see when they first visit your website. They will form a first impression based on this and it could affect whether they continue to read your posts, so make sure that this page of your blog looks the best possible. If that means adding an eye-catching header, more visual elements or a unique template, do whatever it takes to create the right impression, and I can guarantee that your readers will remain on your blog.

Adding navigation - If you want your readers to stay on your blog then you need to present them with places to go to. By simply adding navigation, which can be implemented through a search bar, categories or an archive, you are giving the readers a wide variety of places to visit and therefore increasing the likelihood that they will stay on your blog. If you don't add these elements, however, your readers won't have anywhere to visit and are more likely to leave your blog after one click.

Gadgets such as related posts and popular posts - When I visit a new blog, I love seeing what content is popular with their audience or if I've read a post that I really enjoyed, I like to see what they have on offer that is similar. By adding these gadgets to your blog, it persuades the users to read them when they wouldn't have otherwise. It's also a way of showcasing your content and giving a brief overview of a post, allowing them to be enthralled before they even click on it.

Urging users to comment - Believe it or not, comments also class as another click on your blog and, therefore, help your bounce rate to decrease. At the end of each post, it's a good idea to ask your readers a question that they can answer in the comments as this is an easy way to interact with your audience while keeping readers on your blog for longer.

Read more in blog posts - I made a decision a while ago to have an excerpt of text from my blog posts on my landing page and if the user wants to read more of what I have on offer then they have to click a link to do so. Although this doesn't work for some people, I feel as though I can easily monitor how many views each post has and it also benefits my bounce rate.

I really hope that this post has helped you and I'd love to know your tips for improving your bounce rate, keeping readers on your blog in the process. Thanks for reading and I'll be back on Sunday with a new post.

Love from Daisy x

I've made it no secret on my blog that I love finding bargains and often opt for cheaper makeup that is still of a high quality. MUA is a brand that I stumbled upon a couple of years ago and I was completely astonished by the affordability of their items, with some products costing as little as £1. Since then, I've tried quite a few of their makeup items, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourites and which products I think you should try from their brand.

Eyeshadow Palettes
I own two of the MUA eyeshadow palettes, being the Undressed palette, which is an obvious dupe for the Naked Palette by Urban Decay, and the Heaven and Earth palette. The packaging isn't lavish and luxurious, but this doesn't tend to bother me as it keeps the price down. However, a mirror would be a useful addition to the packaging, as it would make the palettes more travel appropriate. There are twelve gorgeous eyeshadows inside, which are all extremely pigmented and blendable. They last fairly well both with and without a primer and there isn't much fall-out, making them great quality eyeshadows for only £4 and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone starting out with makeup.

Powder and Cream Blusher
The blushers from MUA are honestly gems and I've fallen in love with them. I own one of their matte powder blushers in the shade Lolly and one of the cream blushers in the shade Blossom, both of which are lovely products and I reach for on a regular basis. The pigmentation is amazing and a little definitely goes a long way with these, meaning they will last for a really long time. Both products look gorgeous on the skin, complimenting my complexion and adding a glowing appearance, which is what I look for in a blusher. They also last really well on the skin and are still visible even hours after application. At £1 each, it's impossible to turn these down and I'd highly recommend them.

Intense Colour Eyeliner
I stumbled upon this when I was looking for a medium-toned brown eyeliner that was budget friendly. At only £1, I thought it was worth giving MUA's version an attempt and I'm thoroughly glad I did. The pencils are quite creamy in texture and apply really well, not dragging the eyelid or feeling scratchy on the tender areas. The pigmentation, like with other MUA products, is outstanding and it is definitely bolder than anticipated. However, they are also incredibly blendable and can be sheered out for a subtler look. They last really well, look gorgeous on the eyes and are overall amazing eyeliners that I'd recommend trying.

The Undress Your Skin Highlighter has always appealed to me, as it is beautiful, photogenic and constantly raved about by bloggers. I recently caved and decided to purchase it, and I think that this was an amazing decision. It is a gorgeous pinky champagne colour that looks gorgeous dusted over the apples of your cheeks layered over blusher. This product could also be used as an eyeshadow, and I feel as though it would look very nice. It is quite shimmery, so definitely not the most subtle product, but it looks stunning on the skin and is the perfect way to complete a makeup look and add a hint of shimmer.

