Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar Review

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Today, I will be bringing you a review of the gorgeous Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette from Makeup Revolution. Since I wrote a mini-review of it a few weeks ago (which you can find here), I thought I'd update you with even more information and opinions about this product. I haven't reviewed any makeup items in quite some time and I really missed writing them, so my in-depth makeup reviews are officially back, starting with this lovely palette!

When I first saw this palette, I was blown away by how pretty and photogenic it looked. I definitely wouldn't pick this for myself, but I'm incredibly pleased that I was sent it as it gave me the opportunity to try out something a bit different. Based on the other Makeup Revolution products that I'd tried, particularly the Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice, I had high hopes for this product and knew that it would be of an amazing quality, so I was definitely eager to give it a go. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed and I fell in love with it immediately after swatching it.

As with all of the Makeup Revolution palettes, the packaging is glossy black plastic. I really like this, as it feels a bit more sophisticated opposed to other drugstore palettes and it's a great way to keep the price of the product down. The palette is really sturdy and closes well with a good latch, meaning it won't accidentally open in your bag. The mirror inside is absolutely huge, meaning you can easily touch-up on the go and it also makes this palette travel-friendly.

Inside the palette, you are given eight powders, all of which are beautiful and this definitely gives you some variety and the opportunity to create many different looks. Six of the cheek products are baked and provide a generous amount of shimmer, one is solely shimmer and the final powder is a creamy matte. All of the shimmery products aren't glittery or chunky in any way, making them really wearable and not too bold. I'll now be giving you a mini-breakdown of each product within the palette. Unfortunately, the shades don't have names, so I'll be referring to them as 1-8 going from left to right.

Shade 1 - This is a gorgeous white frosty highlighter that is marbled with gold. It's incredibly intense and pigmented, so this could be used as a bold highlighter on the cheekbones or in the inner corners of the eye. However, the intense amount of shimmer in this product means that it's best suited for a night out or party look.
Shade 2 - This is a subtle pale pink blush that looks lovely as a natural flush on the cheeks. I also think this would look lovely used solely as a highlighter or as a blush topper, adding more shimmer to an otherwise matte cheek look.
Shade 3 - This blusher is a dusky pink colour that is marbled with mauve. It is definitely a unique shade and I don't own anything like it, but it looks absolutely beautiful. Again, this could be used as a blush topper or on its own.
Shade 4 - This is a true golden bronzer that isn't best suited to my skin tone, but I can imagine that it will look beautiful on darker skin. This can be used to add a gorgeous shimmer to the cheeks and warm up your complexion, much like a bronzer.
Shade 5 - This is another highlighter, but this one is much more wearable and subtle. It is a satin beige colour, making it suitable for any skin tones whilst still looking lovely and adding a generous amount of shimmer to the cheeks.
Shade 6 - This blusher is a shimmery rose gold shade that looks beautiful on this skin. When applied, it's quite similar to shade 3 only darker, but I still think that it's really pretty and flattering.
Shade 7 - This is an orange-toned bronzer that is quite shimmery yet still beautiful. Although this is probably too dark for my skin, it would definitely look beautiful as an all-over bronzer to add warmth and a glow. However, I'd be quite light handed with this one as it's quite easy to go overboard.
Shade 8 - This is a medium-toned matte brown that is less bold than the previous but would still look lovely as a bronzer. It's quite warm, so it probably wouldn't be the best for contouring, but it would make a gorgeous bronzer, especially on tanned skin.

One of the things that I really like about these powders is that they're all buildable and you can choose what type of look you'd like to create, whether it's something subtle or really intense. They're all pigmented but are blended out evenly, not becoming patchy or separating. Also, I find that they last really well on my skin and are still visible hours after application, still looking fresh and intact.

Although this palette is gorgeous, I personally don't think that it's the best for me and my skin tone. All of the colours would definitely compliment someone with darker skin better, especially the bronzers and more orange-toned powders, which can be too overpowering on my pale skin. However, all of the highlighters and blushers still look beautiful when applied. A nice alternative is to use the bronze shades as eyeshadows, which I've tried and I was really pleased with the outcome.

Overall, I really like this palette and think that it's amazing value for money, considering you can pick it up for only £4. Although the shades aren't best suited to me, I still appreciate the beauty of this palette and I think that it's a great one for many different people to try. I hope you liked my review and hearing my thoughts about this product, and thanks again to Makeup Revolution for sending me this product!

Love from Daisy x


  1. I really really wanna buy this palette but i'm also very pale, do you recommend? xxx

    1. Yes I'd still recommend it, I'm also pale but it still looks lovely on the skin! x

  2. This palette looks gorgeous! I might have to buy it, especially as it's so cheap! Thanks for reviewing it :)
    Lucy xx

    1. I agree, it's definitely worth the money! And you're welcome, I'm glad you liked my post :) x