The Liebster Award (again!)

Saturday, November 01, 2014

After seeing the title of this post, you may be confused as I've already uploaded a blog post about my nomination for the Liebster Award (you can view that here) which was thanks to the lovely Filipa. However, I've been nominated again by Olivia from Describe Beauty! I am so thankful and it means a lot coming from her, as I absolutely adore her blog. Anyway, on with the post.

For any of you that don't already know, the idea behind this award is to give smaller blogs an opportunity to be recognised and appreciated. They are able to gain popularity and meet other bloggers.

The questions Olivia asked me are:

1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I honestly can't even think what I'll be doing in 10 years time! Hopefully I'll have been to college and university, but apart from that I have no idea what I'll be like or doing. 

2. Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog after spending a lot of time reading other beauty and fashion blogs and watching videos on YouTube. At the time it seemed like a nice hobby and I wanted to be involved in the community. After seeing some of my close friends make a blog, I decided to join them and start Daisies and Delights.

3. What is your favourite makeup brand and why?
This is really hard for me to choose, as I like a lot of different makeup brands. I'd have to say Collection are one of my favourite makeup brands, as every product of theirs that I've owned has been really successful and one of my favourites, as well as them being inexpensive. 

4. What has been the greatest thing you have achieved with your blog?
I haven't had my blog for an extremely long time, but some of the things I've managed to achieve are reaching 3,000 views, being nominated for awards such as this one and being asked by Styleicona to do a review of their new app before it came out. A huge achievement in my eyes is making many new friends in the blogging community, who are always there for me and share the same interests. 

5. Who is your favourite blogger? 
My favourite blogger is Georgia from Teacups 'n' Makeup, who is a talented girl and one of my new friends. I'd been reading her blog a long time before I started my own and I've always admired her creative posts and excellent content. After talking to her a lot on Twitter, I've also discovered that she's a really kind person and is now one of my closest blogging friends.

6. If you could be a character in any film/TV show who would it be?
My favourite book series is The Mortal Instruments, and that is also a film, so I'd love to be Clary Fray. She's an ordinary girl who discovers a world of shadowhunters, demons, vampires, warlocks, werewolves and faeries, which is fascinating and I'd love to be involved in her adventures. She's also artistic, loving and dedicated, which are great qualities.

7.What is your favourite season?
I really like spring, when the weather is warmer and the nights are longer. It's the time when you can start wearing your summer clothing and look forward to the upcoming season. I always find myself feeling really happy in the spring and glad to be away from the cold, dull weather.

8. Have you learnt any makeup beauty tips?
Since starting my blog, I have learnt a lot of makeup tips. Most of them I've acquired from fellow bloggers and my mum, both of whom have taught me a lot about makeup. I bet if you were to look back at some of my first blog posts, they would be a lot different and my knowledge would be minimal.

9. What if your favourite high street shop?
Although I don't have one favourite high street shop, I really like looking in Primark, Forever 21, New Look, River Island and many other places. I also like browsing in Boots and Superdrug.

I now have to nominate ten people who I think have amazing content and who are genuinely sweet. I've picked entirely different people to my previous post, so if you're not included that may be why. It was still really difficult to pick, as there are so many blogs that deserve to be nominated. If you have been picked then congratulations, I really like your blog. I'm nominating:

2. Rachel and Leah from
3. Julie-Ann from
4. Maggie from
10. Stephi from

My questions for these people are:

1. What is one item of makeup you can't live without?
2. What made you want to start a blog?
3. If you could be one cartoon character who would it be?
4. Where do you get inspiration for your blog posts?
5. What is your favourite Pixar film?
6. What is your top makeup tip?
7. Favourite clothes for winter?
8. Do you have any hobbies other than blogging?
9. What is one quote that you live by?
10. Favourite genre of book/movie?

If you have been nominated, the rules are:

• You must link the person who nominated you in your post (and make sure you say thank you!)
• You must answer all of the questions
• You must come up with ten questions of your own
• You must tag 10 other blogs that you genuinely like and enjoy reading
• You must inform nominees that they have been nominated

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and thank you very much to everyone who reads and is following my blog. I took a short break from blogging but it's amazing to come back and see just how many people I still have supporting Daisies and Delights. You know who you are, so thank you for being the best.

Love from Daisy x