Autumn Winter 2014 Catwalks- Part 4

Sunday, September 28, 2014

This is the final post in my autumn winter 2014 catwalks series, which means I can tell you about the upcoming fashions for this season one last time. After so many designers presented their autumn winter collections, I picked a final three to share with you, helping you see what is in fashion. This time I went for Saint Laurent, Maxime Simoens and Dior, all of which came up with completely different collections this year.

Saint Laurent:

Hedi Slimane has stuck with what she does best this season, which means everything is quite elaborate and tasteful, yet at the same time wearable. One of the most seen outfits on the catwalk was a t-shirt style dress that was paired with a trench coat (often tweet or Prince of Wales check) and black tights. Everything was quite simplistic, except the dress was a feature in it's silky, metallic, patterned glory. Shoes ranged from one extreme to the other, the more basic ones being knee-high black patent boots, whereas the flashy ones were bright pink, glittery heels that were ankle high. We also got a glimpse of a beaded 60's mini dress, which was quite understated due to part of the a-line being obscured beneath peacoats and capes, something that was probably deliberate. 

Maxime Simoens:

Maxime's production was based on space, with music from the film Gravity playing and LED's flashing before the show started to create the atmosphere. All of the clothes had a particular connection to space, for example the Chanel-shape jacket had a pearlescent beading that was supposed to resemble constellations. We saw fur-hemmed shift dresses with huge sleeves that was supposed to symbolise space-suits, intricate trousers that were cut tight and flowing, floor length capes with a zigzag pattern. All of the colours were monochrome but that was to give the effect of the endless amount of unknown in space. Knee boots were often worn in black or white and had silver Apollo-rocket heels.


This season, Dior have went for some very bold and vibrant colours, going against the stereotype that only darker colours should be work in autumn and winter. We saw the New Look Bar jacket from 1947, which us now more of a blazer worn with matching suit pants. It's sometimes extended to a waist-coat dress or even below the knee, worn with glacĂ© leather gloves. There was a wide range of sleeveless cashmere shift dresses, all of which were loose fitted and had jewelled fastenings. Some of the dresses looked like they were even two different dresses, sometimes in contrasting colours, layered on top of each other. Colours were paired together that would usually seem absurd, yet Raf Simons managed to make them look beautiful. There was pale pinks, daffodil yellow, fuchsia, emerald, cornflower blue, red and so many more colours that looked stunning on the catwalk. A lot of the outfits were oversized and the dresses and skirts had endless amounts of ruffles and pleats in them, which added to the extravagant outfits.

So my final catwalk fashion post is over, but I really enjoyed writing it for you. All of the others have received great feedback, so I might do one for spring and summer 2015, I guess we'll have to wait and see. Thanks for reading and leave a comment down below if you'd like more of these posts in the future.

Love from Daisy x

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