5 Ways To Balance Your Academics and Life

Sunday, March 25, 2018

5 Ways To Balance Your Academics and Life

Being a student isn't easy - you're expected to do countless pieces of homework and constantly be revising whilst also having other hobbies, maintaining a social life, perhaps working or volunteering, amongst many other things. As exams are quickly approaching, it can become easy to solely focus on working and neglect other aspects of your life, but with these tips I'll hopefully help you gain a balance in all aspects of your life.

Be Organised and Plan in Advanced
The best way to gain a balance between college and everything else going on in life is to be organised and plan ahead of schedule. For example, if you know that you're going out with friends next weekend, rather than cancelling to focus on work, instead just ensure that you take the time earlier in the week to get everything done. Likewise, if you have a test coming up, it perhaps isn't best to organise a shopping trip with your friends and instead wait until the weekend after. Although this isn't always possible if you have spontaneous plans or unexpected events, for the most part, you can ensure you gain a balance between college and life by organising your time. It may also be effective to make a revision timetable, so you can clearly tell when you should be working and when is the time that is for you to enjoy, as well as using a diary to see what you have upcoming.

Don't Give Up Everything for College
Balance is key - college is supposed to be an enjoyable 2 years spent making friends and enjoying yourself, so you shouldn't give this up to solely focus on work. Not only won't you be enjoying your time free from responsibilities while you can, but focusing entirely on college work will lead to you being incredibly stressed. Whether it's a hobby, club, sports team or just going out with your friends, don't think that this has to be neglected to focus on college. I'm not saying that college isn't important - because we both know it really is - but at the same time you should try and effectively manage it alongside your other commitments. However, if you find it getting too much then perhaps streamline this list, e.g. just maintain one or two hobbies to stop you from getting overwhelmed with commitments whilst still doing what you enjoy.

Making Sacrifices
It's inevitable that you will have to give up some things and admit to yourself that you won't have as much free time as you used to. For example, I've started staying in the library til 5pm - it's just an extra hour but I find that I'm so much more productive than if this hour was spent at home. This clearly shows how just a small sacrifice of an hour after college can have benefits and will be worth it in the long run. You may have to skip out on the odd social event, or give up your lunch hour for a revision session, but these are such short-term sacrifices that will really make a difference.

Give Yourself Breaks and Time Off
It's easy to fall into the habit of working 24 7 and really focusing on your studies, but overworking yourself is never the answer and you don't want to burn out right before exams begin. As I'm writing this post, I'm actually having my Friday night completely off from college work after working extremely hard and exhausting myself throughout the week. It's definitely a well-earned night off, but this also applies to having small breaks in between chunks of work and revision to keep you motivated. You shouldn't feel guilty for taking breaks, as they're well deserved, but at the same time remember that you shouldn't use this as a method of procrastination or give yourself a break without actually accomplishing any work.

Remember It's Only Temporary
If you're in the same situation as me where A Levels are just around the corner, then remember that all of this hard work is only for the next few months. Sure it may be incredibly difficult and exhausting right now, but the hard work will be worth it in the end and then you'll have the entire summer to chill out and relax.

I hope that this post was useful, especially if any of you are currently doing your GCSEs and A Levels (which I wish you the best of luck with over the next few months!) Thanks as always for reading this post and I'll see you as usual with a new one next Sunday!

Love from Daisy x

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  1. This is a really helpful post as I’ve got my practical exams coming up for my hair and makeup course, and it’s so much planning but this reminded me that I need to take some time for myself at times! xx