Makeup Revolution Contour and Blush Palettes First Impressions

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Makeup Revolution has been one of my favourite makeup brands since I first tried their products, simply because everything is of an amazing quality yet is still budget friendly. I was thrilled when they contacted me asking to send me some products as I'm always looking to try new makeup, especially from my favourite brands. When these three palettes arrived at my house, I couldn't wait to try them out and now that I've had them for a few weeks I thought I'd put together a mini first impressions post about them, so I hope you like it!

Ultra Contour Palette - From what I've seen so far, I think that this palette is definitely an essential for anyone looking to contour and highlight. It contains eight lovely powder products that are all generously pigmented whilst still applying evenly and blending well. The first two products are sheer matte powders, one having a slight rosy hue and the other being more of a banana shade, which would be perfect for setting foundation or under-eye concealer. There are three different matte brown shades that are all cool-toned, meaning they are perfect for contouring and creating the effect of a shadow. The final three powders are all highlighters, with one being a traditional champagne colour, one having more of a beige tone to it and the third being an opalescent white with gold shimmer running through it. From what I've seen so far, all of these products are lovely and definitely worth trying, as they're now my go-to powders for sculpting the face.

Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Sugar and Spice - After loving the Hot Spice Palette also by Makeup Revolution, I was excited to try out its sister product and see if I liked it equally. This palette contains eight gorgeous blushers and highlighters, with six of them being completely matte and the others being baked. There is definitely a wide variety of shades within this palette, from muted dusky roses to vivid, almost luminous pinks. There's even a coral shade which is perfect for spring and different to the rest of the powders in the palette. The two baked blushers contain a lot of shimmer and pigmentation, providing a concentrated amount of intense colour. The pink one looks absolutely lovely on the cheeks and definitely adds a glow, whilst the pinkish silver really glistens on the cheekbones and makes them stand out.

Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar - This palette isn't one that I'd normally pick out for myself, but I'm incredibly glad that I've now got it as I've been reaching for it quite often. Most of the eight powders within this palette have more of a golden feel to them and are probably suited to darker skin tones than mine, but I've still enjoyed experimenting with them. Six of the powders are baked, with each one providing an intense yet still pretty amount of shimmer. There are two gorgeous highlighters which have a crazy amount of pigmentation, two blush colours which remind me a lot of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit blushers, and two bronze powders that could be used either as a bronzer or as a highlighter on darker skin tones. The other two products are a neutral matte brown and a shimmering gold, which are both lovely in application and lasting power. I've definitely enjoyed using these products and I've found that they actually look lovely as eyeshadows as well, which definitely adds to their versatility.

Thanks for reading this post and thank you again to Makeup Revolution for sending me these products. If you'd like to know more about them then just let me know down in the comments and I can easily provide you with a more detailed, in-depth review. I'll be back on Wednesday with a new blog post, so I'll see you then!

Love from Daisy x


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