How to Balance Blogging With School

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I've kept it no secret on my blog that I'm a secondary school student, after writing posts about revision tips, doing back to school posts in September and showing you natural makeup routines that are classroom appropriate. Since attending school, doing homework and revising for tests can take up a lot of my time, I often get asked how I have enough time to upload two blog posts every week and keep Daisies and Delights up-to-date. It's hard work, but I thought I'd share with you my tips for balancing your blog and school.

Have a schedule
It might seem a bit excessive, but I like to plan a rough schedule to make sure I get everything done. This is often a really efficient way to stay on task and achieve everything you want to that day. I tend to allocate a few hours after school every day for homework and revision, so then I have the rest of my night free. You should also have a schedule for blogging and make sure that you stick to it. Apart from one or two occasions, I manage to stick to uploading twice a week, which isn't too much work. Try and find the right times and days to upload your blog posts and be consistent with them.

Keep on top of your work
It will be a lot easier to make time for blogging if you do all of your homework as soon as you get it. I know you probably hear this all the time, but leaving it until the last minute will only cause you to stress and overwork yourself. Try to get any school-related tasks out of the way, as you will be able to spend weekends and other nights doing what you want instead.

Utilise your weekends
Speaking of weekends, make sure you use them to get everything you want done. I know you might want to have a rest, but blogging and school are two important tasks which need more than just a few hours dedicated to them after school. I like to spend the afternoons doing revision and assignments, leaving the mornings and evenings free to take photographs and write posts in bulk.

Take breaks if necessary
Back in 2014, when I was getting used to blogging and how demanding it could be, I had a number of breaks, where I wouldn't write any posts for a few weeks. At the time I didn't miss it, as I was new to uploading and not a proper member of the blogging community. It gave me the time to focus more on school and be organised, without having to worry about disappointing my readers. Now that I've discovered the joys of scheduling posts and followed these tips, I've managed to keep on top of my blog and manage it alongside my school work.

Always be prepared
You never know when a surprise test or late-notice homework might happen, so it's best to be prepared. There's been many times when I've planned to write and upload a blog post one evening, only to find I'm too busy with school related tasks. I'd advise you to always have some posts written and edited, so they can go up if you have no time to work on something new. Likewise, always have photos taken in advanced, so you don't have to rush them on the day your post should be uploaded.

School takes priority
At the end of the day, school is really important and will set out your future, so it needs to come before your blog. I make sure that I try my hardest in school and set out to achieve good grades, even if that means I don't upload as frequently that week or I can't take photographs for a post. Blogging, as I've said many times before, is a hobby that I really enjoy, but it shouldn't interfere or distract you from your school work.

I hope you liked these tips and that they've helped you become more organised. School and blogging are both time consuming and very demanding, so keeping on top of them may seem a bit daunting. If you ever lose your motivation, just remember why you started it in the first place and how much you love blogging. Thanks for reading and I'll be back on Wednesday with a new post.

Love from Daisy x

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