Winter Pinterest Inspiration

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Since Christmas is quickly approaching us, I thought that it was only right to do a more festive, wintry post. I love Pinterest and spend a lot of time scrolling through the countless images to find my favourites. When it gets to this time of the year, my feed is exploding with berry lips, Christmas trees and everything in between. I thought that it might be fun to share with you some of my favourite Pinterest images that are perfect for this season, so I hope you like this post!

Winter is the time when regular makeup routines become bolder, with the usual pale colours being swapped out for richer, warmer tones. Quite often, peachy lips are exchanged in favour of a festive red or berry alternative, which is both striking and stands out alongside a polished makeup look. I also really like experimenting with different eye looks at this time of year, incorporating more plums and golds, but maybe even being daring enough to try some blues and greens. Finally, shimmer will become your best friend, as it’s the one time of year when there can never be too much glitter.

When the colder months arrive, so does the time to indulge yourself in a variety of delicious foods. Christmas means that you always have an excuse to eat some sweet treats and be less strict with healthy eating regimes. I especially like the winter themed desserts above, as they embrace the festivity and look amazing. Also, hot chocolate is necessary after being out in the cold, and even though it isn’t technically a dessert it is still indulgent and delicious.

One of my favourite hairstyles are braids, as I feel as though they can be worn in many different ways, either as a classy up-do for a Christmas party or as a more relaxed, messy look for day-to-day wear. All of the ones shown above are great ways of enhancing a boring hairstyle and adding some interest to your hair. Loose waves also look lovely and the wind will often contribute to any messy hairstyles. Obviously I couldn’t forget about the sleek, polished hairstyles, as I feel as though these are much more presentable and neat for when you want your hair to look perfected.

Last but certainly not least is winter inspiration in general. This time of year is definitely my favourite and I’ll use any excuse possible to embrace the Christmas spirit. One of my favourite things to do when it’s cold outside is to get cosy with a good book and a hot chocolate. Also, wrapping presents can be enjoyable and allows you to show your more creative side (if you’re any good at it!). Snow would be the icing on top of the cake, but unfortunately this is more of a rarity than a regular occurrence.

I hoped you like seeing all of my favourite Pinterest images from this season, and if you'd like to see more then you can follow me, as the link is in the sidebar. I hope you have a nice day and I'll see you again on Sunday with another festive blog post.

Love from Daisy x

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