Holiday Skincare Routine

Thursday, April 17, 2014

As you guys know, I was on holiday during the school holidays. Since I didn't take any of my usual skincare products with me (except for my spot cream), my Grandma lent me some of hers, and I have to say they were pretty good!

Since I wore a lot of makeup of the evenings, I had to use eye makeup remover. I used the Olay Essentials eye makeup remover and it was really easy to apply and it got my eye makeup off really well. I put a bit on my fingers and massaged it into my eyes, wiping it away with a piece of cotton wool. I really liked it, but the only problem was if I got even just a tiny bit in my eyes, it would really sting. Overall, I'd recommend this eye makeup remover, just make sure it doesn't get in your eyes!

Next, I used the L'Oreal Paris skin perfection cleanser to clean my face and remove all of my face makeup. It is sort of a mix between a cleansing milk and a lotion, as it's really soft and smooth against my skin, yet makes it feel very moisturised. I added some to cotton wool and went all over my face with it. I have to say, it really worked and left my skin very clean.

I then went on to use a Clinique toner (I'm not sure which one it was) to remove my excess makeup. I was really impressed with this, as it got off so much makeup that I thought I'd already removed. It felt really light on my skin and left it feeling smooth and clean, rather than covered in different products.

Last of all, I used my Quinoderm spot cream as I usually do. My spots get quite bad, so no other spot cream works well for me. As a result of that, my Quinoderm goes everywhere with me. Sure, it does sting a bit, but it's worth it when all my blemishes are gone! If you struggle with spots or your regular drugstore spot creams aren't working then I'd highly recommend this!

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Love from Daisy x

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