Top Six Apps That All Bloggers Need

Monday, April 02, 2018

Top Six Apps That All Bloggers Need

I use my phone a lot to help with blogging since it's what I use to take and edit my photos, as well as store random notes that may act as inspiration for a blog post. However, there are also many apps that I use to manage and coordinate my blog, and that are crucial to my blogging process. Since I'm sure not everyone will have heard of these or use them, I thought it might be useful to share with you in today's blog post!

The Blogger app - albeit not the best in terms of limited functions, however this app is still a necessity for any blogger to have. If you want to edit a post on the go or have a moment of inspiration while you're out, you can easily draft it on this app and it'll be ready and waiting for you when you return to your laptop later. However, I do recommend having Blogger bookmarked on Safari on your phone aswell, as this is much more convenient for checking your statistics and comments.

Google Analytics - I'm not the biggest analytics buff if I'm honest, but it's still useful to have the app to check your blog statistics and any changes in readership. I know some people are incredibly invested in this but my most-used feature is definitely the geographical demographics, as it's so interesting seeing what countries have viewed my blog.

Magic Hour - ever wonder how people take photos that are radiant and illuminated, without having ugly shadows or the blaring sun blinding you? The key is taking them at magic hour - when the sun isn't yet in the sky but it's light (aka dusk or dawn). This time of day is constantly shifting but this app tells you when it currently is, meaning you can plan to take all of your blog photos in this window to ensure they're bright and devoid of any harsh shadows.

Bloglovin - although many people use Bloglovin solely as a follower platform, the app is perfect for reading blogs on-the-go. I'm constantly scrolling down my feed and reading new posts, either from bloggers that I follow or those recommended, and it's an ideal place to collate all of your favourite blogs and keep up-to-date with them, as well as saving posts for later.

VSCO - this is the app that revolutionised blog photography (and photography in general tbh) for me, so it definitely deserved a mention. There are many photo editing apps on the market, however I've yet to come across one that is as intuitive and customisable as VSCO, and it also comes equipped with lots of preset filters that really enhance your photos and give them almost a glimmer. The mass editing feature is also super helpful for the times when you have 300 images from a shoot and want to preview them all edited. There's just something about photos edited in VSCO that give off a more composed, professional vibe and this'll forever be my holy grail for photography

UNUM - if you're someone who takes great pride in creating a cohesive Instagram feed, then this app is definitely up your street. It allows you to preview photos in a grid so that you can see how they'd look alongside your existing Instagram posts, as well as moving them around and hiding ones so you can tailor it. Although for some this may be a tad obsessive, for others it's key to creating the perfect Instagram grid.

Thank you very much for reading this blog post and I hope it was useful! I'd love to know if there are any apps that I've missed off this list, so make sure you leave a comment down below with what apps you couldn't live without for blogging. I'll see you on Sunday with another new blog post so goodbye for now!

Love from Daisy x

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  1. I love so many of these, especially UNUM, definitely my instagram savoir! I’ve still never really understood google analytics much but I’m going to make it my goal to get used to it! Also going to go and download Magic Hour now because it sounds so useful. Great recommendations! X

    Erin //