Autumn Winter 2014 Catwalks- Part 1

Sunday, September 07, 2014

The autumn winter catwalks are over, which means it's time for the shops to start bringing in all of these new, magnificent fashions, and for us to choose which ones we like. I've put together this first instalment to show you what some of the most popular fashion designers have decided will be popular for the coming seasons. Just a note, I didn't attend any of the fashion shows, but I've done plenty of research on them to make sure my information is as accurate as possible.

Dolce and Gabanna:

The only way to describe Dolce and Gabanna's autumn winter collection is that it was a magical fairytale. Their use of decadent colour palettes, mixtures of fabrics, jewels, embroidery and brocade themes was really spot on, transporting us all back to our childhood. Owls and flowers were also some recurring themes that added to the femininity of the pieces. Maid Marian and Little Red Riding Hood were both heavily featured, with thick hoods made from fur and velvet, spectacular embellishments and plenty of eye-catching colours, such as plums and crimson reds. They also created some less striking looks, which consisted of floating, floor length dresses with corsets and ballet slippers. Some of these were made to look tougher by adding metal boots and other armour-like accessories. It truly was magical.


Valentino decided to continue their theme of medieval princesses, but also added some bold, playful prints here and there to define the autumn winter season. They brought back their infamous round-toed block heels, but this time they were either beaded or stamped with circle and scallop prints, both of which were seen throughout the dresses. Like we saw from Valentino, there was some floral prints, but Valentino also had quite a few birds as well. We got glimpses of floor-length tulle dresses and plenty of overcoats and capes. Out of nowhere, a whole new concept of Valentino that had never been seen before was presented. They don't usually opt for bright colours with eccentric patterns, but Maria and Pier really pulled it off. Some of the many things they successfully designed were block-coloured skater skirts, a wide array of geometric shapes and lots of eye-catching layers, all of which featured quite a lot of red, orange and pink.


This years Chanel catwalk was by far one of the most impressive that we've ever seen. They turned the Grand Palais in Paris into an enormous supermarket, with the aisles stocked with tins of Chanel branded tea, coffee and 'Coco'. They even had intricate details such as checkout desks and posters with special offers on. The main items of clothing that the models were seen wearing was skinny jogging pants, calf-high trainers, crop tops and novelty bouclĂ© overcoats. There was also some peculiar pieces, such as the silver chains wrapped around Cara Delevigne's waist. All of the colours were loud with lots of greys, navy blues and baby pinks being featured. and overall, the fashions were dressier versions of what people might wear everyday. 

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed seeing what fashions have been on the catwalk ready for this autumn and winter. My next catwalk post will be here next Sunday, so stay tuned for 3 more designers and what I have to say about their new collection!

Love from Daisy x

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