What's in My Makeup Bag, Holiday Edition

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

So, I'm going on holiday this week, and I'm really excited! Since I'm going to Spain and the weather will probably be nice, I won't be wearing much makeup, and what I do wear will be really light. I thought it'd be a good idea to show you what makeup I plan on taking with me!

1. Collection- Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light 2. I got this because I didn't have a liquid concealer and this one is supposed to be one of the best. It'll be great for days where I don't want to wear much makeup.

2. Seventeen- On the Spot Foundation in Soft Ivory. Since I ran out of my healthy mix serum, I've been using this foundation more and more. I'll be wearing this of the evenings when I get dressed up.

3. Natural Collection- Pressed Powder in Neutral. My other powder was a bit orange, but this one is really light on my skin and lasts all day. It'll be great to stop my foundation moving in the hot weather.

4. Bourjois- Cream Blush in 03. This blush is really compact, so it'll be great to travel with. It's super easy to apply! I'll be wearing this probably every day, just to add a natural blush to my face.

5. Lacura Beauty- Volume Mascara in Black. Since I won't be wearing an eyeshadow while I'm away as my palettes are too big to carry with me, my eyes will need brightening up a bit. I'll be wearing this of an evening most likely.

6. MUA- Mascara in Brown. This mascara is a lot lighter than the Lacura one and when I wear it, it looks natural. This will be great for the days while I'm on holiday, when I don't want to be wearing loads of makeup, but just enhance my eyes a bit.

7. Vaseline- Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy. After flying on planes and having to adjust to a hotter temperature, my lips always end up dry. I'll be wearing this probably every day, just to make sure they stay soft.

8. Miss Sporty- Miss Cocktail Lipgloss in Jacuzzi Break. This is a beautiful pale pink lipgloss. Not only does it make my lips shimmer, I also find that it plumps them a bit. I'll be wearing this probably of an evening, when I'm dressed well.

9. MUA- Lipstick in Shade 16.
This lipstick is absolutely gorgeous and is really summery. It is very pigmented and is really soft on my lips, which is good considering it was only a pound! This will be great for when I want my lips to stand out!

Aside from these, I will also be taking a few brushes, some skincare products and suncream. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Love from Daisy x

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