Matte Lipsticks
Out of all of their products, MUA are most renowned for their excellent matte lipsticks that never fail to impress me. They are the most pigmented lip products that I have ever tried and each one produces a layer of vivid colour that lingers throughout the day. There is a wide range of colour available, meaning you'll definitely find something that suits you, and each one looks lovely on the lips. Although they can be quite drying at first, due to them being extremely matte, this isn't a problem as a light layer of lip balm will resolve this issue, making these lipsticks appear to be absolutely gorgeous.

These are currently my favourite products from MUA, but I'm constantly trying new items and discovering products which I love even more, so there's a chance that I'll do an updated version in the future. Are there any MUA products that you think I'm missing out on? I'd love to know what they are down in the comments and possibly get around to trying them. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon with a new post!

Love from Daisy x

I rarely do tag posts on my blog, but I came across this one a while back and thought that it had a really interesting concept. Usually, tag posts are quite boring and only ask you basic questions, but this one was much more creative and can be interpreted in many different ways. I thought I'd share my answers with you today, as it may be fun to hear my thoughts. Also, you can get involved by leaving your answers down in the comments.

Saving Daisy by Phil Earle definitely fulfils this criterion, as it is about a girl called Daisy recovering after her father was killed in a car crash that was partially her fault. Although it was quite a few years ago that I read it, it has always stood out in my head as being a moving and dark yet outstanding novel. Many important subject matters are addressed and the book is creatively written, making it emotional and powerful. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who hasn't read it and I'd actually love to re-read it in the future.

This one was difficult to choose, as I rarely read lighthearted, humorous reads. In fact, barely any of the books that I've read feature these elements, and if they do then they are relatively subtle. The only book that I could think of is The Selection by Kiera Cass, simply because America and Maxon share some funny interactions and there are a few witty lines. I'll definitely keep thinking about this, as I find it impossible to believe that I haven't read any light-hearted or humorous books!

There are so many books that I could put down for this question, so if you'd like to know a long list of possibilities then you can take a look at my Book Wishlist (change name and link). However, I think that The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken is a clear winner. I hear a huge amount of people talk about it and praise it, but I still haven't got around to reading it. It is well loved by bookworms and bloggers alike, leaving me out of the loop for not trying it.

The only book that I could put down for this is Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, simply because I'm in love with the storyline, the characters and pretty much everything about it. Patch and Nora's relationship is much more compassionate and meaningful than others in young adult books and the novel as a whole has a really special feel to it. I've completed the tetralogy and I was left with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside throughout it.

Although I read it about a year ago now, a book that completely surprised me was Freaks by Lisa M Forester. I picked this up from my local library with little to no expectations and I simply expected it to be a light read that would be average. I was definitely wrong about this, as I fell in love with the novel and now class it as one of my favourite books. There is a strong science-fiction element which really appealed to me and every part of the book felt like it was written for myself, as it was suited to my tastes and a gripping read.

I've decided to change this to a book series, which is The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. I've read Clockwork Angel, the first book, and I'm highly anticipating the remaining books in the series. Clockwork Angel was an amazing read that I loved throughout and I particularly loved the amount of foreshadowing and misdirection that are evident in all Cassandra Clare books. I'm dying to read the other two books in the series, and hopefully they will be equally as good as the first.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare is my obvious choice for this, as it's a book that I've loved since the day I picked it up a few years ago. I fell in love with the intricate storyline and the book itself was the start of my Mortal Instruments addiction, so it holds a special place in my heart. Another book that I would read for comfort would be Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman, as I'm in love with the fantasy elements of this story and it's definitely a favourite of mine, despite being hugely underrated.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you liked it, despite it being different to my usual content. Remember to leave your answers in a comment below, as I'd love to know your thoughts and opinions for these questions. I'll be back on Sunday with a new post, so I'll see you then.

Love from Daisy x

When it comes to promoting your content and sharing your blog posts with the world, social media is the way forward. Since we are living in the 21st century and technology is an integral point of our society, sharing your content on these websites will definitely benefit your blog. There are many different platforms and ways of sharing your content, so I thought I'd talk you through some of the most common ways of promoting your blog posts, including the positives and negatives of each.


Twitter is one of the most popular ways for sharing blog posts, as it's easy to tweet and lots of people use the website. Hashtags are also a relevant feature and allow you to categorise each blog post so that a relevant audience will see it. This is particularly useful for people who blog about various different topics, as they allow you to reach a wider audience. You can also use Twitter to share your posts with people directly and there are quite a few accounts set up to retweet your content so that more people will see it. Finally, it is possible to schedule tweets, meaning you can prepare what you want to say beforehand and sit back and relax as your blog posts are promoted.

On the other hand, Twitter can be a difficult platform for sharing blog posts, simply because each tweet has to be under 140 characters. After including the link and some hashtags, you're barely left with any room to talk about the post, really limiting what you can say about it. Also, tweets are only relevant for a limited time and it's rare that people will find your posts from weeks ago unless you tweet about them frequently. It's also possible for your tweets to be missed by a lot of your followers, as a lot of people tweeting at once may drown out yours.


When someone likes your Facebook page, they will see all of your posts in their newsfeed. This is a great way to share your content, as people don't have to go out of their way to find it and are instead handed your posts, meaning they are more likely to read it. You can schedule posts of any length and include photos or videos, meaning you can plan everything in advance like with Twitter. Also, there are quite a few blogging groups set up within Facebook where you can share your content with an ideal audience.

One of the main negatives about using Facebook to promote your content is that you have to pay to reach a wider audience. All of your posts will be seen by whoever likes your page, but in order for others to see it there is a fee. Also, there is a limited audience that will see your posts, being those who like your page, opposed to some of the other platforms where everyone will see your updates.


Youtube is an incredibly popular way of sharing your blog posts and linking people to your website, but it is through a much more interactive and visual method. Since YouTube is a growing craze, it is guaranteed that there will be lots of people waiting to watch your videos. Making videos is also a great companion to your posts, meaning you can both link people to your posts and create extra content for them.

However, making Youtube videos as a companion for your blog can be very time-consuming and takes a lot of effort and work. Although it might appear to be easy, filming and editing a good quality video might not be worth it if it doesn't benefit your blog. Also, it isn't guaranteed that many people will click on your blog links after watching the videos, so your effort may be partially wasted.


Pinterest is the perfect website if you're looking to promote your content through visuals. Rather than relying on words to persuade people, you can let your photography do all of the talking. This may work in your advantage if you put a lot of effort into creating graphics or blog about a topic that is image-reliant. Also, you can create a business account for your blog, allowing you to gain access to analytics and an insight on how influential your pins are.

Some aspects of Pinterest may not be suited to your blog, especially if you aren't the best at creating images or if your blog doesn't rely on photographs. Although it's great for those people wanting to share their photography, others might not find it as useful. Also, the comment that you add to the photo when you upload it can be removed when it is repinned, meaning people might not know what the post is about unless the image clearly states it.


Instagram is another social media platform that is great for sharing photographs, blog graphics and visual aids that will convince people to read your posts. It takes pride in its appearance, so you are presented with various different filters and editing tools to assist in making your photos the most aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, hashtags can be used to target a particular audience and share your posts with people other than those who follow you.

On the other hand, Instagram may not be suitable for bloggers who don't rely on images as much or if their niche is more focused on the content. Also, the main issue with Instagram is that any links you post in the captions of photos aren't clickable, making it a huge inconvenience for people trying to get to your blog post. Finally, if your Instagram account is private, people who don't follow you won't be able to see your posts, regardless of whether you use hashtags or not, thus attracting fewer people.


Everyone who has a Gmail account will automatically have a Google Plus account, meaning there is a huge amount of people readily waiting for your blog posts. If you use Blogger, this can be linked with your Google Plus account, meaning promotion for your posts will automatically be shared and the comments can even be linked up. There are also many different communities within the platform which allow you to share your content with a relevant audience.

However, not a lot of people actually use Google Plus and it is one of the quieter social media platforms, meaning your efforts to share posts may not actually be recognised. Furthermore, those people who do use Google Plus may not necessarily be your target audience and so you'd be sharing your content with people who aren't suited to it.


Bloglovin is a website that allows you to follow different blogs and is what most people rely on to track how many people follow you and read your posts. Blogs are added without the owner signing up, meaning a registration isn't necessary to have your blog on the platform. Also, posts are automatically published to Bloglovin once you upload them, meaning as a creator you don't have to do as much work to get people to see your posts.

One of the negatives of Bloglovin is that there is often a time delay between your post being published and being shown on Bloglovin. Sometimes this is only a few minutes but other times it can take almost a day, which means that your post may not be relevant or fresh at this post. This is also annoying if your blog post is something that needs immediate effect or has a time limit like in a giveaway. Also, your blog is identifiable in one main category on Bloglovin, which is awkward for people who blog about different topics.


By using Stumbleupon, you can ensure that your posts reach a much wider audience than you are able to get to. Simply by entering a link to your post, it will be shared to a variety of people who may be interested in it. This means it is a lot less work for you as a creator and you don't have to spend lots of time broadcasting your post.

However, Stumbleupon isn't accurate for reaching your ideal audience. The people who receive the link to your post may not necessarily be interested in your content, so it won't be worth sharing it. Also, if you submit a link to your blog often it can be classed as spam, meaning you won't be able to share any of your other posts on this website.

These are just a few of the most popular social media platforms, but there are many more out there for you to share your content on. I hope that this post has helped to open your eyes to all of the different possibilities when it comes to promoting your blog posts and hopefully aiding you in finding the most suitable methods. If you use any other social media platforms that aren't mentioned above, I'd love to hear them, so make sure you let me know down in the comments.

Love from Daisy x

It's no secret that I read a lot of books and that I'm a huge bookworm at heart. Reading is one of my hobbies, so I will always try to make time for it during the day. A lot of people ask me how I manage to find the time to get through so many books, especially with a large amount of school work and blogging. I thought I'd make this mini-guide, sharing my tips that will help you to read more often, try more books or whatever it takes to help you to become a bookworm.


The first step to reading more is finding books that you actually find interesting and enjoyable. I highly doubt that you will be motivated to read something that you think is dull and boring, so stay away from these books. Choose books solely based on their genre and description, rather than choosing books that are popular or have good reviews, as you will find yourself picking things that are more suited to yourself. However, it's also good to broaden your horizons and try something completely different once in a while, but most of the books you read should be ones you like.

One of the hardest parts of being a regular reader is finding the time to dive into a good book and dedicating yourself to it. It's definitely worth testing out different places and times to read and seeing what works best for you, based on your schedule and when you feel the most motivated to read. For me, I like to be comfy, so I do most of my reading in bed, and I usually wait until I'm going to bed as I find that it helps me fall asleep. However, there are many possibilities and it's simply a matter of finding the best one for you.

I know it might sound silly, but documenting the books that you've read can make you feel a lot more accomplished and ready to read. It's an easy way of showing yourself that you have read a number of books in the past, so you are equally capable of reading some books now. If you don't have many books to go on this list then see it as a challenge and push yourself to change your empty list into a completed document. Writing down what books you've read is also a handy way to see common genres that you read and themes that the books share, which can help when choosing out future books.

There are tons of books waiting to be discovered, so if you are willing to dig around for the ideal ones then it will pay off. Spend lots of time in your local library, sifting through their current selection to find books that you like. This is a great way to find lesser-known authors and appreciate their work, and everything is free, meaning you can try out as many books as you like. The Internet is also a helpful tool for finding books and websites like this one will give you recommendations that fit your criteria, meaning you are likely to enjoy any book that they recommend.

One of the main problems that people have with reading is that it can be quite time-consuming and there isn't always a lot of spare time to dedicate yourself to a book, especially if you are busy with school or work. My solution to this would be to find spare minutes in your day to read, as they will quickly add up. Whether you're waiting for a class to start and have some spare time or you're aimlessly browsing your phone, put your time to good use and pick up a book. If you really want to read, then finding time to do so will be a lot easier.

I've always loved reading proper books and I find that there's something really special about them, but they aren't the only possibility. If you don't like having to hold a heavy book or find that they're impractical to carry with you, there are other formats that might work for you. Electronic books are growing in popularity, and you can easily access them from your Kindle, tablet or phone, making them a lot more portable. Audio books are also very popular and make it possible to read whilst carrying out your daily tasks.

Fictional novels aren't the only type of books out there, so if you find that they aren't for you then it's not a problem, as there are many other books for you to try. Why not start by taking a look at non-fiction books or even autobiographies? If these still aren't what you're looking for then put in some research to find the ideal books for you. Chances are they will be out there somewhere, and it's just a case of finding them.

At the end of the day, reading is a hobby that you should find enjoyable. It's a personal journey that is unique to you, so don't feel like you have to pressure yourself into picking up a book, or reading a certain title because everyone else likes it. You should do whatever it takes to make sure that reading is fun for you, making sure that no-one comes in the way of this.

If you have any more tips then I'd love to hear them, and I feel as though your advice could benefit anyone who reads this guide. I hope you liked this post and that I've inspired you to read more, as that is my aim and I want people to be able to enjoy books as much as I do. Thank you for reading this post and I have a new one coming on Sunday, so make sure you look out for that!

Love from Daisy x

Lip crayons are arguably some of my favourite lip products, and they have definitely increased in popularity over the past few years. The trend was started by the infamous Clinique Chubby Sticks and it has now spiralled out of control, with almost every brand having their take on the iconic product. They're essentially a hybrid of quite a few lip products, making them more wearable than a harsh lipstick, having more pigmentation than a lip balm and still providing a glossy feel, like a lipgloss. Like many other people, I fell in love with these products and, after trying a number of them, I've narrowed it down to my ultimate favourites, ready to share with you.

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks
These are some of my favourite lip crayons and I feature them on my blog regularly. They come in a variety of different shades, three of which I own, and I find that all of these look flattering on my lips. They can be applied lightly for a vague sheen of colour or more intensely, becoming really bold and eye-catching lip crayons. They last really well on my lips and even smell delicious, meaning I probably couldn't fault these amazing products!

Models Own Lip-Stix
This lip crayon was the first that I tried, but I fell in love with it and have been using it ever since. Unlike the others, this is entirely matte, meaning the colour tends to last longer and it is more alike a lipstick rather than a gloss or a balm. Although it can feel a bit drying on the lips, this isn't too big of a problem as they last for an incredibly long time and look lovely on the lips. They're also relatively affordable at £5, which is a lot cheaper than some of the others mentioned.

Clinique Baby Tint Chubby Stick
This is the brand that started off the craze of lip crayons, so it's obvious that this one had to be included. I have one of the Baby Tint Lip Crayons in the shade Poppin Poppy, which is a gorgeous pink shade that is really natural and similar to the colour of my lips. It is really moisturising and creamy on application, feeling rich and soothing against my lips. A sheer wash of this leaves a faint trace of colour, but it is definitely more versatile and can be layered for a bolder but equally as beautiful look.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Lip Balm
I've only recently purchased this lip crayon, so I haven't yet formed full opinions on it, but so far I love it! I own it in the shade Keep Mauving which is a pinkish berry shade that is perfect for the autumn and winter. It is really pigmented, more than I'd expect from a lip crayon, yet it still has a slight glossiness to it that makes it feel silky and comforting on the lips. The colour is really wearable and lasts well throughout the day, as well as being a gorgeous alternative to a lipstick.

These are my overall favourite lip crayons out of those that I've tried, so hopefully I've persuaded you to try some of them or shown you which ones are worth purchasing. There are obviously many more lip crayons out there, so if you know of any that you think I might like then I'd love to hear your recommendations. Thank you for reading this post and I'll see you on Wednesday with a new one.

Love from Daisy x

Spots have been something that I've suffered with for quite a few years now but learned to live with thanks to the discovery of concealer and skincare products that target blemishes. However, a few years ago I was faced with spots worse than they had ever been before and nothing seemed to work. That was until Quinoderm was recommended to me, which is a spot cream that has truly helped decrease the severity of my blemishes. I thought it was only right to review this product on my blog, since I owe it a lot and it has really helped my skin over the past few years.

Quinoderm is a spot cream that contains 10% benzoyl peroxide, meaning it is very strong and particularly effective when targeting bad cases of acne and blemishes. It also contains potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate; another ingredient targeted at treating spots. These ingredients, despite working, are particularly strong and are therefore only recommended for more problematic or inflamed cases. A milder 5% cream is also on offer, which I haven't tried but I expect works just as well for people with less severe spots.

Another feature of this spot cream is that it is dual action. This means that it has numerous features and aims, such as breaking down surface skin cells, helping to remove blackheads, unblocking pores and many more things which are more technical. Essentially, this spot cream will target any of your blemish-related issues in an attempt to solve them. The most important feature is the killing of the bacteria responsible for most acne cases, courtesy of the benzoyl peroxide content.

To use this cream, I'd recommend applying it all over your face and not just to the sports themselves, as it can help to prevent blemishes from appearing in the future. This should be massaged into clean and dry skin to ensure that it can work correctly. Afterwards, ensure that you wash your hands, as the cream is very strong and shouldn't be left in areas where it isn't necessary. This cream can be used two to three times a day, depending on the severity of your acne.

I hope you liked hearing about the spot cream that has saved my skin and I'd love to know your thoughts on it if you've tried it. If there are any other skincare products that are specifically targeted towards blemishes or items that you think I might like, make sure you let me know and I'll be sure to try them!

Love from Daisy x

I've always got a huge list of books that I want to read, so I thought that it would be fun to share these with my readers. I recently picked up these six books from my local library and will be working my way through them throughout November (and maybe longer as some of them are quite lengthy novels). I'm very excited to try them and thought that you might benefit from hearing a brief overview of what they're about, so I'm here to give you just that.

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
I've already started this book, but I really want to get around to finishing it this month. As you're probably well aware of by now, I'm a huge fan of Cassandra Clare's writing and find her books to be unique and enthralling. I'm obsessed with the characters and love the whole concept of shadowhunters and the other-worldly creatures that are featured in her books. Although they can be quite long reads, they are definitely worth it, as they are packed with huge plot twists, clever uses of foreshadowing and original ideas.

Storm and Stone by Joss Stirling
This book is one that I've been meaning to read for quite some time, but I haven't got around to it yet as I simply haven't had the time. I've read one other Joss Stirling book, which was Finding Sky, and I really enjoyed it. I found it to be the perfect book for me, as it was similar to something I would write myself. I thought I would try one of her other novels to see what it was like, so I'm really excited to find out if it lives up to my expectations.

Betrayal by Gregg Olsen
Ever since I finished reading Envy by Gregg Olsen, I've been eager to read this book. This sequel will hopefully answer a lot of the questions that were remaining after the first book and give me a further insight into the aftermath of the previous plot lines. I am a huge fan of Gregg Olsen's writing and find his stories to be gripping and addictive throughout, so I'm therefore incredibly excited to read this fast-paced thriller. I've actually reviewed Envy by Gregg Olsen, so if you'd like to check that out then it can be found here.

Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher
I haven't heard many people talking about this book, but the concept of it sounds really interesting and unique to what I usually read. It is about a girl called Zoe who has a dark and terrible secret that she won't share with anyone, except for a murderer on Death Row, who becomes her pen-pal as she wants to share her story with someone. This novel is told through the form of letters, which is an interesting feature similar to The Perks of Being a Wallflower - a book I loved for this reason. I'm definitely anticipating this read as I feel like it may be quite poignant and moving.

Fated by Alyson Noel
I've been recommended this book by a number of people, so I thought that it was about time that I read it. Although I don't know a lot about this paranormal romance novel, it sounded really intriguing from the blurb, along the same vein as Switched by Amanda Hocking, which I quite enjoyed. I've also heard plenty of great reviews about this book, and the Soul Seekers series as a whole, so I need to see what it is that everyone is talking about.

Dead Ends by Erin Lange
The final book that I'm hoping to read was new into my library and I couldn't resist trying. The book's blurb doesn't give away much about the plot, but it does compare it to titles such as Wonder by R.J. Palacio and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I have gathered that this is a contemporary novel, which I'm not usually fond of, but it has an element of mystery, which is definitely more appealing to me and I hope that it will be worth the read. I'm not sure what to expect from this book, as it's definitely different to the books that I usually reach for, but hopefully it'll be worth trying.

These are a few of the books that I'm hoping to read this month, but there are many more books that I'd love to read in the future! Are there any books that you'd like to see me read and possibly review afterward? I'd love to hear your recommendations down in the comments and I'll try my best to read them at some point. Thank you for reading and I'll see you on Wednesday with a new post.

Love from Daisy x